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Who Is Sheana Freeman, RonReaco Lee’s wife

Sheana Freeman
  • Freeman was born and raised in the United States of America and will be 43 years old in 2021.
  • Sheana is the proprietor of a boutique.
  • RonReaco Lee, Sheana’s husband, was born on August 27, 1976, in Decatur, Illinois.
  • Sheana Freeman, better known as actor RonReaco Lee’s wife, is an entrepreneur in her own right

Sheana Freeman is the wife of American actor RonReaco Lee, who is famous for his work in the TV series Sister. Sheana rose to fame after she started dating her now-husband Lee. Lee, who started his acting career in the 1980s grabbed attention from his work in the 1989 movie Glory.

Lee has garnered millions of followers with his acting in films and TV series over the years. And it’s not surprising that many of his fans are curious to know about his wife. But, unfortunately, there aren’t many details about Sheana  available on the internet.

Sheana Freeman Birthday – How Old Is She?

Sheana Freeman was born and raised in the United States of America and will be 43 years old in 2021.

There isn’t much information on her birthday, but she did tweet a snapshot of herself celebrating her 41st birthday in 2019. In reference to her post, Sheana was born on July 16, 1978.

Furthermore, we don’t know anything about her parents, childhood, siblings, or schooling. Sheana is an American in terms of nationality.

Her Professional Activities

Sheana has been in the public eye for nearly a decade, yet she has rarely shared personal information with her supporters.

We do, however, have some information on her career endeavors.

Sheana is the proprietor of a boutique.

She also has an online fashion company called “The Goldbar,” which she founded in 2016.

Sheana Freeman
Sheana Freeman with her family source; trend setter live

According to the store’s website, it is intended to help “the everyday lady who admires expensive apparel but has the disposable means to allocate to designer brands.”

Freeman’s Married Life – When Did Sheana Marry RonReaco? For over a decade, Lee Freeman and Lee have shared the sweet bond of marriage.

There is little information available about their first meeting and how their friendship evolved into a love relationship.

Nonetheless, they spent a significant amount of time together before walking down the aisle.

Sheana Freeman and RonReaco Lee married on June 13, 2010, according to public records.

The husband and wife will have been married for ten years on June 13, 2020.

o commemorate the occasion, the Sister alum posted a photo from their wedding day with the caption, “10 Years Strong!!!!!” @iamshealee, happy anniversary! I adore you! #6.13.10,” RonReaco,” wrote in the caption.

The couple has certainly had their ups and downs in their decade-long marriage, but they have never given up.

Their mutual affection and respect can be apparent in their social media posts.

They took part in the Married For Life Walk.

The Lees do everything they can to strengthen and improve their relationship.

Similarly, they took part in the married-for-life walk in 2018 to strengthen their conjugal bond.

In a promotional video posted on March 16, 2018, Sheana Freeman and RonReaco stated that they were taking part in the walk for the first time and welcomed other married couples to join them on April 28th of that year.

The married for life walk, according to its official website, is an initiative “striving to help couples of all religious affiliations, ethnicity, and backgrounds create solid marriage relationships.”

Sheana Freeman’s Husband’s Short Biography

RonReaco Lee, Sheana’s husband, was born on August 27, 1976, in Decatur, Illinois.

He began his career as a young artist at the age of seven. In 1983, he presented the short-lived TV show Kid’s Beat.

Lee rose to prominence after appearing in the 1989 picture Glory.

Following that, he appeared in a number of shows, including In the Heat of the Night, 413 Hope 13, and Home Improvement, among others.

Sheana played Tyreke “Ty” Scott in the television series Sister from 1997 to 1999.

In terms of cinematic roles, Lee played Perry in How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Among his other cinematic roles were Madea Goes to Jail, Fire & Ice, and Guess Who.

She has two children. Her husband, Lee Sheana, and her wife, RonReaco, have two children.

On November 9, 2013, the couple became parents for the first time when they welcomed their first son, Bryson Lee. Bryson turned 7 in November 2020, and both of his parents wished him on social media.

Sheana Freeman with her husband -source; trend setter live

Sheana and Lee welcomed their second child, son Jaxson Lee, about two years after the birth of their first.

On September 8, 2015, Jaxson was born.

Sheana and RonReaco both routinely post images of their children on social media.

On September 8, 2019, the joyful mother rushed to Instagram to wish her youngest kid a happy fourth birthday.

Sheana added in the caption, “I can’t even tell you how much love, laughter, and joy this youngster brings… It’s limitless!! He’s hilarious and fearless, and I adore everything about him!! Knowing him is to love him!” Take a peek at the article.

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How much money does Sheana Freeman have?

Sheana Freeman, better known as actor RonReaco Lee’s wife, is an entrepreneur in her own right.

She owns a storefront as well as an online fashion store.

We assume she’s doing well in her business.

Her earnings from her firm are currently unknown, however, we can confidently assume her net worth is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, her husband Lee has amassed a sizable fortune from his three-decade-long acting career.

He has been in a lot of television shows and films, for which he has undoubtedly earned a sizable sum of money.

Unfortunately, Lee’s actual net worth is unknown at this time. Nonetheless, we may fairly assume he has a net worth in the millions of dollars.