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Yogscast Sjin

Yogscast Sjin

Yogscast Sjin is one of the streaming gamers who joined the Yogscast team in 2008. Yogscast Sjin began making YouTube videos about various games, such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft, and his content drew a lot of attention.

Early life and Childhood

Yogscast Sjin was born on December 24, 1983, in Yetminster, Dorset, England, under the sign of Capricorn.

His mother’s name is Caroline, but his father’s name is unknown.

Sjin has never mentioned his parents’ ages or occupations. Prefer to keep their personal lives private.

He has a younger brother, as evidenced by a photo he shared of them taken.

When he visited his parent’s home for Christmas in 2017.

Sjin spent his childhood in his hometown as well as the Devon village of Mary Tavy.

He began playing computer games when he was a small child, and his favorites were Zelda and Metal Gear Solid.

Education Details

Yogscast Sjin’s education is unknown, though he graduated from a local high school in Yetminster in 2001;

there is no record of him pursuing higher education.

Most likely because YouTube had become a major part of his life at the time.

 Professional Career

Sjin has appeared in numerous videos of his teammates since being invited to join the Yogscast team.

They describe themselves as “a group of friends who enjoy playing games and sharing them with the audience.”

Since the Yogscast group was founded in 2008.

its members have created and uploaded numerous videos on games such as World of Warcraft.

Minecraft, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, among dozens of others.

Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane have a separate channel called “YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon,”.

which has over seven million subscribers and a net worth of around $2.6 million.

Almost 5,000 videos have been uploaded to the channel.

and all members of the team actively participated in the filming and editing of them.

Sjin worked as a butcher and a fishmonger before becoming a full-time YouTuber.

He, like most of his friends, enjoyed playing video games.

but he never considered turning his hobby into a career.

He once stated that he has always enjoyed making videos since he began playing World of Warcraft.

filming and editing his PvP videos with basic tools from programs such as Vegas and Fraps.

Then he and his friends switched to League of Legends, and Sjin began creating entertainment videos for that game.

He then got to know the Yogscast team and asked for their help.

Sjin didn’t know what his dreams would lead to.

but he decided to give it a shot and started his YouTube channel on 4 February 2012.

uploading videos about the Minecraft game  his first video.

“Let’s Build: A Castle Part 1,” now has over a million views and is still one of the most popular videos on his channel.

As a fan of the “Frozen” cartoon, he uploaded a video in which he builds Arendelle.

The castle in the cartoon where Queen Elsa and Princess Anna live has also received over a million views.

He also created videos for games such as Tekkit, World of Warcraft, and many others.

Net Worth and Salary

Yogscast Sjin’s net worth is estimated to be around $350,000 thanks to his YouTube channel.

He earns about $5,000 per month from his YouTube channel alone.

Though he is sure to earn more from his Twitch streams, which are his secondary source of income.

As a member of the Yogscast family.

He could benefit from their earnings as well as their YouTube channel.

He has over seven million subscribers and a net worth of $2.6 million.

While the entire team earns around $40,000 from this channel alone.

Relationship Status

Yogscast Sjin is currently single or dating someone.

Because he has never revealed any information about a girlfriend.

Yogscast Sjin
Yogscast Sjin With friends. Source:Pinterest

There was a time when he was said to be dating a girl from background staff named Anya Ferris.

Nicknamed MintyMinute, when one of his female followers reached out to him in direct messages.

She appeared to be younger than 18 years old, and their conversation became far more intimate.

But he had no idea she was so young. Rumors circulated that Sjin asked her to send him nude photos.

But no screenshots or chat logs ever proved this rumor.

For Sjin and the entire Yogscast team, the situation was extremely unpleasant and dangerous.

Minty was said to have left the team due to financial difficulties, only to be rehired at her previous full-time job.

Minty is now dating another Internet personality, rjan “Teutron” Aarvik, who was once one of Yogscast’s artists

Body Measurement

Yogscast Sjin has short dark brown hair, a beard, and a mustache.

His height, weight, and vital statistics are currently unavailable.

He likes to eat well but doesn’t have time to go to the gym, so he’s probably not as trim as he used to be.

That’s probably why he prefers to dress casually and frequently wears loose T-shirts, jeans, and jackets.

Social Media

Sjin has several accounts on various social media platforms and is quite active.

He has an Instagram account with over 27,000 subscribers and a Twitter account with over 320,000 followers.

a Facebook page with over 100,000 fans, and a Twitch channel with over 800,000 followers.

Sjin’s most popular account, however, is his YouTube channel, which has over 1.9 million subscribers.

It’s worth noting that Sjin’s YouTube channel reached that milestone several years ago.

And since then, no matter how hard he tries, Sjin has been unable to reach the two million subscriber mark.

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  • Yogscast is one of the streaming gamers who became a part of the Yogscast group in 2008.
  • He started making YouTube videos on various games such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft and attracted strong interest to his content.
  • Sjin didn’t know what his dreams may come to, however, he decided to at least try, and created his YouTube channel on 4 February 2012, and began uploading his videos on Minecraft game.
  • His most popular account is his YouTube channel.
  • Yogscast ‘s net worth his YouTube channel helps him to accumulate is estimated to be around $350,000.