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What Caused the Death of Leyah Amore Harris? Pregnancy of Her Mother

Leyah Amore Harris
  • Leyah Amore Harris is a celebrity child.
  • Leyah is known as the stillborn child of Cottle, a singer-songwriter, and rapper T.I.
  • Leyah’s family planned a beautiful funeral service for their late baby girl.
  • T.I. and Cottle became parents for the first time in August 2004.

Who is Leyah Amore Harris?

Leyah Amore Harris is a celebrity child. Leyah Amore Harris is known as the stillborn child of Cottle, a singer-songwriter, and rapper T.I. Despite the fact that Leyah died over a decade ago, the cause of her death has remained a mystery.

Leyah Amore Harris Was Stillborn—What Caused Her Death?

T.I. and Cottle became parents for the first time in August 2004, when their son Clifford “King” Harris III was born.

After three years, the couple revealed that they were expecting their second child, a girl. Sadly, the pregnancy ended in tragedy.

The singer opened up about her pregnancy struggles in an exclusive interview with Essence Magazine.

She claimed that the sac that held her baby girl was split in two and that they hadn’t been reunited since the girl growing inside her reached the 16-week mark.

The baby was “positioned in the middle of those two sacs,” according to the Grammy Award-winning artist.

Doctors also warned her that the fetus “could become entangled in her umbilical cord.”

Despite the doctor’s repeated warnings, Cottle never considered losing the baby.

Six months after giving birth, Cottle went to see a specialist, which resulted in a devastating outcome.

She stated,

“When I went to see the specialist, they discovered there was no heartbeat.”

After the baby died, the bereaved mother was unable to leave the hospital without the baby girl.

According to the singer,

“I named her Lelah Amore when she was six months old.” I keep her belongings close by, including pictures and roses from her burial. It was extremely deep. I’m in the hospital to have a baby and deliver it, but I’m going home empty-handed. I kept Lelah in the room with me the entire day after she was born. They placed her in the small basket, and we dressed her and wrapped a blanket around her. They came to get her because her body had become cold, and I wanted her back, so they warmed her up and I kept her. People may think I’m insane, but I just needed to be with her.”

Funeral Service for Leyah Amore Harris

Leyah Amore Harris’s family planned a beautiful funeral service for their late baby girl. Their family members and a few others were present.

Furthermore, Cottle admitted that she only visits the graveyard on “holidays and special days” because it is “too sad.”

How Has Leyah’s Death Impacted Her Parents’ Relationship?

Cottle was “very upset and depressed for a while” after losing the child so young.

The tragedy, on the other hand, brought Leyah’s parents closer together and led to their second engagement. Cottle elaborated,

“It definitely brought us closer together.” I kept a lot of people around me to keep my mind off of it and make me feel less sad.”

T.I. and Cottle’s Relationship And Their Children T.I. and Cottle began dating in 2001.

Leyah Amore Harris
Leyah Amore Harris with her father. Source: pinterest

They dated for about nine years before getting married on July 30, 2010. Their wedding took place in Miami Beach, Florida.

Despite having been boyfriend and girlfriend for over a decade, they couldn’t do the same as a married couple.

Tiny filed for divorce from her husband T.I in late 2016, after about six years of marriage.

According to a source, the couple is currently working on a reconciliation.

When it comes to their children, they have a total of seven. In 2004, they had their first child, a son named King.

They became parents for the second time in May 2008, when their son Major was born.

In addition, their daughter, Heiress Harris, was born in March 2016. T.I. and Tiny actually announced their pregnancy on Christmas Day of 2015.

T.I also has three children from previous relationships, including two sons, Messiah and Domani, with his ex-girlfriend Lashon Thompson and a daughter, Deyjah, with rapper Ms. Niko.

Cottle also has a daughter, Zonnique, with her ex-boyfriend, Zonnie “Zeboe” Pullins.

Unfortunately, the family suffered another devastating loss when T.I’s older sister Precious Harris was killed in a car accident.

She was 66 years old when she died.

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More About Leyah Amore’s Mother

Cottle is a singer and songwriter who was born and raised in College Park, Georgia.

She rose to prominence as a key member of the R&B vocal group Xscape.

She contributed to the band’s three platinum albums, including HumminComin’ at ‘Cha, Traces of My Lipstick, and Off the Hook.

The artist was also nominated for a Grammy for writing the hit TLC single “No Scrubs.”