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Ye West talks to ex-wife, Kim Kardashian’s playing games with him

Ye West
  • Ye West discusses Kim and Pete’s SNL kiss
  • Ye departed the music session following Kim and Pete’s kiss
  • You were not invited to Chicago’s father’s birthday celebration

Ye West, an American rapper, and Kim Kardashian, his ex-wife, separated and filed for divorce around a year ago. Kim, 41, appears to be seeing American comedian Pete Davidson now. She has been very forthcoming about her burgeoning romance with Pete, 28.

But her ex-husband, Ye does not like her closeness and kissing Pete in public.

Ye discussed all of the things Kim did following their split in an interview.

He alleged that she is playing games with him.

Ye West Kim kardashian
West and Kim Kardashian source: People

Ye West discusses Kim and Pete’s SNL kiss

Ye West, a 44-year-old famous American rapper, was speaking with Hollywood Unlocked.

He discussed the moment Kim and Pete Davidson had a kiss on the set of Saturday Night Live in the interview.

Ye was present while Kim was hosting that October edition of SNL.

Additionally, Kim and Pete kissed onstage.

Ye recalled that kiss and said:

“How are you going to bring me to SNL, kiss the guy you’re dating in front of me, and then everyone will think that’s cool?”

Ye was upset that Kim had kissed Pete in his presence.

He described Kim’s actions as “little subtleties” that she used to trick him.

Ye departed the music session following Kim and Pete’s kiss

When Kim kissed Pete in front of the rapper on the show, he was deeply offended

According to a source, Ye left the filming of the event shortly after the comedian and his ex-wife made out.

He was unable to stand seeing it.

The insult was too much for him to take.

The informant added that Pete and Kim were not dating at the time of the tape.

But not long after the show, they were both spotted out in public holding hands.

Ye said that the media can make fun of his life and make up stories about his love life in this most recent interview.

Since Kim isn’t with him right now, he claimed he doesn’t mind.

But he would never allow his four children with Kim—North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm—to be affected by these stories. He stated:

“They are free to crack jokes on SNL and in the media. They are free to spread rumors about my romantic partners. Additionally, they have the power to stymie negotiations. However, I’ll be honest and say that you shouldn’t play with my children. I’m telling you right now, don’t play with my kids no matter who you work for or who you believe the family is working for. Everything will be legal, baby.”

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You were not invited to Chicago’s father’s birthday celebration

Kim had purposefully forgotten to invite Ye on the birthday of their daughter Chicago.

He had spoken honestly about how horrible he felt.

According to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life, Kim decided against inviting Ye, the father of Chicago, because she didn’t think the two of them needed to attend every party together. From the source:

Kanye wasn’t truly invited to the party by Kim. He is no longer a member of the family, hence they are not currently required to attend birthday celebrations as a unit. They are not a unit. In order to co-parent, Kanye decided to move across the street.”

Divorce papers were submitted in February 2020.

Ye is currently dating Julia Fox, an actress.