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What is there inside The Life of Jojo Tua

Jojo Tua
  • A well-known social media figure is Jojo Tua.
  • Tua also had an appearance in the short film “Street Ships.”
  • Tua portrayed Joey Jones, the main character, in the short film “Not Your Average Joe” a year later.

Who is Jojo Tua?

A well-known social media figure is Jojo Tua. In the television series Cold Case Files, Michael Dishon was portrayed by well-known American actor Jojo Tua.

Jojo Tua is how old?

On September 27, 2000, in Washington, USA, Jojo Tua was born.

He is 20 years old right now. He has Libra as his natal sign.

Delvin Tua is Jojo’s father, and Katie Kelly is his mother.

Mikey Tua, Jojo’s younger brother, is also a Tua.

He grew up in a loving and nurturing environment as a result.

His parents were incredibly caring and supportive of him.

In other words, he had a formative childhood that helped him grow into a gifted adult.

Jojo has not, however, provided any information regarding his educational background or the university he attends.

But considering his age, we may presume that Jojo is a recent high school graduate or a college student pursuing a bachelor’s degree unless he decides to forgo his studies and concentrate on her work.

More Facts About Jojo Tua

Full Name: Jojo Tua
Age: 20 years
Birthday: 27 Sep
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Libra
Marital status: In-relation
Net Worth: N/A
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Profession: American Actor, Singer, Dancer, Instagram Star, TikTok Star
Sibling: Mikey Tua
Father: Delvin Tua
Mother: Katie Kelly

What is the net worth of Jojo Tua?

His earnings and net worth are still being determined, to continue.

He might make money from his acting videos on Tiktok, YouTube, and other platforms as well as from brand endorsements, collaborations, and other revenue-generating ventures.

Is Jojo Tua connected to anyone?

About his relationship, Jojo is honest.

He is formally associated with Tatyana Porizek.

They consequently keep highlighting one another on their individual Instagram posts, express gratitude to one another, and show their love and care for one another.

However, they are enjoying their time together and are having a great time together.

Jojo Tua
Jojo Tua. Source: Biography Mask.

They even collaborate to create TikToks and like it.

On the other hand, there are no signs of difficulties or challenges in his relationship, which is progressing quite well.

It displays his unwavering attention to and commitment to his partnership.

On social media, he routinely posts pictures of the person he loves, displaying his intrinsic and unwavering affection for her.

What height is Jojo Tua?

Jojo stands at around 5 6 inches tall.

He has the ideal body weight for him.

He’s in excellent shape.

And he has abs.

Other than this, there is no information available regarding her other physical characteristics, including her clothing and shoe sizes.

Jojo has dark brown hair that she frequently colors blonde and shares the same features.

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Line of work for Jojo Tua

The American actor Jojo Tua is best known for playing Michael Dishon in the documentary series “Cold Case Files” on the A&E Network.

His performances in the short films “Street Ships,” “Please, Just Smile,” and “The Deserted” have also earned him recognition.

He has also gained a ton of social media fame as a member of the Instagram group “Slightly Above Average.”

As a young child, Tua became interested in acting and started to perform.

He started out in television advertisements for a living before moving on to roles in short films and TV dramas.

Tua has other skills outside acting; he can dance.

He has the ability to work as a model as well.

The gorgeous and charming young man is connected with his family personally.

His younger brother is a model, dancer, and actor.

In contrast, Jojo started his acting career in television advertisements.

He made an appearance in the 2015 film “Tinaj Sports Academy.”

He portrayed Joey Jones, the main character, in the short film “Not Your Average Joe” a year later.

Dennis Larkin wrote and directed the movie, which is about a father of three whose wife calls him a “cocksucker” as their marriage breaks down.

Uncertain of his sexual orientation, he goes to a homosexual bar to verify his identity with his wife.

Jojo portrayed Deni in the 2016 short film “If Kids Were Grown-Ups.”

The movie, which also starred Carson Goring, Ella Maio, Reilly Leibow, and Journi P. McGee, was written and directed by Victoria Goring.

He played Michael Dishon in the documentary series “Cold Case Files” on the A&E Network a year later.

He played Brodie in the drama movie “Try to Smile” in 2018 about an African-American woman who struggles with a generational curse and seeks therapy.

Mikey Tua, Tua’s brother, as well as Cameo Sherrell, Erica Denise Curry, Chuanda Mason, Sébastien Charmant, and Morgan Parsons all had appearances in the movie.

In the same year, Tua also had an appearance in the short film “Street Ships.”

The movie follows two next-door neighbors whose fantasies develop over time and then transform their cars into risky “Street Ships” when they become 16 years old.

Jojo is also a talented singer and dancer.

He is gifted in many different ways.

YouTube welcomed Jojo on July 16, 2014.

He has 3.21K subscribers on YouTube.

Four years ago, this channel last saw activity.

His total number of views exceeds 6000.

He has only added two videos to his channel as a result.

Over 2,000 people have watched the first video, Brian Hollywood Series Teaser, which was published on January 6, 2016.

The other, Back To School Lip Dub, was released on September 18, 2016, and it currently has over 3,000 views.