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Who is Violet Krasinski? Know Everything about her

Violet Krasinski
  • Violet Krasinski is the littlest among the two daughters of actor couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.
  • She was born in June 2016.
  • Violet is mostly Polish and a bit Irish.
  • Violet has a British accent.

Violet Krasinski is the youngest of two daughters born to actor John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

The former is well known for her role as Jim Halpert in the NBC sitcom The Office, while the latter is known for her appearances in films such as The Devil Wears Prada, Edge of Tomorrow, A Quiet Place, and others.

While Blunt and Krasinski are open about their feelings for each other, the stars are more reserved when it comes to divulging details about their daughters, Hazel and Violet.

The Hollywood couple takes great care to keep their children out of the spotlight.

John never posts about his daughters on social media (and Emily doesn’t have any! ), and the girls have never joined their dad on red carpets or other events. They don’t have any boys.

Celebrity parents, on the other hand, frequently remark about how much their daughters mean to them and give a glimpse of how they are growing up. And what they’ve shared thus far is both endearing and entertaining.

Continue reading to find out what John and Emily have revealed about their daughters, particularly Violet Krasinski.

Violet Krasinski was born on what date?

Violet Krasinski, Krasinski and Blunt’s second child, was born in June 2016.

Her birth, however, was not widely publicized until a few weeks later, on July 4.

Her actor father, John Krasinski, tweeted the great news, saying, “What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July… than to welcome our fourth family member!!!” Violet, our beautiful baby, was born two weeks ago. #Happy4th”

Why Aren’t There More Photos of Violet Krasinski?

Krasinski once claimed on Twitter that images of children should only come from their parents.

This he proclaimed when he announced the birth of his first daughter.

“Pictures of children should only come from their parents.” So I’m overjoyed to introduce you to Hazel!!!”

Krasinski wrote three months after the birth of his first daughter, Hazel, in 2014, accompanied by the first official photo of his baby girl.

Both actors-parents have generally avoided posting images of their children on social media since then.

And it’s the main reason why Hazel and her sister, Violet, haven’t been seen much.

The Meaning of Her Name

During an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Blunt explained that the character of her kids’ names stems from her family’s habit of selecting “old lady names.”

Emily also mentioned to Violet that she had forgotten she was pregnant because she had become the most self-indulgent during her first pregnancy.

During the birth of their second child, Blunt and Krasinski also told TODAY that they had become pregnancy experts by the time Violet arrived. And they thanked their first daughter for it.

Blunt’s pregnancy with Violet coincided with the filming of The Girl on the Train, in which she starred in April 2016.

Violet Krasinski Has One Sibling

Violet’s older sibling. On February 16, 2014, John and his wife’s first child, Hazel, was born.

Even in the case of Hazel, Blunt and her spouse announced her presence three months after she was born.

Violet Krasinski
Violet Krasinski with her sister, mom, and dad – Sources; Daily Mail

Violet was born two years later after they had their first child. As a result, contrary to popular belief, the girls are not twins.

Violet Krasinki’s Nationality

Violet’s paternal ancestors are largely Polish, with a touch of Irish thrown in for good measure. Emily is English on her mother’s side, with distant Scottish and Welsh ancestors.

Violet’s maternal family lives near Richmond Park in the United Kingdom. In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic 2020, she and her sister, Hazel, attended in-person school in London.

Violet Krasinski, John Krasinski’s daughter, is deaf

The curiosity and wonder originated from the fact that John plays the father of actress Millicent Simmonds’ character, Regan, in the 2018 smash thriller film, A Quiet Place.

Simmonds is deaf in real life as well; she lost her hearing before the age of 12 months owing to a pharmaceutical overdose.

She is not, however, Krasinski’s genuine daughter, nor do his real daughters have any form of speech impairment.

Violet Speaks With a British Accent

While Violet and her sister Hazel have both American and British parents, the girls have adopted their mother’s accent. This is most likely due to the fact that Violet and her sister spent their formative years in England with their entire family.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in December 2020, Blunt revealed that her daughters have gained British accents as a result of it.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the Sicario actress revealed that her girls had begun to sound fairly British, particularly her youngest, Violet, who she said had truly embraced her new accent. Blunt noted that her second daughter once sang to her in a Cockney accent.

Violet, John and Emily’s daughter, once lost her accent

Blunt once stated that one of her daughters was developing an American accent, which irritated her. It was, however, her eldest daughter, Hazel.

“For a long time, Hazel had my accent and would say things like ‘water’ [in a British tone], which I was really proud of.” Then one day she says, ‘Can I have some water?’ in a whiny American accent. ‘Nooo!’ I exclaimed.

On The Tonight Show, Mrs. Krasinski told Jimmy Fallon.

