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Who Is Shyheim Jenkins? Son Of Jeezy

Shyheim Jenkins
  • Shyheim Jenkins is the famous rapper Jeezy’s son.
  • The net worth of his father
  • His father was living with his mother, who was struggling with alcoholism, and she used to blame Jeezy

Who is Shyheim Jenkins?

Shyheim Jenkins is the famous rapper Jeezy’s son. His mother’s name is still unknown. He has three siblings: a sister, Amra Nor Jenkins, and a brother, Jadarius Jenkins, the gender of his youngest sibling is unknown.

Jeezy is he married?

He is married to Jeannie Mai, a TV personality. In 2018, they secretly dated.

They kept their relationship hidden from the public eye.

First met on the reality show The Real.

They were seen in group photos together and hanging out with each other.

Finally, the pair made their first public appearance at an Atlanta event.

They were seen cuddling and staring at each other while holding arms in arm.

After some time, they were open about their relationship to the public.

On a chat show, Mai stated that she had found her equal.

Mai has a close relationship with his extended relatives.

Finally, the couple was married.

Jeezy proposed to Mai at his Los Angeles home, where he had planned a romantic date night with Vietnamese food and décor.

They married a year later in a little wedding ceremony.

Due of the pandemic, they held their wedding at their Atlanta home.

They are expecting their first child in January 2022.

Jeezy with his wife Jeannie Mai source: People

Father’s Previous Relationship

He dated a lot of attractive ladies before Mai.

He began dating singer Keyshia Cole in 2005.

They split up after two years. According to sources, they are pressuring each other to marry.

They blamed one another for pressuring them to marry. But no one knows for certain who was telling the truth.

Then there was talk that he had been seeing Mialy for a while.

He also had a year-long relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

In 2011, he was spotted with model and influencer Jasmine Sanders.

He was married to Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin for a long time.

They had a romantic relationship for several years before splitting up in 2018.

They have one child together.

He is in his twenties, but his exact birth date is unknown.

Monetary value

The net worth of his father is estimated to be $15 million.

He has amassed this net worth through his work as a rapper and hip-hop artist.

He also runs a business in partnership with his friend.

There is a rough estimate that he earns around $2.5 million annually.

Father Had A Very Rough Childhood

Jeezy began selling drugs when he was 11 years old.

His entire family worked in the same little factory and earned very little money.

Even his mother and uncle became clients.

He was living with his mother, who was struggling with alcoholism, and she used to blame Jeezy for her broken relationship with his father.

In an interview, he stated that they were so destitute that he and his mother had to knock insects off their meals in order to eat.

Jeezy was skipping class to work on the streets.

Jeezy and his mother resided in a $6500 camper purchased with his street earnings.

Following a disagreement, his mother drew a weapon on him and ordered him to leave.

He was assigned to live with his father.

When his father is tired of him, he was taken to his aunt and later to his grandmother’s house,

where he used to sell narcotics in the early morning hours before going to middle school.

He dropped out of college.

As a teenager, he became dissatisfied with living in several households and began living on the streets full-time.

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Jeezy’s Little-Known Facts

Jeezy’s lifestyle came up with him in 1994 when he was charged with possession.

He served nine months in boot camp in Savannah, Georgia.

Jeezy decided to rap at the time because he didn’t want to spend his life behind bars.

He co-founded a music company with a close buddy. His birthday is September 28th.

He reunited with his mother and purchased a home for her. He had undergone vocal cord surgery.