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Victoria Granucci- Bio:

Victoria Granucci
  • Victoria Granucci is the ex-wife of John Mellencamp, an American musician.
  • Victoria excelled in school as a child and even completed her official education before turning into a model.
  • He apparently had many relationships while still married to Victoria.
  • His second marriage occurred with Victoria.

Victoria Granucci is the ex-wife of John Mellencamp, an American musician.  Although she has featured as an extra in a few movies and music videos, she is best known for her marriage to her former singer-husband.

Furthermore, they have children from their relationship.

So, in this section, we’ll look at Victoria Granucci’s life before and after her marriage.

Join us to learn about her parents, work, lifestyle, and much more.

Wikimedia Commons has a page dedicated to Victoria Granucci’s childhood

Victoria Granucci was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on November 26, 1958, to white American parents.

Despite her parents’ lack of industry ties, Victoria was enthralled by movies and music from a young age and dreamed to be an actress.

Victoria excelled in school as a child and even completed her official education before turning into a model.

Height and age

Victoria will be 63 years old in 2020.

Similarly, she is 5 feet 7 inches tall, or 170 cm.

Granucci, Victoria Career: Has appeared as an extra in films

Victoria began modeling directly after high school as an acting hopeful.

She eventually moved on to work behind the camera in various films and television shows.

She worked as a crew worker in movies and also appeared as an extra in several of them.

Victoria Granucci
Victoria Granucci Source: BBC

Her uncredited parts include Happy Days, Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels, Chips & Love Boat, and Grease.

Granucci retired from filmmaking in 2020.

She is currently enjoying spending time with her family and grandchildren.

She was married to John Mellencamp, an American singer

Victoria married John Mellencamp, an American musician, and vocalist.

They married in 1981 but divorced in 1989 after only 8 years of marriage.

While they are no longer together, their chemistry as a pair appeared to be quite intriguing at the time.

In truth, Victoria’s ex-husband had scheduled their first encounter after seeing a photo of her in a friend’s house.

John practically convinced his friend to arrange a meeting with Victoria, after which they met at their friend’s house and married.

What Caused Their Divorce?

Victoria allegedly divorced John due to his ongoing adultery even during their marriage.

He apparently had many relationships while still married to Victoria.

Victoria, did you have children with her ex-husband John Mellencamp?

She and John had two children.

Their first daughter, Teddi Jo Mellencamp, was born on July 1, 1981, and their second daughter, Justice Mellencamp, was born in 1985.

Did Victoria remarry after her divorce?

Granucci apparently never married again following her divorce.

According to rumors, she is leading a solitary life away from the flash and glamour.

Her husband is a married man.

John Granucci, Thrice Granucci’s ex-husband, married thrice.

From 1970 to 1981, he was married to Priscilla Esterline.

They also had a daughter from their relationship, Michelle Mellencamp, who was born on December 4, 1970.

His second marriage occurred with Victoria.

They married the same year that John divorced Priscilla. In 1989, they divorced.

Almost three years after his divorce from Victoria, John married for the third time to American model Elaine Irwin.

He was unable to preserve his marriage once more and divorced in 2011.

He had two children with Elaine, Speck Mellencamp (b.1995) and Hud Mellencamp (b.1995) (b.1994).

Victoria Granucci Is a Lovely Grandmother Teddi Jo Mellencamp and Justice Mellencamp are Victoria’s two daughters.

The amazing part is that both of her daughters are already mothers, making Victoria a grandma.

Cruz Arroyave, Slate Arroyave, and Dove Mellencamp Arroyave are her three grandkids via her daughter Teddi.

She, like any other grandparent, is very attached to her grandchildren.

Similarly, her second daughter Justice is married with three children: Trent, DoDo, and Woods Mellencamp Moore.

She describes having grandchildren as one of the nicest feelings.

When asked about it in one of the interviews, she stated,

concentrating on being a grandmother My daughters have amazing children who have given me a whole new perspective on life.

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How Much Money Is Victoria Granucci Worth?

Granucci has amassed a large fortune from her profession as the ex-wife of a famous singer.

He also included a sizable sum from her divorce settlement.

Her net worth in 2021 is estimated to be approximately $1 million.

Her ex-husband, John Mellencamp, is worth more than $30 million.