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What Is There Inside The Life Of Nikohl Boosheri?

Nikohl Boosheri
  • Nikohl Boosheri is a Pakistani-Canadian actress.
  • Boosheri is known for her political and culturally relevant roles in films and television shows.
  • She was born in Pakistan on September 3, 1988, to Iranian parents.
  • According to some sources, her net worth will be greater than $500,000 in 2022.
  • She is currently dating Los Angeles-based musician Wild the Coyote.

Who is Nikohl Boosheri?

Nikohl Boosheri is a Pakistani-Canadian actress. Nikohl Boosheri is known for her political and culturally relevant roles in films and television shows. Boosheri is currently starring as Adena El-Amin in the Freeform comedy-drama series The Bold Type.

Nikohl Boosheri’s Childhood

Nikohl Boosheri was born in Pakistan on September 3, 1988, to Iranian parents.

The family relocated to Iran just a few days after her birth.

Nikohl’s parents then moved to Canada when she was only two months old.

Furthermore, Boosheri claims her mother is tolerant.

On December 11, 2015, the actress shared a young photo of her mother on Instagram.

Her family still resides in Canada, where Boosheri observes Norouz each year.

Nikohl is of Canadian nationality and comes from an Iranian and Pakistani family.


Nikohl grew up in Ontario before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, to pursue her acting career. She did, however, drop out of school later on.

Boosheri also shared her racist experience in primary school.

“In primary school, I was the only colored person, and I even experienced some racism,” she explained.

Nikohl later earned a bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.

Nikohl Has Several Tattoos

The Bold Type actress has several tattoos on her body, one of which is a crescent moon on her upper arm.

In addition, the actress has a small tattoo on her left forearm. Needless to say, Boosheri is a huge fan of tattoos.

Nikohl Boosheri’s Career

Nikohl began her acting career in an episode of Tower Prep in 2010 as an assistant in the 2011 film ‘Circumstance.’

She also appeared in several theatrical productions.

An agent scouted her while she was in the theater and offered her an audition for the 2011 film Circumstance.

In the film, she played Atafeh Hakimi, a young Iranian in love with her best friend Shireen (played by Sarah Kazemy).

The film is about homosexuality in modern Iran, and it was shot entirely in Lebanon.

It was also Nikohl’s first trip outside of North America. Her performance in a film earned her the Best Actress Award at the Noor Iranian Film Festival.

When she portrayed Adena El-Amin in the TV series The Bold Type, Boosheri became a household name among TV fans.

She has been a regular on the show since 2017, alongside Meghann Fahy and Aisha Dee.

Furthermore, in 2012, she portrayed Laura Kellog in Continuum.

Nikohl Boosheri
Nikohl Boosheri in one of her acting scenes. Source: youngentertainmentmag

Her other television credits include Seeds of Yesterday (2015) and Supergirl (2015).

Nicole Kidman is cited as a major influence. Boosheri looks up to actress Nicole Kidman as a role model in her acting career.

One of the reasons Boosheri aspired to be an actress was seeing Nicole in the musical romantic drama Moulin Rouge (2001).

At the age of 15, she told her mother about her desire to pursue an acting career.

How Much Money Does Nikohl Boosheri Have?

According to some sources, Nikohl Boosheri’s net worth will be greater than $500,000 in 2022.

Boosheri has amassed a sizable fortune through her acting career.

Nikohl Boosheri Is Dating: Who Is She With?

Nikohl Boosheri is currently dating Los Angeles-based musician Wild the Coyote.

It appears that the two have been dating since early to mid-2015.

The couple has posted several beautiful photos of themselves on social media.

They were also seen together at the Ant-Man and The Wasp premiere at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California on June 26th, 2018.

On April 4, 2020, the actress shared a sweet photo with her partner on Instagram with the caption “5 years with you.”

According to reports, the two are currently living together in Los Angeles.

Marriage plans are currently out of the question because the couple has yet to get engaged.

Know About:

Wild The Coyote, Who Is Nikohl’s Bf?

Wild the Coyote is a musician from the United States who has released several albums.

The Phantom & The Black Crow, the artist’s debut album, was released in 2017.

In addition, Coyote has a few subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel.