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Natalie Krill

Natalie Krill

Natalie Krill is a former dancer and actress from Canada. Natalie Krill is best known for her roles as Phoebe in the TV series “The Next Step” (2014-2016), Jasmine in the film “Below Her Mouth” (2016), and Winston in the film “Molly’s Game” in 2017, among other roles she has had in her career.

Early life and Childhood

Natalie Krill was born on February 4, 1983, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Natalie is Rose Krill’s daughter, but nothing is known about her biological father.

She grew up in her hometown and has always been interested in the performing arts, having taken dance lessons since she was six years old.

She studied ballet, jazz, and tap dancing before enrolling in the Actor Conservatory at the Canadian Film Centre. 

Education Details

Natalie Krill graduated from Battleford Comprehensive High School and relocated to Toronto when she was 18 to pursue her dream of being a professional actress.

Professional Career

Natalie pursued theater roles before making her first cinematic appearance, and she made an appearance in the drama “42nd Street” when it was presented in Moscow.

Her first cinematic appearance was in 2005, in the television film “Twitches,” followed by a minor role in “Hollywoodland,” a critically acclaimed biopic about George Reeves and his unexplained death, starring Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, and Ben Affleck.

Natalie had her first taste of success just two years later when she was cast as Molly McBride.

A recurring character in the TV drama series “M.V.P,” alongside Kristin Booth, Dillon Casey, and Lucas Bryant in the lead roles.

But she soon faded into the background, securing only minor roles, though she did appear in the Golden Globe Award-nominated film “Casino Jack,” starring Kevin Spacey, Barry Pepper, and Jon Lovitz in

Natalie’s bad luck began to fade in 2014 when she landed her first major role as Phoebe in the critically acclaimed TV series “The Next Step” (2014-2016), which she landed thanks to her dancing abilities.

And she appeared in 29 episodes of the award-winning series, significantly increasing her popularity.

Natalie continued to have a streak of successful roles, most notably as Jasmine in the love drama “Below Her Mouth,” co-starring Erika Linder and Sebastian Pigott, which was a huge hit due to its controversial narrative, catapulting Natalie to prominence.

The next year, she starred as Winston in “Molly’s Game,” an Academy Award-nominated biopic about Molly Bloom starring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, and Kevin Costner.

Natalie recently starred alongside Leo Fafard and Marshall Williams in the TV comedy series “Workin’ Moms” (2018), and she is presently working on the action film “SuperGrid,” which will be released late in 2018.

Net Worth and Salary

Krill has appeared in over 35 films and television shows.

The film “Below Her Mouth,” followed by the TV series “The Next Step,” and the film “Molly’s Game,” are her most profitable projects.

Natalie Krill’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

Relationship Status

Rumors of her being gay erupted after the release of “Below Her Mouth,” while she stated that she is honest about her sexuality and feels that love is love.

Natalie, on the other hand, has made every effort to conceal facts about her love relationship and whether or not she is married.

Body Measurement

There is no data on body measurements. Natalie Krill’s height, weight, and hair color are unknown.

We will update you as soon as possible.

Natalie Krill
Natalie Krill posing for photos-Source: wikiFeet

Social Media

There is no information on social media. We will update you soon.

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  • Natalie was born on the 4th of February 1983, in Saskatchewan, Canada, and is an actress.
  • She is best known to the world for appearances as Phoebe in the TV series “The Next Step” (2014-2016).
  • As Jasmine in the film “Below Her Mouth” (2016), and most recently as Winston in the film “Molly’s Game” in 2017, among other differing roles, she has secured so far in her career.
  • The bad luck was slowly leaving Natalie’s side, and in 2014 she secured her first prominent role.
  • As Phoebe in the highly-acclaimed TV series “The Next Step” (2014-2016), secured thanks to her dancing skills and appeared in 29 episodes of the award-winning series, which significantly increased her popularity.
  • Natalie has featured in over 35 films and TV titles.
  • Her most profitable projects are of course the film “Below Her Mouth”, then the TV series “The Next Step”, and the film “Molly’s Game”.
  • Krill’s net worth is as high as $5 million.