Who Is Harlow Madden? Daughter Of Joel Madden

Harlow Madden
  • Harlow Madden is a famous child.
  • Joel and Nicole have a happy marriage.
  • She is the daughter of Joel Madden, a singer, and Nicole Richie, a fashion designer.

Who Is Harlow Madden?

Harlow Madden is a famous child. She is the daughter of Joel Madden, a singer, and Nicole Richie, a fashion designer.

She was born in the state of California. Sparrow Madden is her younger brother. Her birthday is on the 12th of January.

Married Life of Parents

Joel and Nicole have a happy marriage. They first began dating in 2006.

Joel fell in love with her at first sight. They became parents to two children.

In 2010, they exchanged wedding vows. They’ve been married for over a decade.

Harlow Madden
Harlow Madden with her mother source: The Mirror

Joel’s Previous Relationship

Joel had only one previous relationship. In 2004, he dated Hilary Duff.

They were acquainted while working on a compilation album.

Hilary was only 16 years old when they began dating. Their relationship began in 2004.

In a 2005 interview, Hilary’s mother revealed their relationship.

Their romance, however, was short-lived.

After being together for two years, they split up in 2006.

The cause of their breakup is unknown.

Nicole, Harlow’s mother, was a drug addict

Harlow is the first child born to Nicole and Joel. Nicole, Harlow’s mother, had a difficult childhood.

Richie is the adoptive daughter of singer Lionel Richie and actress Brenda.

Nicole was fostered by Lionel when her original parents told him they couldn’t care for her.

Nicole was denied his father’s attention after being adopted.

Her father, Lionel, was busy with his singing profession and was often on tour, so he couldn’t give her the attention she required.

Despite having everything with her, Nicole was a hardworking child who did everything on her own.

She is now a successful TV personality, but she once stated in an interview that she never intended to be an actress.

She aspired to be a Broadway vocalist

Revealed her addiction. She was only in her early twenties when she began drinking and doing drugs.

She began using cocaine when she was 14 years old.

began using heroin when she was 19 years old.

She had lost control and had become completely addicted to drugs.

By the age of 20, she had concluded that whatever she was doing was not for her.

So she talked to her parents about it, and with their help, she went to treatment.

She was arrested four times for DUI.

Despite everything that has transpired in her life, she has stated that she has no regrets.

She made the most of her twenties and advised people to do what they wanted because they wouldn’t be able to do it later.

She afterward met Joel and began dating him.

Nicole realized she needed to alter after they revealed their pregnancy.

She was about to become a mother, and she wanted to be someone her child looked up to.

She became aware of her obligations. Nicole’s life was radically transformed after she became a mother.


Harlow was born in January 2008 and is now 14 years old.

Monetary value

Her father is reported to be worth $16 million.

He has amassed this enormous fortune through his singing profession.

At the age of 16, his father formed a band.

Joel Madden and his twin brother Benji Madden started a band.

Their band was called Good Charlotte.

Joel stated that he wished to leave a legacy on the world.

They agreed when they were 15 to be 50-50 partners who would never let money come between them.

The deal was what kept them together. Their band was a success, selling millions of albums.

They created a great mix by working together. They are the most similar twins.

Joel Discussed Meeting Nicole’s Father, Music Legend Richie Rich

Joel will never forget his first meeting with Nicole’s father.

When Nicole first brought him to her house to meet her father, Lionel was unimpressed because he didn’t find him fascinating.

Joel was greatly frightened by his presence.

Joel was trembling and sweating profusely.

Nicole’s father was unaware of his son’s tattoos.

He was wearing a t-shirt and thought his tattoos were only up to his arms.

was aware of my band. He was pleased that he was earning money.

They all shared one thing in common: they worked in the same industry.

Their friendship became stronger over time.

They even agreed that once Nicole becomes furious, the first thing he will do is phone him.

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Nicole lied in order to attract Joel

Nicole was 25 years old when she met Joel.

He inquired as to whether she had seen The Wire.

She lied and said she had done so in order to hang out with him.

He showed her Season 3 of the show one day.

The entire time, she claimed to be aware of the show.

She despised the show, thus it was a terrible experience for her.

She later chose to watch the show, and after viewing it, she fell in love with it and watched season 2.