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What Is Olivia George Up To? Paul George’s Daughter

Olivia George
  • Olivia George is a celebrity child.
  • Olivia is the daughter of Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers and his fiancee, Daniela Rajic.
  • She was born on May 1, 2014, in a New York hospital.
  • While their relationship got off to a rocky start, Daniela and Paul eventually fell in love after the dancer relocated to New York.
  • Olivia, Paul and Rajic’s first child, may provide insight into what life is like inside the homes of wealthy athletes’ children.

Who is Olivia George?

Olivia George is a celebrity child. Olivia George is the daughter of Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers and his fiancee, Daniela Rajic. She is Rajic and George’s first child. Olivia, who was born in the mid-2010s, is now a celebrity kid with her own following, whether it’s through being featured on her parents’ social media or being a strong bond between her father and mother.

Olivia George’s Short Wiki

Olivia George was born on May 1, 2014, in a New York hospital.

Paul and Pauletta George, her paternal grandparents, were part of a long migration of African-American families to Antelope Valley.

They had relocated in the hopes of finding cheaper housing and a safer, less crowded lifestyle than in South Central Los Angeles.

Olivia George
Olivia George celebrating her birthday with her parents. theballerline

Olivia’s paternal grandfather worked as a carpenter for a rim company, and her grandmother was a housewife.

Olivia is half-Serbian on her mother’s side.

Daniela Rajic, Olivia George’s mother Was He A Stripper?

Daniela Rajic, Olivia’s mother, is from Middle Village, Queens, New York. Rajic went to the University of Miami to study.

She worked as a stripper in one of America’s most infamous strip joints, Tootsies (Gentleman’s Club Tootsie’s Cabaret) in Miami, Florida, while in college.

She allegedly did this to pay for her college tuition. George’s mother worked at Saks Fifth Avenue as a personal shopper and model.

Sarah Nasser, the wife of Los Angeles Clipper Patrick Patterson, is currently Paul George’s business partner. They co-own the NUDESWIM swimsuit line.

What brought Olivia George’s parents together?

Olivia’s parents, George and Daniela, first met in 2013 at a Miami strip club where the latter was an employee.

At the time, the former CSU player was dating Charlie Rivers, the daughter of LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers.

In any case, the then-stripper and George had an affair, and the former became pregnant.

George and Callie ended their relationship after George’s affair with Rajic became public.

Doc Rivers’ daughter married Philadelphia 76ers guard Seth Curry.

Did Paul George give Daniela Rajic money to have Olivia aborted?

In addition to the news of the affair and Rajic’s pregnancy with Olivia George, there were reports that George offered the University of Miami student $1 million to abort the resulting child.

According to the Serbian-American, Paul allegedly offered her one million dollars to end the pregnancy.

George, on the other hand, denied to the now-mother of his children that he ever talked her into throwing out their first child.

Olivia’s mother, Rajic, filed a paternity suit against the six-foot-eight-inch small forward shortly after learning of the pregnancy.

Daniela was indeed pregnant with Paul’s child, according to the test results.

After learning this, the basketball player from California filed for full custody of their daughter, Olivia.

Paul and Daniela eventually agreed to share joint legal and physical custody of their first child.

The news was passed on to the public by the former’s attorney.

Furthermore, he stated that the round-one draftee and the former Tootsies employee reached an agreement with full joint custody.

He also stated that the former All-Star forward would provide a sizable financial package for his daughter and her mother.

According to George’s lawyer, the couple intends to raise their daughter, Olivia, together.

The attorney eventually concluded that Paul had always intended to do the right thing and that being a father was exciting to him.

The court documents indicated that the settlements would be substantial.

Rajic was going to have equal parental rights over her daughter. The New Yorker then welcomed Olivia, her and George’s first child, on May 1, 2014.

Daniela relocated to New York after the custody battle and the birth of their daughter to allow Paul to be closer to his child.

People Were Unaware Of Olivia’s Younger Sister’s Birth

While their relationship got off to a rocky start, Daniela and Paul eventually fell in love after the dancer relocated to New York.

Many people assumed Rajic and Paul were only together to raise their daughter, Olivia.

They also speculated that the Los Angeles Clippers’ number 13 and his baby mama did not love each other.

The couple, on the other hand, put an end to the speculations when they announced the birth of their second daughter, Natasha, in late 2017.

George’s mother, Rajic, and the basketball player reportedly became close after Paul’s brunette partner moved to New York.

According to various reports, Daniela’s relocation provided an opportunity for her and Paul to work out their differences.

On November 1, 2017, they welcomed Olivia’s sister, Natasha George.

When Did Olivia George’s Parents Marry?

Paul George proposed to his girlfriend, Daniela Rajic, on November 6, 2020, after becoming a father of two.

In a seaside resort, the All-Star 2016 asked his partner to be his wife. George had strewn rose petals all over the place.

Following that, Rajic’s two daughters’ father shared a series of photos from the wedding.

He also posted a shot glass with the words “She said yes.” George also showed a video of a band performing for his newlywed and their group of friends.

The diamond ring appeared to be a 3-carat ring with a large round halo.

WP Diamonds CEO Andrew Brown estimated that the ring would have cost George between $50,000 and $55,000.

Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers mocked George Paul because Olivia’s mother used to be a stripper.

Her Younger Sibling

Rajic and George’s marriage became even more solid when they announced Olivia’s second sibling would arrive on June 24, 2021.

The already mother of two took to Instagram to show off her growing baby bump.

“Woobie Jr. loading,” she wrote in the caption.

Olivia’s parents welcomed their first son/third child four months later, in October 2021.

They gave him the name Vuk in Serbian. It comes from Slavic folklore and translates to “Wolf.”

“Vuk (pronounced in Serbian Cyrillic as yк) is a popular male Slavic name among Serbs, Croatians, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Montenegrins, and Slovenes.” In Serbian poetry, the name means “a symbol of fearlessness.”

Olivia’s Mother Is Now A Successful Businesswoman

As previously stated, George’s mother, Daniela Rajic, owns the Nude Swim swimwear line.

She co-founded the e-commerce site with Sarah Nasser (Patrick Patterson’s wife).

While their respective husbands, Paul and Patrick, were still playing for Oklahoma City, the Instagram model and Nasser launched their clothing line.

The sportsmen’s wives not only own the company but they also a model for their swimsuit products.

Rajic and Nasser are not only business partners but also good friends.

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Olivia George is frequently treated to lavish vacations. People occasionally see her on luxurious vacations with her parents and two siblings.

And this is clearly due to her father, George, who has recently dominated headlines for amassing massive sums of money.

The small forward/shooting guard is extremely wealthy, with a net worth of more than $100 million.

He has settled his family in a California home with a market value of more than $2 million.

What cannot be overlooked is the former Indiana Pacers’ recent contract with the Clippers, which will pay him $190 million.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, this began in late 2020 and will reportedly last until 2025.

Furthermore, some analysts believe the figure could reach $226 million. To put it into perspective, Olivia’s athlete-father earns up to $5000 per day.