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Who is George Santo Pietro, Vanna White’s Ex-Husband: Details

George Santo Pietro
  • While George has had several personal relationships, he has only married once
  • Vanna announced her pregnancy with the first child two years into her marriage
  • George Santo Pietro had a brief relationship with American actress Linda Evans before marrying Vanna
  • George’s Involvement in a Scandal

George Santo Pietro is a real estate developer and a wealthy restaurateur. Along with a line of restaurants across the United States, Pietro is also known for his history of dating A-listers of Hollywood.

In fact, he even married the Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White for a while.

Other than that, George Santo Pietro’s relationship with American actress Linda Evans was the talk of the town.

Apart from his glamorized romance, he also dealt with a few controversies.

One of which primarily began as a result of renting his Beverly Hills mansion to someone who turned out to be a fraud.

Well, here we have listed out some of the interesting details about the 73 years old hotelier.

From his childhood to his unsuccessful marital relationship and immense fortune.

Here is a comprehensive account of his life so far.

Vanna White, a TV personality, was once married to George Santo Pietro.

While George Santo Pietro has had several personal relationships, he has only married once, to Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White.

George Santo Pietro with his wife-source; Celebsinfo

In reality, it was his wedding to Vanna that gained him media attention.

Pietro and White are said to have married in December 1990.

In the same month of December, the couple announced their marriage at a celebrity-studded ski resort.

According to the Los Angeles Times, George obtained a marriage license, which was then a $20 permit, from the Pitkin County Courthouse.

Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune, who was also present at the spot, submitted her driving license for identity verification.

Fun fact: Deputy County Clerk Kim Schultz, who assisted the couple in filling out the documents, didn’t recognize Vanna, who had appeared in disguise.

George was 44 at the time of their wedding, and his then-wife Vanna was 33.

Despite their early joy and love for each other, the couple divorced in 2002, almost 12 years after their marriage.

Vanna, George Santo Pietro’s wife, miscarried.

George, her first child, had two children with his now ex-wife Vanna White. However, the duo’s start was not ideal.

Vanna announced her pregnancy with the first child two years into her marriage, in 1992, via a puzzle on the game program Wheels of Fortune. Her joy, however, did not last long.

She miscarried and lost her child just a week after announcing her pregnancy.

Vanns described the incident as “devastating.” She announced her desire to be a mother,

I so badly wanted to be pregnant and have a baby that when I eventually got pregnant, I wanted to notify everyone right away.

George Santo Pietro with his wife-source; HITNG

Obviously, I lost the baby, which was heartbreaking after I had announced it.

The good news is that I was able to conceive again and give birth to two lovely, healthy children. …

However, losing a child is never a good thing.

Vanna became a mother for the first time after the terrible occurrence on June 10, 1994, when she gave birth to a son, Nikko Santo Pietro.

Gigi Santo Pietro, her second child with George, was born on July 1, 1997.

George Santo Pietro had a relationship with Linda Evans. Briefly

George had a brief relationship with American actress Linda Evans before marrying Vanna.

In 1980, George and Linda began dating.

The outgoing couple was frequently photographed together.

In truth, The Big Valley actress attended her boyfriend George on January 21, 1983, the opening of his business “Santo Pietro’s Pizza” at Santo Pietro’s Pizza in Los Angeles.

They were also spotted together at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for a charity gala called “An Evening in Monaco.”

Despite their close proximity and connection, they chose to call it quits and split up after four years of dating in 1984.

George’s Involvement in a Scandal

George Santo Pietro was involved in a fraud case in 2019 after a man he had rented his $47 million Beverly Hills property turned out to be a scam.

According to police records, the individual who rented George’s mansion, Keenan Alexander Gracey, bilked roughly $6 million from Washington and California citizens while posing as a professional athlete and British banker.

Gracey, a former New Castle resident, is said to have hired Pietro’s estate in order to continue the lifestyle of a billionaire British heir.

The difficulty for Pietro didn’t start until the authorities discovered he was renting his mansion despite knowing Gracey was under investigation.

In addition, on July 7, 2018, Santo Pietro sent an email to Gracey with the subject line “Your Sec Issues.”

To some measure, this reflected his anxiety that Gracey’s money might have been obtained by deception.

In response to the email, Gracey stated that he needed his mansion to seek funding from investors.

Despite knowing about Gracey’s false money, George continued to rent the mansion until Gracey was evicted on October 1, 2018.

Though this landed George in hot water, federal officials have refused to comment on whether or not the authority will charge Santo Pietro.

The relevant department has yet to make a decision on the matter.

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George Santo Pietro, did you marry Melissa Mascari?

While it is often assumed that George is married to Melissa Mascari, facts suggest otherwise.

The story began when a woman named Melissa Mascari posted on Facebook that she had married George Santo Pietro.

They have a daughter together as well.

The family has a wonderful relationship.

Melissa George’s Facebook page reads La Famiglia è Tutto, which translates to “family is everything.”