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Who is Kenna Tota? Child of Christina Milian

Kenna Tota
  • Christina Milian, an American singer, songwriter, and actress, gave birth to Kenna Tota recently.
  • Kenna Tota is a singer and composer from France.
  • She has worked and recorded music with other well-known vocalists, including Hillary Duff, Ja Rule, and Jennifer Lopez.


Who is Kenna Tota?

Christina Milian, an American singer, songwriter, and actress, gave birth to Kenna Tota recently. Carmen Milian and Don Flores are Christina’s parents.

Information about Kenna Tota

On April 24, 2021, Kenna was born.

His mother posted a photo of herself holding him on Instagram to announce the birth of her son.

Matthieu Tota is his father’s name.

He is well-known under the stage moniker M. Pokora.

He is a singer and composer from France.

He was born on September 26, 1985, and as of 2021, he will be 35 years old.

His well-known mother, Christina Marie Flores, was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States, on September 26, 1981.

She has a 39-year-old age.

Kenna has a brother and a sister who are her two older siblings.

Violet Madison Nash, his sister, was born in 2010.

Eleven years old is the girl.

Isaiah Tota is Kenna’s brother.

Only one year separates them in age. His birth year is 2020.

Parents of Kenna

Since 2017, Christina and Matt Pokora have been seriously dating.

They initially connected in a café in France where the manager suggested they meet since they were both musicians.

After seeing him and being drawn to his attractive features, Christina decided she did want to see him after all.

By exchanging messages, they discovered that they have the same birthday.

The cosmos, according to Christina, wants them to be together.

She also noted how their shared birth sign makes them get along well.

That evening, they swapped numbers, and they soon began dating.

She claimed that everything seemed to be falling into place.

They began to share red carpets together.

As a result of their long-distance romance, Christian also relocated to the following city to be nearer to him.

He finally admitted that he wanted to have children with her after a few months.

According to Christian, no guy has ever told her that.

But she also had a strong instinct that they were going to have children.

She currently shares two kids with Matt Pokora.

She and The Dream, her ex-husband, had a kid together.

Christina expressed her gratitude for Matt’s presence in her life.

No male had ever made her feel this wonderful, she added.

She said that having a relationship with them had been novel for her.

Kenna Tota
Tota with her husband source: AmericanStarBuzz

Life in the Workplace of Kenna’s Mother

Christina is an actor and singer.

She has worked and recorded music with other well-known vocalists, including Hillary Duff, Ja Rule, and Jennifer Lopez.

She also has acting talent. In films like American Pie, The Wood, Love Do Not Cost a Thing, Ghost of Girlfriend Past, Memories of Past, Bring it On: Fight to the Finish, Falling Inn Love, Be Cool, Snow Globe, and others, she has made appearances.

She has appeared in a number of television programs, including Smart Guy, Sister Sister, Meet the Browns, Let’s Do the Timewarp Again, The Oath, Christmas Cupid, East Los High, Charmed, A Snow Globe Christmas, and others.

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Christina has an odd pastime

In an interview with The Real Daytime, Christina discussed her spouse Matt Pokora.

Christina talked about having a good time with her boyfriend because she and Matt were dating at the time of the interview.

According to the interviewer, who has been following Christina on Instagram, she becomes infatuated with her French boyfriend’s posts when she sees them.

Christina claimed that she and her boyfriend Matt were now living in the same city after Matt moved there.

Christina was used to being in a long-distance relationship with Matt before then.

She was a little anxious when she learned that her boyfriend was relocating to the same location, but they hit it off right away.

Christina continued by saying that while some people find it boring to spend the entire day and night with the same person, she is able to do it with her lover.

She adores spending time with them because they have such wonderful relationships.

She exercises with her lover, and the benefit of this is that she becomes more motivated when she sees herself in terrific form.

Then Christina began to outline her favorite aspects of France.

She claimed that she had traveled to France in order to compose music, but regrettably, she hadn’t had much success.

She witnessed couples sharing kisses on bridges, loves French history, and feels content being with a Frenchman.

Then Christina revealed one of her odd pastimes: painting porcelain dolls.

She claimed that she began doing that with her mother, who had previously sold the dolls.

When Christina’s father filed for divorce, Christina’s mother began painting dolls, and the two of them got into the hobby to pass the time.

Her interest was unknown to her partner, but he subsequently learned about it