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Who is Freddie Highmore? Girlfriends and Past Affairs: Untold Facts

Freddie Highmore
  • Freddie Highmore, real name Alfred Thomas Highmore, is a well-known English actor
  • Freddie did not have a relationship with Emma Roberts
  • Freddie Highmore’s Family and Childhood
  • Did Freddie Highmore have a relationship with Dakota Fanning?

Freddie Highmore, real name Alfred Thomas Highmore, is a well-known English actor. In 1999, he made his film debut at the age of seven with the comedic film Women Talking Dirty.

In addition to being a wonderful actor on the big screen, Freddie’s love life and relationships are a hot topic in the media.

Fans are always eager to learn about Highmore’s new partner or any new developments in her dating life.

And it’s not unexpected given that the adorable, talented, and innocent-looking actor has been winning hearts for a long time.

Who Is Freddie Highmore’s Girlfriend?

Freddie Highmore is not currently dating anyone.

In fact, there hasn’t been any mention of the 29-year-old actor having a partner since 2018.

Freddie’s violent adolescent relationship with Dakota Fanning did not end well, and he is now dealing with the fallout.

Despite this, he has had a few romantic relationships in the past.

We shall go through them in-depth during the course of this post.

Relationship with Sarah Bolger, co-star, and ex-girlfriend

When it comes to his personal life, Freddie has always kept his mouth shut.

Despite having millions of followers, he rarely publishes photos of himself on social media.

It is not possible to learn anything about his love life or relationships.

However, for this section, we have dug up these details about his previous relationships.

In the year 2008, the ladies talking dirty star dated his co-star Sarah Bolger.

They were cast as a brother and sister pairing in the film The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008).

And, throughout the production, they fell in love, and we can feel the natural connection between them in the film.

Sarah Bolger, Freddie’s ex-girlfriend, molest him?

The couple had kept their relationship a secret for a long time until a photo of them kissing each other surfaced on the internet.

It went viral instantly, and they were the talk of the town for several weeks.

And there were conflicting views on their relationships.

Fans adored the duo, but some accused Sarah of assaulting Freddie, who was only 15 years old at the time.

Although it’s safe to assume it was a mutual connection, we can always refuse to pay heed to such absurd comments.

Sarah did not molest Freddie in any way.

The English actor and his then-girlfriend Sarah split up the same year, in 2008, after their film was released.

The cause for the breakup was never revealed.

Did Freddie Highmore have a relationship with Dakota Fanning?

Yes, Freddie Highmore did have a relationship with Dakota Fanning.

The lovely couple was spotted on a dinner date in a Californian hotel in 2009.

Both artists rose to prominence at an early age and shared many characteristics.

Despite their shared characteristics and passionate relationship, the couple divorced in 2009.

Freddie Highmore
Freddie Highmore photoshoot with her girlfriend Dakota Fanning Source: Pinterest

They were both teenagers at the time, and their relationship did not work out.

It had a lasting impression on Freddie Highmore, and he has not been in a relationship since.

However, there were a few speculations concerning the English actor’s love life from time to time.

Freddie did not have a relationship with Emma Roberts.

A few years back, there were reports that Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore were dating.

In 2011, the duo co-starred in the film “The Art Of Getting By,” and fans began to speculate.

The film’s scenes and Emma and Freddie’s connection were incredibly compelling.

Freddie Highmore
Freddie Highmore with ex girlfriend Source: Pinterest

It truly felt and appeared to be love.

To our dismay, Emma clarified the misunderstanding during the interview, saying, “We are just extremely good friends and just connect well together.”

Did Freddie Highmore Have a Relationship with Abigail Breslin?

Abigail Breslin of Little Miss Sunshine and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star made waves in 2016 for their suspected connection.

The couple never addressed the rumors.

Not only that but they were never photographed together.

There are no public images of them together.

It’s unclear what sparked the rumors, but it was clearly a hoax.

The duo was never in a relationship.

In truth, in 2017, Abigail was in a relationship with a man named Ira Kenyansky.

Her Instagram was filled with photos of them together.

The Bates Motel star, on the other hand, has erased all of the photos from his official Instagram.

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Freddie Highmore’s Family and Childhood

Freddie Highmore was born in Camden Town, London, on February 14, 1992.

He was born into a family in which the majority of the members worked in the media sector.

Sue Latimer, his mother, is a well-known talent agent who has helped to launch the careers of celebrities such as Daniel Radcliffe.

And his father, Edward Highmore, is a well-known English actor.

The family milieu undoubtedly aided him in his ascension into the entertainment world.

Meanwhile, his younger brother, Bertie Highmore, has chosen a life away from the spotlight.

Freddie is currently 29 years old.

He excels intellectually and has received a scholarship at Highgate High School in London.

Furthermore, he received a double first (British undergraduate degree classification) in Spanish and Arabic from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 2014.

His astrological sign is Aquarius, which is characterized by charisma, romanticism, and impulsiveness.

Our 29-year-old actor certainly lives up to his star sign’s moniker.