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Who is Candy Stevens? Fun Facts About Charles Manson’s Ex-Wife

  •  Stevens rose to prominence following her involvement with Charles Manson,
  • Candy is also of Caucasian descent.
  •  Stevens and Manson were not married for long, although they did have a kid, a boy.
  • Prior to Candy Stevens, her late ex-husband was married to Rosalie Jean Willis.

Candy Stevens is famous as the ex-wife of the late notorious murderer Charles Manson. Stevens and Manson tied the knot in the late ’50s and remained married for a few years before the latter’s imprisonment. Candy also became a mother with her then-husband, Charles Manson.

Even though Manson died some years before, people have been searching him over the internet for his outrageous and heinous crimes.

Likewise, people are also curious to know about Manson’s ex-wife Candy Stevens. She has been living out of the media limelight for many years which has further made people curious.

Candy Stevens’s Childhood

Candy Stevens rose to prominence following her involvement with Charles Manson, therefore data about her life before then are scarce.

Nonetheless, we have discovered some important details regarding her early life.

Leona Rae Musser was her given name. Her precise birthday is unknown, however, it is thought to have occurred about 1940.

Manson, The Life and Times of Charles Manson-Simon & Schuster, by Jeff Guinn, was published in 2013.

Meanwhile, Candy’s birthplace is unknown; nonetheless, she is said to be from Los Angeles, California.

Candy is also of Caucasian descent.

Furthermore, information on her parents, siblings, and schooling is still missing.

Candy Stevens Used To Be A Prostitute

While many aspects concerning Candy Stevens’ childhood and adolescence are unknown, one thing is certain.

That is her profession as a prostitute.

It’s unclear when and how she started in the trade, but she worked as a prostitute for several years in several places around the United States.

She also worked for her ex-husband, Charles Manson, who exploited many women for prostitution.

Her Relationship with Charles Manson

Candy Stevens met her future husband, Charles Manson when she was in her teens in the mid-1950s.

As previously stated, Stevens promptly began working as a prostitute for Manson.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear whether she was already a prostitute before meeting her future husband.

Charles brought her and another girl from California to Mexico for prostitution in December 1959.

Police arrested them, though, and charged Charlie with breaching the Mann Act.

Candy Stevenswith her husband’s source; getty image

The statute made it illegal to transfer women over state boundaries for prostitution.

Following his arrest, Charles attempted to avoid probable incarceration by marrying Candy Stevens.

They married in 1959 when wives were barred from testifying against their husbands under the law.

Meanwhile, Candy and Charles were married in 1958, according to The Sun.

Candy lied about her pregnancy a couple of times after their marriage to keep her then-husband from facing a prison sentence.

Nonetheless, Candy ultimately testified against Charles, and he was sentenced as a result.

Candy Stevens and Charles Manson’s Child

Candy and Manson were not married for long, although they did have a kid, a boy.

Candy gave birth to their son, Charles Luther Manson, in September 1960, following Charles’ imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Candy’s son was born in early September 1961, according to The Life and Times of Charles Manson.

Candy’s kid then legally changed his name to Jay Charles Warner.

Furthermore, he avoided the media spotlight for the majority of his life.

As a result, there are few details concerning his life.

Several news outlets have reported that Jay died in 2007, although the cause of death is uncertain.

The First Marriage of Stevens’ Late Ex-Husband

Prior to Candy Stevens, her late ex-husband was married to Rosalie Jean Willis.

She worked as a waitress in a hospital.

According to the papers, Charles and Willis married in West Virginia in January 1955, when the Ohio native was 21 years old.

Charles was a thief back then, and he supported his and his wife’s lives by stealing cars while simultaneously working as a part-time auto repairman.

Charles was caught and imprisoned for three years while still married to Willis for driving a stolen car across state lines.

Charles Manson and Rosalie Willis have a son named Charles Manson Jr. In fact, Charles was incarcerated while his then-wife gave birth to their first kid.

Willis left Charles Sr. shortly after the baby Charles was born and began living with another guy.

Willis and Manson’s divorce was formalized in 1958.

What Was the Reason for Charles Jr.’s Suicide?

Charles Jr. Manson, Charles Manson’s son, did not want to live near his father.

In addition, he legally changed his name to Jay White.

Regardless of what he did, his identity as the son of legendary criminal Charles Manson never faded.

This could be the reason he chose to terminate his life.

Charles Manson Jr. shot himself to death on a lonely stretch of Kansas roadway in 1993.

People believe his suicide was motivated by the embarrassment of his connection with his father, despite the fact that the official reason for his suicide has not been established.

Other Relationships and the Death of Charles Manson

In 1971, Charles Manson was sentenced to death, but his sentence was eventually reduced to life in prison after the California Supreme Court rejected the state’s death penalty statute in 1972.

Despite the fact that Manson was imprisoned, he had a connection.

Furthermore, Manson had obtained a marriage license, but they were unable to marry on time, and their license expired in February 2015.

Meanwhile, Burton would routinely pay visits to Manson in prison.

Candy Stevens with her husband source; favebites

She paid her visit for at least nine years, while also maintaining multiple websites claiming Manson’s innocence.

Manson died on November 19, 2017, at the age of 83, at a California prison near Bakersfield.

He died as a result of cardiac arrest caused by respiratory failure.

Following his death, Burton admitted that she only wanted to marry Charles so that she and a companion could later utilize his corpse as a tourist attraction.

However, due to Manson’s condition, she was unable to marry him.

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Candy Stevens’ Current Situation

Candy has been living a low-key existence away from the spotlight since she broke her relationship with Charles.

Not just her, but Candy has also kept her children away from the media.

As a result, there is now little to no information available on Candy Stevens’ life.

Nonetheless, we hope she is doing well.