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10 Best Pinball Machines to Buy for Ultimate Fun

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Pinball is an arcade game in which the player attempts to score points by manipulating one or more metal balls. The basic goal of the game is for the player to score as many points as possible. Pinball was outlawed in several American cities from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Roger Sharpe was responsible for the lifting of the prohibition.

Previously, the major pinball manufacturers included Bally Manufacturing, Gottlieb, Williams Electronics, and Stern Pinball.

These coin-operated electronic games were all the rage in the 1970s and 1980s, and the pinball machine’s popularity never faded.

Are you a collector of antique old-school arcade pinball machines seeking for the greatest pinball machines to purchase?

You’ve come to the right spot since we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pinball machines to buy, both old and new.

Pinball machines are now again a popular pastime. Similarly, it is gradually gaining popularity among the younger generation while providing the older age a nostalgic feeling.

A pinball machine costs around $25,000, according to popular belief.

However, brand-new machines start at $5,000 and above, whereas quality DMD/solid-state games start at around $1,000 on the low end.

So, let’s take a look at the top ten pinball machines to buy for the most enjoyable and wonderful experiences.

10 Best Pinball Machines to Buy for Ultimate Fun

All of the pinball machines listed here were manufactured after 1990.

As a result, here is a list of some of the most famous and recent ones for your enjoyment.

Pinball Machine Released By Released Date
10. Jurassic Park Stern 2019
 9. Attack from Mars Bally 1995
 8. Funhouse Williams 1990
 7. Theatre of Magic Bally 1995
 6. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Stern 2004
 5. Pinbot Williams 1986
 4. Lord of the Rings Stern 2003
 3. The Twilight Zone Bally 1993
 2. The Addam Family Bally 1992
 1. Medieval Madness Williams 1997

10. The film Jurassic Park

75.5′′ X 27′′ X 55′′ in height, width, and depth

Jurassic Park is a pinball machine based on the iconic film that debuted in 2019.

Stern Piball Inc. built the machine, which was created by Keith Elwin.

The players are transported to Isla Nublar in this game.

After Dennis Nerby’s computer causes havoc, the player’s job is to rescue park employees and recapture dinosaurs from the tumultuous surroundings.

The game is widely regarded as one of the best-designed pinball machines ever.

Furthermore, it immerses players in a world of dinosaur battles in action-packed adventures full of unexpected twists and turns.

The game is available in three versions: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition.

All three models have four multi-balls with three to six balls, three full-sized flippers, four creative ramps, and unique hand-drawn art featuring classic dinosaurs from the series.

At the center of the playfield, a spinning Newton Ball serves as a Jungle Adventure Vehicle target.

The missile target hits influence the direction in which players move and ignite the T-Rex variants.

Jurassic Park is a popular pinball machine among pinball aficionados and one of the greatest pinball machines to buy for ultimate pleasure.

9. Mars is launching an attack.

77′′ X 29′′ X 58′′ in height, width, and depth

Mars’ attack is ranked tenth on this list.

Midway marketed this pinball machine under the Bally label in 1995.

Lyman Sheats programmed the game, which was developed by Brian Eddy.

The film Jurassic Park
The film Jurassic Park gaming machine. Source: Hypebeast

The machine is one of only three Williams pinball machines launched in Zen Studios’ second wave of Williams pinball machines.

It’s also included in the macOS versions of Zen Pinball 2, Pinball FX 3, and the Williams Pinball mobile game.

The game is based on the premise of an alien invasion, in which Martians invade Earth and the player must destroy the Martian fleet.

Following that, the player must save all of the citizens of the United States and Europe.

Following that, the player must travel to Mars in order to destroy the Martian empire and conquer Mars.

The artwork in the cabinet is stunning, and the game’s standout features include the dancing Martian figures and strobe light for strobe multi-ball.

The pinball machine was produced in a limited quantity of 3,450 units.

The pinball machine features feedback-haptic touch flippers, pop bumpers, drop targets, a functional plunger, a light-up rear glass, and dual speakers.

Because of the machine’s success, Chicago Gaming created a remake of it.

It is now a truly one-of-a-kind digital pinball machine with a guaranteed enjoyable experience.

The Attack From Mars Classic Pinball Machine costs $7999 and is offered with a discount online.

It was designed by George Gomez and featured the majority of the original AFM design team.

It was the first game to use Williams’ Pinball 2000 system.

8. Funhouse

76′′ X 29′′ X 56′′ in height, width, and depth

Williams released the Funhouse pinball machine, a funhouse-themed table, in 1990.