Violet Krasinski and her parents

Violet’s parents are among the most popular celebrity parents. They began dating in 2008 and married in July 2010 at George Clooney’s house near Lake Como, Italy.

The couple has long been regarded as one of the most popular couples in Hollywood. The parents of the two daughters have handled any unwanted news with grace.

Violet Krasinski
Violet Krasinski with her family – Sources; Celeb Critics

Violet’s father, John, was friends with his Office co-star, Jenna Fischer, although he never dated her.

Krasinski and Fischer both went on to have multiple partnerships at the same time. Fischer is now married to actor Lee Kirk, whom she met in 2008, while Krasinski met Blunt through a mutual acquaintance around the same time.

Violet Krasinski’s parents do not want her or her sister to pursue careers as actors

John and Emily have stated unequivocally that they do not want Hazel and Violet to be aware of their celebrity. The couple has stated numerous times that they wish to keep their popularity hidden from their daughters.

It appears that the British-American parents two do not use the word “famous” in their home, especially when Violet and Hazel are there.

Blunt stated why she doesn’t want her two girls to know mom and dad John Krasinski are famous in a recent interview with the Sunday Times in May 2021.

“I don’t want my kids to feel any more significant or exceptional than other kids,” she said. “I’d be delighted if they could remain unaware for the longest period of time.” They don’t even want to see what I’m capable of.”

opined the London-born actress When asked if she and John’s children would ever be able to see their children on the big screen, Blunt replied, “I hope so.”God, no!” Please, God, keep them away from the stage.”

When asked about her daughters’ chances of breaking into the film industry, Blunt responded, “If they can remain oblivious for the longest period, I’d be pleased.”

Violet and her sister, on the other hand, appear to have had no idea their parents were renowned when they were toddlers. Emily claims that her daughters frequently refuse to see what their mother does.

Violet and her sister are also said to dislike it when Blunt puts on makeup. Despite this, Emily revealed that her first daughter, Hazel, is aware of her parents’ public position.

Violet and her sister, Hazel, are being raised by John and Emily

While Violet’s parents are doing everything they can to keep her and her sister away from Hollywood, their mother has said that she is training her daughters to be kind.

It was previously claimed that Blunt and her husband were attempting to teach their girls sensitivity. In an interview, the British actress stated that she fosters empathy in her children, as well as the act of embracing differences and not being afraid of them or ridiculing people for them.

She also mentioned how she was talking to her daughters about making mistakes and learning from them.

Violet Krasinski and Hazel created charity T-shirts

During the COVID-19 pandemic, John and Emily’s daughters, Hazel and Violet, chose to conduct some community service.

On his Some Good News YouTube show, Krasinski revealed to chef Guy Fieri that his two daughters designed a t-shirt with proceeds going to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

The Krasinski-Blunt family did this to assist collect funds for employees in the restaurant business, which suffered greatly during the 2020 epidemic.

The famous kids designed t-shirts and tote bags, with all revenues benefiting Guy Fieri’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund project (RERF).

Violet was mentioned on Saturday Night Live

Krasinski, Violet’s father, brought his girls’ names to SNL in January 2021. According to reports, The Office star John Krasinski is always thinking about his girls, even when he is presenting the hugely popular American show Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Krasinski, who will make his SNL debut in early 2021, gave a particular mention to his children, Hazel and Violet.

During his first appearance on ‘SNL,’ John performed a ‘The Office’ related monologue as well as a number of sketches, including one in which he wrote lyrics for the ‘The Office’ theme song.

During his concluding remarks, the father of two wore a special shirt in honor of his children, while thanking musical guest Machine Gun Kelly and the cast.

The initials of his daughters Hazel and Violet were sewn on his farewell costume by the Jack Ryan actor and director.

Krasinski finished the show wearing a black crew neck sweater with the words “H + V” written in white letters.

Violet Krasinski was dissatisfied with her mother’s role in this film

Violet evidently didn’t think her mother’s portrayal of Mary Poppins in the Disney film Mary Poppins Returns was all that spectacular.

In fact, she turned out to be the only one in her family who did not want to see it.

Blunt revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in January 2020 that when John asked Violet whether she wanted to watch a movie, her first response was Mary Poppins.

Her daughter number two, on the other hand, preferred to see Julie Andrews rather than her mother.

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Violet Enjoys Music as well

Although Violet and Hazel are still young, their father, John, has indicated that the former is already interested in music.

During a February 2018 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Boston-born actor recalled the day Violet began singing in an extraordinarily low octave.

Father Krasinski explained what had happened, saying, “All of a sudden, Violet says, ‘Yeah, baby.'” That profound! ‘Emily, first and foremost, has she heard the music before?’ I asked. First and foremost, what was it?’ “And she says, ‘I have no idea.'”