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Where Is Macaulay Culkin’s Mother Patricia Brentrup Now?

Patricia Brentrup
  • Patricia Brentrup had a long relationship with her baby daddy
  • Is She the Mother of Seven Children?
  • A Fire Suit Was Filled
  • Her Son Was Set Free From Them?
  • She had a nasty breakup with her former partner.

Who is Patricia Brentrup?

Patricia Brentrup is the devoted mother of well-known actor Macaulay Culkin. Patricia Brentrup and her partner have seven children. She rose to prominence as the mother of one of the talented child actors, Macaulay Culkin.

She had a long relationship with her baby daddy

Macaulay Culkin is one of his parents’ seven children, as previously stated.

Patricia Brentrup and her baby daddy, Kit Culkin, had a long relationship.

They began dating in 1974 and were together for nearly two decades.

They met in North Dakota, where they lived for a few years before moving to New York, according to some online sources.

Patricia and Kit Culkin had been married for nearly two decades. Image courtesy of social media.

Patricia and Kit, despite having seven children, never married.

Patricia Brentrup
Patricia Brentrup with her child source: Wall Of Celebrities

Is She the Mother of Seven Children?

As previously stated, Macaulay Culkin’s mother welcomed seven children with his father, Kit Culkin.

Jennifer Culkin, Kit’s first child, was born in 1970, but she is not Patricia’s daughter.

Culkin’s relationship with Adeena VanWagoner resulted in her birth.

Shane Culkin, Brentrup and Culkin’s first child, was born in 1976.

Dakota Culkin, their second child, was born in 1979.

On August 16, 1980, Macaulay Culkin was born to his parents.

Kieran Culkin, Macaulay’s younger brother, was born in 1982.

Similarly, his three younger siblings, Quinn Culkin, Christian Culkin, and Rory Culkin, were born in 1984, 1987, and 1989, respectively.

Dakota Brentrup, Patricia Brentrup’s eldest daughter, tragically died in a car accident in December 2008.

Nonetheless, we can see that Patricia and Bretnrup loved and cared for their children.

Wilma Bradshaw Allen, Chandra Wilson’s Mother

A Fire Suit Was Filled

Patricia Brentrup, Macaulay Culkin’s mother, was hit with an $80 million lawsuit in 1999.

She was held responsible for a fire in her family’s apartment.

The fire was started by sparks from Patricia’s space heater, according to the Fire Department.

It was also discovered that she had fled after leaving the door to their apartment open after the alarms went off.

The stairwell and hallways of the 51-story building were filled with smoke as a result of the fire, killing four people.

Her Son Was Set Free From Them?

Rumors circulated when Macaulay was 15 about him suing his parents for $18 million and divorcing them as legal guardians to prevent them from controlling his future.

However, he confirmed in February 2020 that the rumors were false.

The mother of Macaulay Culkin Brentrup, Patricia

Macaulay Culkin divorced his parents and legally divorced them from his assets.

Patricia’s son, Macaulay, stated in an interview that he legally removed his parents’ names from his trust fund.

He went on to say that he had found an executor to look over his finances.

Similarly, he mentioned in one podcast that his father was jealous of his achievement at such a young age.

She had a nasty breakup with her former partner.

After nearly two decades of marriage, Macaulay Culkin’s mother divorced his father, Kit Culkin.

They split in 1994, and their split was dubbed “one of the ugliest splits ever noticed.”

They fought bitterly for custody of their children.

Many online tabloids suggested that they were fighting for the money that their kids were making.

Moreover, when Patricia and Kit were together, they used to split 15 percent commission on Macaulay’s earnings.

According to one of her kids, she is a really great parent, unlike their dad, who tortured them mentally, physically, and emotionally.

According to Celeb Suburb, Patricia is currently enjoying a blissful marital life with Mart D. Cox, and they are living together in Billing, Montana.

Moreover, Patricia Brentrup’s husband is said to be working as a remodeling specialist and offers services like design, accessibility construction, installation, and molding installation.

In addition, Paricia does not have any kids with her present husband but is said to be the stepmother of Kara Cox, Mart’s kid from his previous relationship.

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Prefers a Personal Life

Patricia Brentrup, despite her celebrity as Macaulay Culkin’s mother, appears to be a private person.

She is not visible on any social media networks.

She also makes few public appearances these days.

As a result, she must be living a private and luxurious life.

Regardless, we can hope to learn more about Macaulay Culkin’s adoring mother, Patricia Brentrup, in the future.