Pat Lawlor invented the game, and it is one of the final Williams games to use an alphanumeric display.

The machine had a total production run of about 10,750 pieces.

The funhouse is modeled by the concept of an amusement park funhouse.

Rudy, a ventriloquist dummy head, is the game’s major attraction and can be found towards the upper-right corner of the playfield.

When a player fires the ball into his mouth, the dummy head replies and talks.

Furthermore, when targets are struck, the dummy’s eyes track the ball throughout the playfield.

Rudy’s voice is provided by Ed Boon, who also created Mortal Combat.

Two or three multi-balls, three flippers, a trapdoor, a frenzy mode, manual plungers, standup targets, and ramps are included in the pinball machine.

The Funhouse is one of the most well-known classic machines of all time.

Despite being created in 1990, the Funhouse pinball machine has truly stood the test of time.

Funhouse is one of the best pinball machines to buy, with vivid lighting, carnival music, and a dummy that taunts you.

The Funhouse Pinball Machine by Williams is available for purchase online for $10999.

7. Magical Theatre

77′′ X 28′′ X 56′′ in height, width, and depth

Theatre of Magic is a pinball machine developed by Bally Manufacturing Co. that was introduced in 1995.

This game was designed by John Popadiuk and had a production run of 6,600 units.

The pinball machine contains a spinning magnetic box, magic pop-up trunks, intricate ramps, and a prominent bash toy and is based on the timeless magic concept.

The player must complete wizard mode by performing eight different magic tricks.

Two flippers, three pop bumpers, two tigers saw multi-ball, three trunk multi-ball, four trunk multi-ball with vanish lock, revolving trunk with magnet, levitating ball, and other features are included in the machine.

Furthermore, the machine has a secret scoop that pops up from the playfield, releasing balls fired into the crate and locking balls for multi-ball, offering the players a mysterious award.

Theatre of Magic is a popular pinball machine among collectors.

It offers a one-of-a-kind pinball experience to the player, making it one of the greatest pinball machines to buy for ultimate pleasure.

6. Believe It or Not! Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

77′′ X 29′′ X 58′′ in height, width, and depth

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is another pinball machine to consider.

This pinball game was inspired by the books, museums, and exhibitions of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

Pat Lawlor created this pinball machine, which was introduced in 2004 by Stern Pinball Inc.

The game takes the player on a journey through seven countries with Robert Ripely to uncover a strange world.

Furthermore, it contains multi-level rules that make it enjoyable for both novice and experienced players.

A bizarre idol that commands a powerful force field, a temple full of goodies, and a shrunken head that says amusing things and can capture the ball are among the many odd toys and incredible features in the game.

Other significant characteristics of this pinball game include three flippers, six pop bumpers, two spinning targets, two slingshots, and six standing targets. It also has two magnets, Vari-target, and two to four multi-balls.

This machine caters to both novice and expert players, making it a popular pinball machine option.

This pinball machine, considered the most difficult table constructed by the great pinball designer Pat Lawlor, will undoubtedly be one of your best purchases.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is available for $7,499 in The Pinball Game Room.

5. Pin-Bot

60′′ X 43′′ X 43′′ in height, width, and depth

The Pin-Bot, our all-time favorite traditional pinball machine, is sixth on our list.

The Pin-Bot is a robot from Williams’ 1986 arcade pinball machine with an outer space motif.

This pinball was created by Python Angelo and Barry Oursler.

Robots and space themes were popular in the 1980s, and this pinball machine perfectly suited that trend. Its goal is to visit every planet in the solar system.


When compared against other pinball machines available at the time, Pin-Bot stood out and even held its own against arcade and home console video games.

The machine is similar to a movie or video game, and the artwork and design of the table are breathtaking.

It contains a clear mini-play field, skill shot ramps, and two rows of targets that light up the playfield with a grid of colored LEDs.

The Pin-Bot machine also has a robot voice that activates when playing.

As the players approach the multi-level playfield, the announcer cites statements such as “Now I See You” while LED lights illuminate.

If you want to experience an 80’s blast from the past, Pin-Bot is worth adding to your pinball machine collection.

4. The Fellowship of the Ring

76′′ X 29′′ X 58′′ in height, width, and depth

When discussing the greatest pinball machines to buy, we must mention Stern Pinball’s Lord of the Rings pinball machine, which was produced in 2003. This game was designed by George Gomez and is one of the best maximalist late-era table designs.

The game, based on the Lord of the Rings series, had a production run of around 5100 copies.

Its main goal is to destroy the Ring by lighting up and launching three balls, each representing one of the trilogy films.

