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Zak Bagans is a married man. The Truth About His Relationship With Holly Madison

Zak Bagans
  • Zak Bagans is a well-known TV personality who hosts the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures.
  • He was cast in the show’s spin-off, Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks.
  • Zak was getting married was highly publicized

Who is Zak Bagans?

Zak Bagans is a well-known TV personality who hosts the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures. Later that year, he was cast in the show’s spin-off, Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks. Similarly, in 2016, he joined Deadly Possessions, when he searched for items at a haunted museum.

Apart from his professional achievements, Zak Bagans became a media topic after announcing his intention to marry in 2014.

Later, in 2019, it was revealed that Zak was dating model Holly Madison. Are they still together?

So, let’s find out more about Zak Bagans’ marriage, wife, and relationship with Holly Madison.

Zak Bagans has never been married.

The fact that Zak was getting married was highly publicized throughout 2014.

On April 1, 2014, Zak Bagan announced on Twitter that he and his fiancee Ashley had gotten engaged.

In fact, he declared that he was fully devoted and that he would marry Ashley very soon.

However, it was eventually revealed that the post was really an April Fool’s joke.

Zak is still unmarried in 2020, and he has never disclosed his wedding intentions since his April 1st Twitter message.

However, it was revealed in 2019 that he was in a relationship with a model named Holly Madison. Let us investigate.

Is Holly Madison Zak Bagans’s girlfriend?

Zak Bagans
Bagans with his girlfriend source: People

According to TMZ, Zak is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, American model Holly Madison.

According to a source close to the couple, they met after Holly visited Zak’s Haunted Museum in early 2019.

They reportedly hit it off right away and began dating.

Despite reports of their romance from various sources, the Playboy model Holly

and Ghost Adventures host have been very quiet about their relationship.

Although neither has confirmed to dating, their followers who believe

they are still together have pointed out similarities in their Instagram posts as evidence of their romance.

Furthermore, insiders told TMZ that Zak and Holly knew each other before Holly entered Zak’s haunted museum.

Holly Madison, Zak’s girlfriend, is married with children.

Holly was formerly married to Pasquale Rotella,

an American businessman and the founder of Electric Daisy Carnival, prior to her suspected romance with Zak.

They married in 2013 and divorced in 2019, with their divorce being completed in February 2019.

Rumors about Zak and Holly’s affair surfaced four months after her divorce from her ex-husband.

The couple has two children from their marriage.

Rainbow Aurora is six years old, and Forest Leonardo Antonio is three years old.

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 Bagans’ Previous Relationships

Aside from Holly, Zak has dated a few other women.

He dated a model named Christine Dolce in 2010.

Dolce was also a MySpace celebrity and a cosmetologist. Dolce passed away in February 2017.

Similarly, he was linked to Marcy DeLaTorre.

Zak, on the other hand, never acknowledged their romance.

Are Zak Bagans and Holly Madison Getting Married?

Given that fans are almost unanimous in their belief that Bagans and Madison are dating.

And the next question that comes to mind is whether or not they are getting married.

Since the supposed girlfriend and boyfriend have not confirmed their relationship,

it is difficult to imagine that they are preparing to marry.

It may take some time for fans to recognize Holly as Zak Bagans’ wife.