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YouTuber Tay Kabs: Real Name, Age, Wife, and Net Worth!

Tay Kabs

Who is Tay Kabs?

Tay Kabs is a well-known user on the video-sharing website, YouTube. Tay Kabs was born on October 8th, 1990, in England. Tay is also recognized as the head of the British content producer Kabs Family YouTube channel.

His channel, which mixes vlogs, challenges, and pranks, has over 380K subscribers.

He became well-known thanks to the Ben Gonzales vlogging family.

Tay Kabs’s Childhood:

Tay, who goes by the name Tay Kabs, was born on October 8, 1990, in England.

In addition, we don’t know much about Tay’s early life.

Full Real Name Tay Kabs
Family Name N/A
Profession YouTuber
Date Of Birth October 8th, 1990
Age 31
Birthday October 8th
Year Of Birth 0
Nick Name N/A
Current Residence N/A
Country England
Nationality English
Ethnicity N/A
Religion N/A
Star Sign Libra

Education of Tay Kabs:

Our inquiry is currently focused on Tay Kab’s academic career and graduation.

As soon as we find solid data on the subject, this page will be updated.

Highest Qualification N/A
University N/A
College N/A
High School N/A

Family of Tay Kabs:

Kabs has never referred to his brothers, parents, or other relatives.

Additionally, we’ll update this site if we discover any additional information regarding his family.

Zodiac Sign for Tay Kab:

As of 2021, Kabs will be 31 years old.

He was born on October 8th, 1990 in England.

We found that his zodiac sign is Libra.

Physical stats for Tay Kabs:

We don’t know his height, weight, shoe size, body measurement, eye color, or hair color.

As soon as we receive any reliable information, this page will be updated.

Weight In Kg N/A
Weight In-Lbs N/A
Height In Feet N/A
Height In Meter N/A
Measurement N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A

Relationships with Tay Kabs:

He is a YouTube personality and a sensation on the internet.

He is renowned for having impeccable fashion taste.

He has also uploaded a lot of pictures and videos to his Instagram account.

To put it another way, Tay was in great shape.

Many people are curious about his personal life and want to know if he is married or single.

Our investigation indicates that Teija, Maliya, and TJ are the three children that Kabs and his wife Chan have.

The two of them exchanged vows on July 14th, 2018.

With exuberant dancing and vibrant clothing, their traditional Ghanaian and Congolese celebration was a night to remember.

Because they needed to get to know each other’s cultures, they decided against having a typical white wedding.

The North London couple built their business empire after raising three kids.

This does not, however, imply that the voyage has been without difficulty.

That is not the situation.

One of the most popular families on YouTube might be more complex than first appears.

Sit down and allow us to take you on a journey to online fame with the Kabs, complete with all the detours.

Before they became internet sensations, Tay and Chan Kabs lived in a different reality.

On an impromptu date in 2003, the childhood sweethearts were brought together by fate.

When asked about the moment his life changed for the worse when he was 12 years old, Tay recalled, “I was waiting on the bus.”

The transformation of Tay and Chan from innocent youngsters to content parents has been amazing.

Teija, their first child, gave them hope for a future they had never experienced before.

Everything would be OK as long as they stayed devoted to one another.

At least, that was their perception.

The fact that they were a family of four became the only thing that mattered in 2017.

After giving birth to a girl called Maliya, the Kabs family was in a state of pleasure.

Tay Kabs
Tay Kabs with his wife and daughters. Source: Parenting Isn’t Easy

A growing family, nevertheless, also meant a growing list of concerns.

There was no denying that the Kabs family had dominated the internet, igniting conversations at home as well as in labor rooms in hospitals.

Spouse Name Chan Kabs
Sons TJ
Daughters Teija, Maliya
No Of Children 3
Marital Status married

Tay Kabs Occupation

He has gained notoriety as a prominent YouTuber.

He made an appearance in the YouTube comedy sketch Why Are African Dads Like This? in September of last year.

In his 2019 video, a two-year-old again takes over the music, which received over 5 million views in just one month.

He became well-known thanks to the Ben Gonzales vlogging family.

Their fame had reached every corner of the world by March 2021.

They couldn’t go back after making the decision to apply the brakes.

Thanks to their 4-year-old daughter, they rose to fame after their most recent upload.

When Tay shared a new video of him and Maliya singing together, it quickly gained popularity.

His viral video has been viewed by about 2.5 million people

Tay was not the only parent who was astounded by his daughter’s mastery of the Portuguese rap songs by Apollo G and Selena Quintanilla.

There was no disputing the fact that Tay and Malia’s most recent adventure had made them household names.

Thanks to viral videos and almost 1 million followers, The Kabs was at the top of the globe and seemed unstoppable. It seemed to be a route.

Is this accurate? We would soon discover that the fame that came with the family’s fortune wasn’t free.

Because nothing is ever precisely as it seems.

What about a household that is well-known on YouTube? Behind closed doors, there was a lot more loss than they publicly acknowledged.

One thing that was clear to spectators was how much money the Kabs had made from their adventures in the chronicles.

The business expanded its economic endeavors, from marketing to a sponsored partnership with Haliborange.

Even their product line is mentioned.

Perhaps Tay and Chan are no longer employed in offices.

However, there is a cause for this: their recent online actions.

It was more than made up for by the well-known bloggers, which takes us to one of the most frequently asked questions about the Kabs family.

Tay is now progressing toward realizing his dream of being a successful YouTube celebrity.

Tay Kabs’ Social Presentation:

Tay, a popular YouTuber, is admired by a lot of people.

Additionally, he is well known for his incredible photography and has more than 200K followers on his @tay kabs Instagram account.

He also has a sizable fan base on YouTube, where he is accessible via The Kabs Family channel.

He has more than 100,000 followers on Twitter, where you can follow him at @FamilyKabs.

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Net worth:

The total value of a person’s or company’s assets constitutes their net worth.

The total value of his possessions represents his net worth.

In other words, your net worth and your net financial worth are the same.

If so, we have a ton of helpful information on our website.

Tay Kabs’s assets are thought to be worth $5 million.

He has amassed a sizable fortune since becoming a YouTube sensation.

That much money is a lot, even though he’s still young. We also wish him well in his future endeavors and extend our congratulations.

Net Worth $5 Million
Assets N/A
Annual Earnings N/A
Source Of Income YouTube