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What Is There Inside The Life Of Symeon Mooney?

Symeon Mooney
  • Symeon Mooney is a celebrity child.
  • Mooney is the late son of comedy writer, stand-up comedian, and actor Paul Mooney.
  • He was born on April 25, 1981.
  • Dwayne and Daryl Mooney are often referred to as the famous Mooney twins.
  • Symeon, Yvonne, and Paul’s last child died in 2001.

Who is Symeon Mooney?

Symeon Mooney is a celebrity child. Symeon Mooney is the late son of comedy writer, stand-up comedian, and actor Paul Mooney. Paul, Symeon’s father, is best known for writing for comedian Richard Pryor and collaborating with Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, and Dave Chappelle.

Symeon Mooney’s childhood

Symeon Mooney was born on April 25, 1981.

Paul Mooney mentions in his memoir, Black is the New White, how his youngest son got his name from a religious character.

Furthermore, Richard Pryor’s writer revealed that Symeon bore a striking resemblance to his mother, Yvonne.

Symeon Mooney
Symeon Mooney was the youngest child of Paul Mooney and his ex-wife, Yvonne. Source: PaulMooneyMemoir

“Symeon resembles Yvonne, while Shane and Spring resemble me.” Symeon, like the biblical Symeon the Righteous. He’s their little pet, and the other kids always make a big deal out of him.”

Parents of Symeon Mooney

Symeon’s father is a comedian, writer, and actor, as previously stated.

Yvonne Mooney (nee, Carothers), his ex-wife and Symeon’s mother, is best known for her role as Congregation Lady in the 1977 comedy film Which Way Is Up?

Yvonne also appears in the 1977 film “The Richard Pryor Special?”

Yvonne Mooney and Paul Mooney, Symeon Paul’s parents, married in 1973 and had three children.

Symeon’s parents, Yvonne and Paul, married in 1973 but later divorced.

Paul married Shelley after splitting up with Symeon’s mother.

To date, however, there is little or no information available about her.

Symeon’s late comedian father also dated Stacey J and Lotti Petti.

Prior to his death, the Sanford and Son writer was dating 10-time Grammy winner Chaka Khan.

Paul had a relationship with Karen, a theater actress, before dating Yvonne, and his first serious relationship was with Toni.

Symeon Mooney’s father died at the age of 79

At the age of 79, the Louisiana-born stand-up comedian died in his Oakland, California, home in May 2021. Paul died as a result of a heart attack.

Symeon’s father wrote jokes for several comedy shows, including Richard Pryor’s comedy album “Saturday Night Live.”

He also wrote scripts for television shows such as “Sanford and Son” and “In Living Color.”

He also appeared in films like “The Buddy Holly Story,” “Bamboozled,” and “Meet the Blacks.”

Symeon Mooney had four brothers and sisters

Mooney’s siblings include the famous Mooney twins, Daryl and Dwayne, as well as Shane and Spring.

Daryl and Dwayne, Symeon’s womb mates, are the sons of Symeon’s father and his previous wife, Toni.

They are both former actors who have transitioned into life and financial coaches.

Daryl, Dwayne’s 30-minute older brother, and Paul’s eldest child, has appeared in films such as Write It Black, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979), and Wishes (2014).

Dwayne’s filmography includes Reach Around Radio (2011), The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979), and Actors Entertainment (2009).

Shane, Symeon’s other brother, is the first child of Yvonne and Paul.

He is a writer who has contributed to magazines such as Penthouse, PC Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly.

Shane is said to live on the northern coast of California. Shane enjoys collecting sexual trivia in his spare time.

In addition to the names mentioned above, the late son of the late comic writer has a sister named Spring.

She appears to be the owner of One Moon Many Stars, a Starbucks brand ambassador, and the mother of three children.

Finally, his other half-sister, Lisa, was born as a result of Paul’s adolescent relationship with Karen.

Daryl and Dwayne, Symeon’s half-siblings, are well-known

Dwayne and Daryl Mooney are often referred to as the famous Mooney twins.

They are comedians, health educators, motivational speakers, and self-help advocates all rolled into one.

They offer comedic mentorship in holistic health, ideas for passive income, and FX market advice.

Dwayne Mooney, Paul Mooney’s son, has a twin brother, Daryl Mooney.

Dwayne and Daryl Mooney, Mooney’s half-brothers and twins, are comedians, health educators, motivational speakers, and self-help advocates.

For over 20 years, the twins have spoken in lecture halls across the country.

They’ve also done stand-up in a number of comedy clubs across the country.

They also coined the term Conscious Comedy to describe their unique sense of humor and sarcasm.

The Mooneys talk about natural health, self-esteem, cultural pride, and self-determination.

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Symeon Mooney Was Supposedly Shot By A Close Friend

Symeon, Yvonne, and Paul’s last child died in 2001.

He was only 20 years old when he was killed on October 20, 2001.

The shooter was allegedly one of the guys who used to hang out with Symeon.

He shot Paul’s youngest son at close range in a car parked in an alleyway in Los Angeles, writes the father of five in his book, Black is the New White.

Paul, who was in New York at the time, learned of his son’s death from a friend named Eric.

Back then, news organizations assumed Paul had died.

The killer later drove to Las Vegas, checked into a hotel, and committed suicide, according to the memoir. However, the reason for his murder of Symeon was never revealed.

Symeon was apparently killed by the street life.

Prior to his death, Symeon used to hang out in the streets with Ramone. Ramone was Paul’s cousin Raquel’s son.

In his autobiography, the father of five writes that Symeon and Ramone were a bad combination.

The two would frequently become entangled in street conflicts. Ramone was even imprisoned as a result of this.

Paul claims that Symeon’s death devastated his entire family.