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What is the Net Worth of Scarface Rapper? House, Mansion, Cars, Earnings

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Who is Scarface Rapper?

Scarface Rapper was born Brad Terrence Jordan was born in Houston, Texas in November 1970. Scarface is a rapper and music producer from the United States. He is a member of the Geto Boys and grew up in Houston, Texas.

He grew up in the city’s South Acres (Crestmont Park) neighborhood. He began his career as Akshen, recording solo for Rap-A-Lot Records, a local label in Houston, Texas.

Scarface Rapper published We Can’t Be Stopped, a very successful LP that earned the Geto Boys a large fanbase despite their ultra-violent lyrics keeping them away from radio and MTV.

After seeing the film Scarface, Akshen changed his name to Scarface (and even changed his flow from a rapid-fire Kool G Rap-like delivery to a normal flow, this time with a darker tone), claiming that the main character was similar to him in many respects. Mr. Scarface Is Back, Scarface’s debut solo album, was released soon after.

The record was a success, and Scarface’s popularity quickly eclipsed that of the other Geto Boys.

What is the Net worth of Scarface Rapper?

Scarface Rapper has a net worth of $100,000.

Quick Facts About Scarface Rapper:

Net Worth $100,000
Date Of Birth November 9, 1970
Place Of Birth Houston, Texas
Height 1.75 m
Profession Rapper, music producer, author
Education Woodson Middle School
Nationality American
Record Labels Short Stop Records, Rap-a-Lot
Albums “Mr. Scarface is Back”, “The Diary”, “The Last of a Dying Breed”, “Grip it! On That Other Level” (1989), “Deeply Rooted” (2015), “Emeritus” (2008)
Music Groups “Ghetto Boys”
Nominations Soul Train Music Award for Best Rap – Album (1995)
Movies “Original Gangstas” (1996), “Idiocracy” (2006)

Scarface Rapper Mansion, House, and Car Collection

Scarface Rapper
Scarface Rapper gets a kidney from his son after covid. Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The rapper’s mansion and automobile collection are still unknown. We will keep you updated on those specifics in the space provided below. So, keep an eye on this website…

FAQ about Scarface Rapper:

Why did Scarface Rapper cancel his tour?

Despite Scarface’s 2022 tour schedule, which includes an appearance.

At the first Rock The Bells Festival on August 6.

And a few dates on The Farewell Tour, the 51-year-old says he’s ready to retire.

Scarface Rapper disclosed in 2020 that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

And required a kidney transplant as a result.

Why is Scarface Rapper bankrupt?

During his two decades of stardom.

The iconic Houston rapper has seen some adversity.

Scarface Rapper owed more than $123,000 in child support

In four distinct lawsuits in October of 2010.

The rapper, born Brad Terrence Jordan, was imprisoned.

For ten months as a result of the charges.

Is Scarface Rapper one of the greatest rappers of all time?

Scarface Rapper boasts one of the strongest discographies.

In rap history and one of the best in music.

It includes 3 agreed-upon classics: Mr. Scarface Is Back, The Diary, and The Fix.

As well as genre and legacy-defining albums.

Like The Untouchable & Emeritus in between.

What happened to Scarface Rapper’s money?

During his two decades of stardom.

The iconic Houston rapper has seen some adversity.

Scarface Rapper owed more than $123,000 in child support.

In four distinct lawsuits in October of 2010.

The rapper was born Brad Terrence Jordan.

He was imprisoned for ten months as a result of the charges.

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What makes Scarface Rapper a legend?

Scarface is the best rapper from the South.

And no one comes close to matching the level of rapping.

That he has achieved in his musical career.

Scarface Rapper is one of the best storytellers in hip-hop history.

And he has established his own blueprint for success.