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What is the detail about Chrissy Chambers? Parents, height, birthday?

Chrissy Chambers
  • Chrissy Chambers is an American actress, singer, and model.
  • Chambers made appearances in “Plus One” and “The Last House on the Left.”
  • Chambers filmed the lead part in +1 (2013), a significant feature film directed by Dennis Iliadis (The Last House on the Left (2009)).

Who is Chrissy Chambers?

Chrissy Chambers is an American actress, singer, and model. Along with her fiancée Bria Kam, Chrissy Chambers is a popular YouTuber recognized for their singing partnership “Bria and Chrissy.”

What is Chrissy Chambers’ age?

Chrissy The date of Emily Chambers’ birth is October 5, 1990.

She is from Clinton, Mississippi initially, but she relocated to Atlanta in 2008 to pursue an acting career.

She is 30 years old and a Libra by birth.

Shelley and Kimberly are the names of her other two sisters.

Chrissy has also worked for Cartoon Network in addition to her YouTube career.

She is a skilled horseback rider who has received significant instruction in Civil War weaponry and acrobatics.

She has been riding horses as a result for 19 years.

Additionally, she supports LGBT rights and spreads equality through her films.

More Facts About Chrissy Chambers

Full Name: Chrissy Chambers
Age: 30 years
Birthday: 05 Oct
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Libra
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: N/A
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Profession: YouTuber, Vlogger, Instagram Star, Singer, actress, model
Sibling: Two (sisters: Shelley and Kimberly)
Birthplace: Clinton, Mississippi
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Chrissy Chambers’ net worth is unknown

A well-known and rising social media sensation, Chrissy.

She has established a reputation and fame for herself via her talent and labor of love.

She’ll probably have a comfortable life thanks to her career.

Chrissy hasn’t revealed her net worth or other sources of income, though.

Who is the ex-boyfriend of Chrissy Chambers?

In January 2018, Chambers proposed to Bria Kam, and they wed in April of the same year.

They are quite close.

The pair enjoys their time together and is satisfied.

They were included in the 2014 edition of GO Magazine’s list of the “100 Women We Love.”

They were referred to be “YouTube’s most-watched lesbian couple” by the magazine.

controversy surrounding Chrissy Chambers

Chrissy gained notoriety after becoming the first British citizen to triumph in a lawsuit demanding damages for publishing personal pictures of herself online without her consent.

Additionally, in 2011, her British ex-boyfriend published some of their personal movies online without her consent.

According to recent UK rules, it is unlawful to post private sexual information without the other partner’s consent (enacted in 2015).

Chrissy Chambers
Chrissy Chambers with her Partner. Source: BBC.

However, Chambers was unable to immediately sue her ex-partner because this statute didn’t take effect until a few years after the films she placed online.

However, the YouTuber pursued the matter, and in 2017 a settlement was reached.

Finally, she received the videos’ copyright.

What is Chrissy Chambers’ height?

Chrissy is a beautiful and alluring lady.

She stands 5′ 7″ tall.

She also carries a typical weight of 55 kg.

There isn’t any more information on her physical measurements at this time.

However, she does have a lovely and thin body.

She also has stunning brown eyes and dark brown hair.

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Chrissy Chambers’ career trajectory

Chrissy Chambers possesses a variety of skills.

She sings and has performed in theater, advertising, television, and movies.

She appears in television advertisements for Proactiv Facewash and Flicks as the body wash model (Cartoon Network).

This summer, she filmed the lead part in +1 (2013), a significant feature film directed by Dennis Iliadis (The Last House on the Left (2009)).

Chrissy and her singer lover Bria Kam are collaborating on a musical/activist project right now.

She and her companion Bria started their YouTube channel, “BriaAndChrissy,” on August 1, 2012.

The duo started posting incredible covers, music videos, and vlogs on this channel after that.

The most watched videos on this channel include “Never Let Go- Bria and Chrissy,” “10 Worst Ways to Come Out,” “10 Things Lesbians Are Afraid Of,” and “BEST Super Bowl Commercial 2015.” (ft. Kaelyn and Lucy).

These videos, which have received millions of views, also have fascinating material regarding lesbian relationships.

Equally interesting to watch are the channel’s vlog videos, which include “11 Crazy YouTube Challenges,” “Our Guilty Pleasures,” “Best Birthday Surprise Reaction,” and “Making A Royal Guard Smile.”

On November 28, 2013, their second channel, called “Lesbian Love,” made its premiere.

It features vlogs of the couple’s daily activities.

Lesbian and homosexual couples will find special value in the videos on this channel, however, straight couples can also gain from the relationship guidance offered by the YouTuber.

Additionally, Chambers has made a few appearances in advertisements for other companies, such as Proactiv.

Additionally, she made appearances in “Plus One” and “The Last House on the Left.”