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What happened to Candy Jane Tucker? Details about Jackass Star Steve’s Ex-Girlfriend

Candy Jane Tucker
  •  Tucker was born in New York City in 1985.
  • Candy Jane Tucker is a well-known actress.
  • Candy Tucker and Stephen Gilchrist Glover (commonly known as Steve-O) met in a New York City pub in late August 2002
  • She also has no presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Candy Jane Tucker is famous as the ex-girlfriend of MTV Jackass star Stephen Gilchrist Glover, better known as Steve-O. Steve-O is primarily famous for his life-threatening stunts on the MTV show Jackass which was widely popular in the early 200os.

Despite, his gnarly background Steve, the intrepid stuntman, and Tucker had quite a relationship.

Fans are always digging up the past of celebrities, and with the recent engagement of Steve-O, Candy is trending right now.

Candy Jane Tucker Biography

Candy Jane Tucker was born in New York City in 1985.

She is currently 36 years old. Candy is a very private person.

In reality, except for her relationship with Steve-O, the majority of her life is hidden from view.

Similarly, little is known about her family members and siblings.

Candy Jane Tucker made an appearance on Swedish television.

Candy Jane Tucker is a well-known actress.

Tucker appeared in a Swedish television show called High Chaparral, according to IMDb (2003-2008).

The comedy and documentary show debuted on Kanal 5 Network in 2003.

Candy played both herself and Steve-girlfriend o’s in the show.

Furthermore, the show featured prominent cast members such as Monica Lewinsky (as herself), Pamela Anderson (as herself), Philip Michael Thomas (as himself), and many others.

Candy’s lover, Steve-o, was a member of the show’s main cast.

The show also included interviews.

It was also co-hosted by Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingson, as well as directed by André Linschooten and Martin Presson.

Candy Steve-O and Jane Tucker met. She Was Only 18 Years Old

Candy Jane Tucker and Stephen Gilchrist Glover (commonly known as Steve-O) met in a New York City pub in late August 2002.

Candy was just 18 years old and had just from high school a few months before.

Candy Jane Tucker source ; global stardom

According to Steve-memoir, O’s Professional Idiot, “I walked onstage at a bar and showed off my then freshly-inked back tattoo.

” Candy then approached me and asked if I wanted to smoke a joint with her.

She knows how to go to my heart.”

Candy, the young girl, fascinated Steve-O right away.

Tucker was unlike any other female he had met before, and he thought she was really lovely and attractive.

They immediately exchanged phone numbers and began conversing nonstop.

They began spending a lot of time together after that.

Candy would spend all of her time with Stephen at Dunlap and Berk’s (their common friend’s) apartment in New York City.

She’d frequently accompany him on his trips, and when she couldn’t, they’d talk on the phone every day.

They were sincerely in love, and their feelings were only growing stronger.

Candy began doing drugs with Steve-O.

‘Candy was naïve yet open and hungry for new experiences,’ Steve-O reflected in his memoir.

He meant open for drugs because that’s what they did together.

I was not the most responsible tour leader.

She was with me for the majority of the five days I was holed up at the Ramada on Lexington Avenue in New York, smoking PCP, in December of that year.

Candy and I were having such a bad time that on the fifth day, we threw the remaining PCP out the hotel window.

Despite my negative encounters with ketamine, I never threw any away.

Because of their addictive tendencies, the pair slipped into quite destructive habits together.

Candy Jane Tucker Traveled to Sweden to See Her Imprisoned Boyfriend, Steve-O Jackass star, Steve-O was arrested and imprisoned by Swedish authorities on charges of narcotics smuggling and illicit drug possession.

Police stormed his hotel room in Stockholm after he informed the Swedish press that he swallowed marijuana and hash in a condom to sneak it from Oslo to Stockholm on his ‘Don’t Try This At Home Tour.’

According to MTV, he was arrested and X-rayed on Thursday (May 22), and police claimed to have discovered a “foreign item” in his body.

Candy was still Steve-girlfriend O’s at the time of the jailbreak.

Tucker was a member of his touring band, and they met shortly after he was released from jail.

Candy’s ex-boyfriend, Stephen Glover, has decided to stop using cocaine after doing time in prison.

Glover realized his cocaine addiction was out of control.

A few days in jail had a dramatic effect on him, and he longed for Candy. Steve-O recalls in his memoir about the time:

I understood how stupid it was to let coke run my life the way I did as I sat in that cell, missing Candy and thinking about how much I loved her.

Candy Jane Tucker with stave -source; tuko

I knew it would make Candy very happy if I stopped doing it, so when we were alone, I informed her I was quitting coke.

Steve-O was pleased with the jail scandal.

The entire world had its gaze fixed on him.

And because the relationship was going well, the couple began living together as well.

Candy’s relationship was ruined by Steve-guilt O’s and insecurity. Tucker, Jane

The couple shared an apartment in California.

As MTV picked up the Wildboyz show, their lives were filled with tours and vacations.

However, things began to deteriorate after Candy relocated to California.

Steve-O thought she’d caught the fame bug and aspired to be a celebrity herself.

The Wildboyz star grumbled about it in his memoir:

I suppose she began to regard me as an embarrassment, as someone who was holding her back.

I got the impression she thought she could outperform me.

There’s a chance I was just paranoid, and those thoughts were as much a projection of my feeling like I wasn’t good enough for Candy as anything else, but even if it was just my perception, it swiftly poisoned the waters between us.

Steve-O believed he was a negative influence on her.

As a result, they began to argue frequently.

Steve-O became inebriated and thrashed her apartment.

According to reports, Steve-O became aggressively drunk and smashed various items in the apartment he shared with Candy.

They even damaged a few windows, bashed in walls, and wrecked some equipment in the room with his pal Tommy Caudill and his buddy Ty.

Candy’s boyfriend declared the breakup was covered in piss.

Steve returned home after a night of devastation and pillaging, having kicked a hole in the flat door, passed out on the sofa, and pissed all over himself.

That was it, he told Candy the next morning. He then got in a cab and went to the airport.

He traveled to Florida to see his mother, who was hospitalized at the time.

Candy was evicted from their flat after her relationship with Steve-O ended.

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What happened to Candy Jane Tucker?

Candy Jane Tucker Since her divorce from Steve-O, Jane Tucker has vanished from the face of the world.

It’s just another case of not-so-popular exes of famous people.

She also has no presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Steve-O has been clean for 13 years and is blissfully engaged to stylist Lux Wright.