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Zayn Malik cheated on Gigi Hadid by having a relationship with Abi Clarke

Gigi Hadid
  • Zayn Malik’s infidelity has been revealed
  • Is Abi the culprit?
  • Abi informed her pal the following about his bedroom:
  • Zayn and his preference for curvaceous ladies
  • Zayn Malik’s brief biography

According to The Sun, English musician, Zayn Malik cheated on his baby mom, Gigi Hard. While he was still dating Gigi, he had an affair with TOWIE star Abi Clarke.

Zayn Malik’s infidelity has been revealed

The Sun UK has revealed that English musician Zayn Malik committed adultery with his then-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

Zayn and Gigi had an on-again, off-again relationship.

They have a daughter named Khai, who is now one year old.

But, according to the most recent update on this connection, while Zayn was still seeing Gigi, he began an unlawful romance with The Only Way Is Essex star,

Abi Clarke. Zayn, 29, met Abi Clarke in Los Angeles’ The Bungalow pub.

Zayn allegedly brought Abi to his ‘dungeon-like bedroom’ in his luxurious property in Barnet, North London.

She goes on to say that she used to call him Mr. Grey. Abi confided in a friend:

“I dubbed him ‘Mr. Grey.’ We enjoyed a fantastic time together.”

“My interactions with him were akin to Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid
Zayn Malik with Gigi Hadid Source: Brides

Is Abi the culprit?

Even while he was still dating Gigi, Zayn and Abi had a relationship.

When Abi first met him, she had no idea he was still Gigi’s boyfriend.

When Abi met him, she assumed he had already split up with his supermodel girlfriend.

So Abi was literally in the dark. Despite knowing everything, Zayn brought Abi to his bedroom that night.

Abi also said that she stopped her relationship with him after seeing communication from Gigi on his phone.

She continued, saying:

“I felt awful. I assumed he and Gigi were finished.

And I didn’t want to be his other lady, so I stepped back. “I felt terrible.”

Abi informed her pal the following about his bedroom:

“Zayn’s bedroom was completely black, in stark contrast to the bright, modern style of the rest of his home.”

“A four-poster bed with silk sheets and drapes surrounded it.” It seemed like I was entering a dungeon.”

She did, however, concede that they had a nice time together.

Zayn and his preference for curvaceous ladies

Zayn appears to have told her that he likes curvaceous girls. Abi informed her friend:

“Being stranded in Los Angeles, he lamented the abundance of slim girls.”

“I knew Zayn had a history with Gigi, but he was telling me how I was his type – curvaceous with a huge posterior.”

“I assumed he was single since he had broken up with Gigi.”

She continued, saying:

“I was dressed in a crimson boob tube and flared trousers, which he adored.”

“My bum appeared to be really shapely.”

He kept staring at me from across the room, hoping to grab my attention.

I was taken aback.

“A woman approached me and led me to one side.

‘Zayn really likes the way you look,’ she said. ‘Would you like to sit at his table?'”

“He told me he appreciated my body and that he was quite touchy.”

Zayn Malik was also wearing an oversized black jacket and drinking brandy.

“He appeared to be relaxed. He was kissing me all over.

“His manager was attempting to bring us somewhere private, to keep things calm.

“Zayn kept saying I reminded him of his ex-girlfriend, Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards.”

They stayed in touch over the phone and met up in London while they were both there.

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Zayn Malik’s brief biography

Zayn Maik is a singer and songwriter from England.