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Who is Cicely Louise Johnston?her bio, husband, children and Net Worth

Cicely Louise Johnston
  • Cicely Louise Johnston is the celebrity wife of Demond Wilson, a legendary American actor
  • Cicely Johnston is an African-American citizen of the United States
  • Cicely and Demond first met in the early 1970s and quickly became close
  • Cicely’s net worth is comprised of her husband’s income because she does not have her own career

Cicely Louise Johnston is the celebrity wife of Demond Wilson, a legendary American actor and writer. Cicely is more than simply a wife; she is a well-known model and actress from the early 1970s in Hollywood.

Cicely Johnston is a well-known figure in the American entertainment industry.

She has earned the hearts of both American and African-American fans worldwide.

She rose to prominence after marrying the opulent actor Demond Wilson.

Cicely has made headlines for her involvement in controversies, in addition to her husband’s problems.

Wikimedia Commons/Cicely Johnston Bio

Cicely Johnston is an African-American citizen of the United States.

She has kept many aspects of her early life hidden from the media.

Cicely, unlike most celebrities, values the privacy of her family members.

Johnston began her career as an air hostess/stewardess before becoming a model.

She attempted to break into the modeling industry and did gain some work.

Cicely had the opportunity to work in a few films during her brief stay in Hollywood.

In 1974, she appeared in the film Caged Heart.

Aside from that, she did not receive enough roles or positions in the entertainment industry.

She had to deal with financial difficulties as well as the loss of her job.

She eventually gave up her career in show business and married Desmond Wilson.

Marriage and Children of Cicely and Demond

Cicely and Demond first met in the early 1970s and quickly became close.

They chose to marry on May 3, 1974, without wasting any time.

Even at the wedding, Cicely kept things low-key, inviting only her closest friends and relatives.

There was a ‘no press’ restriction for their wedding, in particular.

Their wedding was such a big deal in pop culture that their picture was printed on paper.

Desmond Wilson and his wife Cicely Johnston Wilson posed for a portrait for Desmond Wilson’s press photo announcement of his marriage to Cicely.

Cicely Louise Johnston
Cicely Louise Johnston her husband Source: Blog Talk Radio

Following their marriage, the pair began their suburban life in the Hollywood neighborhood of Beverly Hills.

They shared an incredible mansion with 27 rooms packed with great antiques.

The couple eventually produced a large family of six children.

They had two sons and four daughters in the end.

Christopher Wilson, Demond Jr. Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Nicole Wilson, Louise Wilson, and Mellisa Wilson are their names.

Only two of the Wilson children have achieved celebrity.

Christopher Wilson participates in both Little League baseball and soccer.

Sarah, meantime, has followed in her father’s footsteps as a writer and sometimes performer.

Cicely’s Net Worth

Cicely’s net worth is comprised of her husband’s income because she does not have her own career.

Demond Wilson is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 million as of 2021.

The Wilsons’ net worth includes valuable items such as Rolls Royce and California apartments.

Desmond currently earns a lot of money from his novels, The New Age Millennium and Second Banana.

Cheating Scandal involving Cicely Johnston

In Hollywood, we see a lot of failed relationships and marriages, which are typically the result of adultery.

Although Cicely’s situation was not the same, she did had to cope with cheating scandals and marital troubles.

According to accounts, Cicely discovered her husband Demond cheating on her and was horrified.

Cicely’s health suffered as a result of the unexpected shock.

During that period, they both went through a lot.

Cicely Louise Johnston
Demond Wilson during his time at Sons and Sanford Source: The Movie Database

Cicely had been hospitalized for several months, and her health was deteriorating by the day.

Desmond, on the other hand, felt cut off from everything and unable to reach out to anyone.

Furthermore, Demond became involved in the narcotics and cocaine trade.

At this point, he was spending roughly $1000 per day on cocaine.

The couple was on the verge of losing their family and their home.

However, they both persevered and encouraged one another.

Cecily eventually forgiven her husband, and Demond resumed his honest life for a time.

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What happened to Cicely and her husband Demond?

Following his breakdown in health and income, Demond changed his life for the better.

He sold his Beverly Hills home in 1984 and moved his family to a smaller home in Orange County.

The pastor said that in his new life, he no longer drinks, smokes, or dances.

Similarly, he made a remark on his newfound life in his interview.

Demond stated: “I transitioned from being a sinner to being redeemed by grace; the old Demond Wilson is no longer alive.”

Demond is an ordained preacher who works with troubled youth.

He spends the most of his time at church.

And, to be honest, his wife is quite supportive of his way of life and supports religious activity in the home.

The pair is currently living a healthy and happy life together.

The Wilsons are grandparents to three grandchildren in addition to their children.