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yamimash is a YouTuber, vlogger, and professional gamer known for his comments on games such as “Five Nights At Freddy’s” and “Slender.”yamimash started uploading videos in 2009 when he produced GOW3 videos.

Early life and Childhood

Yamimash or Yami, was born on August 25, 1991, in Warwick, England, and is now 28 years old.

He appears to have spent his childhood in Warwick.

Education Details

Yamimash was a student at Leamington College, according to his personal Facebook page.

Professional Career

Yamimash’s career, he launched his official YouTube channel under the username ‘Yamimash’ in June of 2007.

But his official career began in 2009 when he began uploading videos.

Yamimash at his room. Source:youtube

He started out playing “God Of War 3” and making GOW3 videos.

Then moved on to another game called “Call Of Duty,” so he had a two-game channel for a while.

He did not do commentary or facecam at the time until he realized that it would help him .

Increase his fan base and popularity as the gaming industry grew.

He increased the number of his games in 2012.

Including “Dream Of The Blood Moon,” “Hotel 626,” “MAZE,” “White Noise,” and “Slender,” among many others.

He’s also posted “Pokémon” and “Minecraft” gameplay videos.

Some of his most popular videos include “Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Animation | FUNNY MOMENTS,”

Which has received over 13 million views, “MISTY’S NAKED? | Pokemon Uncensored Edition | 3,”.

which has received over three million views, and “Slender vs Freddy,” which has received over 2.3 million views.

Although he is probably best known as a solo gamer.

His popularity grew as a result of a few collaborations with YouTube gamers such as Edge.

With whom he uploaded 20 videos for the game “Bloody Trapland,”.

As well as for other games such as “Terraria” and “Slendytubbies.”

He has also worked with Shane, better known as AaroInTheKnee the two have played games such as “Legend Of Zelda,” “Minecraft,” and “YOGBOX,” among others.

With more than 50 episodes, their “Minecraft” YouTube series is the longest they’ve ever made.

He has also collaborated with Markiplier on several videos.

Net Worth and Salary

Yamimash’s net worth is $600,000, which includes assets such as a 2001 Peugeot 206.

Relationship Status

yamimash personal life, He prefers to keep it private and away from the prying eyes of the public.

Nonetheless, it is known that he was dating Jessica from mid-2013 until 2017 when the couple split up.

He is currently believed to be single. His home is still in his hometown.

He became the center of attention in January 2016.

Another YouTuber known as Keemstar uploaded a video revealing that He was flirting with a 14-year.

He old girl, to whom he sent pictures of his genitals.

Following that, he released the video “My Side Explained” with his ex-girlfriend.

claiming that they had a conversation but that he did not send any naked pictures and accusing her of being an attention seeker.

Despite proving his innocence, his fan base shrank as a result of the scandal.

So he posted the video “My Channel Is Dead” in February of 2017 and announced his retirement in October of the same year.

However, he returned to the gaming scene in early 2018 and began releasing videos.

Body Measurement

Yamimash’s Body Measurements are Unavailable.

Social Media

Presence on Social Media Instagram has over 6,000 followers.

There are 280,000 followers on Twitter.

Facebook has 2,500 followers.

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  • Yami was born on 25 August 1991, in Warwick, England, so is currently aged 28.
  • He is a YouTuber, vlogger, and professional gamer, who is recognized for his comments on such games as “Five Nights At Freddy’s” and “Slender”.
  • Yamimash is probably best recognized for being a solo game player.
  • He also increased his popularity thanks to a few collaborations with such YouTube gamers as Edge, with whom he uploaded 20 videos for the game “Bloody Trapland”.
  • Yamimash was the center of attention due to a scandal when another YouTuber known as Keemstar uploaded a video revealing information that he was flirting with a 14-year-old girl.
  • He is currently single.