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Who is Koraun Mayweather? Let know everything about him

Koraun Mayweather
  • Koraun Mayweather is the son of Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • Koraun also has two biological and one half-sibling.
  • He was born on 17th November 1999, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Koraun belongs to the African-American ethnicity and has American nationality.
  • He graduated from West Ranch High School in 2018.

Koraun Mayweather is the son of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Josie Harris, his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, his mother died in 2020.

Koraun has two biological siblings and one half-sibling. Koraun, like his siblings, did not dabble in boxing. Instead, he went into a completely different field.

In this post, we’ll find out what Koraun Mayweather is up to these days.

What is his relationship like with his father and siblings? Is he dating someone or not? Let’s get this party started!

Koraun Mayweather was born in Las Vegas and raised there

He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 17, 1999.

He is Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s and Josie Harris’s oldest child.

Koraun is of African-American descent and of American nationality.

The star child is descended from a family of boxers.

His paternal grandfather is the grandson of Floyd Mayweather Sr., a boxing legend.

His grandfather even fought with Sugar Ray Leonard.

Koraun’s paternal great-uncles, Jeff and Roger Mayweather were both boxers.

For many years, Roger was also Floyd Jr.’s trainer.

Koraun Mayweather’s father congratulated him on graduating from high school

Koraun grew up in Las Vegas and completed his primary education there as well.

In terms of schooling, he graduated in 2018 from West Ranch High School.

When he graduated, his father was there to witness the momentous occasion for the Mayweather family.

Floyd took to Instagram to inform his admirers all across the world of the exciting news.

 Koraun Mayweather
Koraun Mayweather graduation day – Sources; TMZ


The caption was more than enough to convey Mayweather’s pride at his son’s graduation.

He penned, “I’m extremely proud of my son for completing something I didn’t do: graduating from high school.”

When I was his age, I left out of school to pursue my passion of boxing in order to lift my family out of poverty!!”

Koraun also expressed gratitude to his parents for motivating him during his educational path.

Koraun’s parents were abusive to each other

Floyd has faced numerous criminal charges over his illustrious career.

Many of us are already aware of his violent tendencies, which have resulted in multiple domestic battery cases filed by females in the past.

Everything seemed good when Floyd first started dating Josie. Then, in the early 2000s, his violent behavior became a major source of concern.

Josie filed a domestic battery allegation against him, which resulted in a six-month suspension from the game, including two days of home arrest.

Then, in 2010, after he had already been separated from Josie, he returned to her house in the early hours of the morning and ‘yanked her to the floor by her hair, then punched and kicked and screamed hate words at her in front of their children.’

It was a terrifying experience for the children. Koraoun was the one who alerted a security guard, who subsequently phoned the cops.

Koraun has two biological siblings as well as one half-sibling

Apart from himself, his parents have two additional children: a son, Zion Shamaree Mayweather, born on March 28, 2001, and a daughter, Jirah Mayweather, born on June 25, 2004.

 Koraun Mayweather
Koraun Mayweather with siblings – Sources; CelebSuburb

His father also has another daughter, Iyanna aka Yaya Mayweather, from his marriage to Melissa Brim.

Koraun also has a sibling named Devion Cromwell, who is Melissa Brim’s son from a previous relationship. Devion grew up with the four Mayweather children.

What is the status of Koraun’s connection with Floyd Mayweather? 

Given that Koraun witnessed his father severely abusing his mother firsthand, there’s little doubt about the type of relationship he had with his father.

Of course, he had a strained relationship with his boxer father.

In fact, he went so far as to brand his father a coward in an interview.

Nonetheless, their connection improved over time. Floyd, in particular, worked hard to make things right with his children.

The father-son relationship is now quite close. While Koraun frequently posts images of himself with his father on social media, Floyd is frequently seen instructing his kid in boxing.

It’s safe to assume they have a nice relationship.

 Koraun Mayweather feels Boxing bores

You may find it difficult to accept that the son of a great boxer finds sports dull. Yes, you read that correctly.

Koraun stated about boxing in an interview with US Magazine.

“I find (boxing) tedious.” It’s similar to how people sit in the ring and fight for 12 rounds, which becomes tedious after a time. They sometimes flee.”

Floyd also believes that his two boys, Koraun and Zion, will never make it in boxing.

He mentioned that they both smoke marijuana, so it’s safe to assume they won’t be following in his footsteps.

What is Koraun Mayweather doing these days?

He’s not just sitting around all day eating his father’s benjamins. In the rap world, he’s building a name for himself.

He goes by the stage name King Koraun and released his debut single, ‘RACK$,’ shortly after graduating from college in 2018. In the video, he flaunts his opulent lifestyle.

He has since recorded a few more rap songs and collaborated with a variety of other artists.

He promotes his music and other business opportunities on his Instagram account.

His name means “Highly Competitive, Confident, and Studious,” and it’s safe to say that the star youngster has lived up to his name.

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Is Koraun Mayweather dating anyone?

According to his Instagram account, he does not have a girlfriend.

Although he is not overtly dating, there is a potential he is hooking up with girls behind the scenes.

Whatever the situation may be, Koraun is living a life deserving of the epithet “envious.”

Koraun Mayweather’s net worth 

His net worth is currently about $300,000 dollars. He makes the majority of his money from his rap career.

His father Floyd, on the other hand, is worth a stunning $1.2 billion.

The proprietor of The Money Team, aka TMT, made his entire living from boxing contests.