The greatest potential score multiplier in pinball history is featured on the pinball machine.

The machine, like the movie, has a million different personalities and modes to keep the player involved.

Furthermore, the playfield includes various features, miniatures, sound, and music from the film, and the gameplay is incredibly diversified.

Other prominent characteristics of this pinball machine include multiple flippers, multi-ball, ramps, target drops, and spinners.

As a result, the game is regarded as one of the most difficult pinball games.

Although difficult, the game is extremely rewarding. It is an excellent pick for franchise enthusiasts, casual players, and experts.

As a result, this pinball machine is one of the best pinball machines to buy for ultimate pleasure.

In December 2009, Stern Pinball, Inc. released the Lord of the Rings Limited Edition pinball machine.

3. Twilight Zone:

77′′ X 28′′ X 56′′ in height, width, and depth

The Twilight Zone is one of the most fascinating and innovative pinball machines ever created.

Bally Manufacturing Co. released this wide-body framed pinball machine designed by Pat Lawlor in 1993.

The machine is based on the same-named TV show. With a total production run of 15,235 units, it is also one of the best-selling machines.

When it first debuted in 1993, the machine was regarded as an extremely innovative table for the time.

The Twilight Zone machine has a lot of gimmicks, which is why it has a wide-body frame to store them all in.

The game is jam-packed, loud, bright, and difficult.

This machine has four flippers, two ramps, a working 12-hour analog clock, and a unique ceramic Powerball allowing multi-ball play.

It also has many magnets on the board to move the ball around.

As a result, the Twilight Zone is a jam-packed, fascinating game that provides players with a one-of-a-kind experience.

This pinball machine has one of the highest ratings and is one of the best machines to buy for ultimate fun.

2. The Addams Clan

85′′ X 28′′ X 58′′ in height, width, and depth

The Addams Family pinball machine is the second on this list.

This pinball machine is on every top list of the finest pinball machines on the internet and is one of the most popular pinball machines of all time.

Pat Lawlor created this pinball machine, which was launched by Bally Manufacturing Co in 1993.

This game is based on the 1991 mega-hit film of the same name, which had a production run of over 20,000 units.

This pinball table is lovely and cartoony, and it wonderfully portrays the iconic characters.

Its goal is to delve into the weird world of the Addams family.

This game’s flow is fascinating. Every shot made by the player is rewarded in some way.

Hitting the kit “electric chair” in the center of the playfield allows the player to compete for mansion bonuses that allow the player to score points, set off goals, and multiply scores.

The four flippers (three regular-sized, one “Thing Flips” game-controlled mini-flipper), five bumpers, two ramps, and one kick-out hole are further remarkable features of this machine.

In addition, the table has a personalized speech from Raul Julia and Anjelica Houston.

Despite being available for over a decade, this game remains popular among pinball enthusiasts.

This pinball machine will undoubtedly offer the player with hours of entertainment and is well worth purchasing.

1. Medieval Insanity

76′′ X 29′′ X 58′′ in height, width, and depth

The Medival Madness pinball machine by Williams is at the top of the list.

Brian Eddy created this game, and Lyman Sheats programmed it.

The machine was released in 1997 with a limited production run of 4,016 pieces.

Nonetheless, this game was a critical and popular triumph right away.

Above all, Medival Madness is a favorite of both pinball experts and newcomers.

The game has an interactive castle, two pop-up trolls, multiple gameplay objectives, and great imagery.

This game transports the player to the 15th century, where the aim is to combat the kingdom.

Other elements of the machine include two flippers, three pop bumpers, two ramps, and an auto plunger.

Tina Fey lends her voice to the film as well.

Additionally, the table prevents botched ramp shots from draining into the middle.

In other words, it aids in the maintenance of effortlessness when playing.

The initial smash-hit pinball machine is Medieval Madness.

Because the production unit was only 4,016 units, demand for this pinball machine outstripped supply.

Chicago Gaming recreated this machine due to its popularity.

Medieval Madness is now one of the most valuable and collectible pinball machines.

It is also the best-rated and most popular pinball machine of all time.

As a result, this table is without a doubt one of the greatest pinball machines to buy for maximum enjoyment.

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These old pinball games are a proven way for those of us who are bored of playing video games and gaming consoles on a daily basis to find new refreshments.

These pinball machines have weathered the test of time and are a perennial favorite among both experienced and novice pinball players.

These pinball machines will undoubtedly provide you with a terrific experience, with bright lights, incredible artwork, and a plethora of obstacles.