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Unknown Facts About American Rapper Lil Skies

Lil Skies
  • Lil Skies is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.
  • Lil made his debut with the mixtape Life of a Dark Rose.
  • Skies was born on August 4, 1998, in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Lil has already released two albums and four mixtapes.
  • He is estimated to have a net worth of around $3 million.

Who is Lil Skies?

Lil Skies is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Lil Skies made his debut with the mixtape Life of a Dark Rose. Not only that, but several of his albums and singles have charted on the Billboard Hot 100, including I, Nowadays, and Red Roses.

Lil Skies, Biography, Age, and Childhood

Lil Skies was born on August 4, 1998, in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Michael Burton Jr. is his father, and Shelby Foose is his mother.

Skies grew up in his hometown as a child, but by third grade, his family had relocated to Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

Kimetrius Foose, his younger brother, also exists. He, too, is a rapper who goes by the stage name Heartbreak Kid.

He lived with his family until he graduated from high school. Later, he relocated to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, and enrolled at Shippensburg University.

However, he dropped out of university to pursue a music career after gaining a sizable following on YouTube and Spotify.

His Father Dreamed of Becoming A Rapper

While Lil has already become one of the most successful rappers, his father was the driving force behind his career.

His father Michael, like him, aspired to be a rapper and even performed in small gigs and stage shows.

Skies’ stage name is also influenced by his father’s stage name, Dark Skies. Unfortunately, he did not succeed as a rapper.

To make ends meet, he worked part-time jobs while also pursuing his passion.

Michael was injured in a chemical explosion at the Rust-Oleum plant near Williamsport, Maryland, when Lil was about 11 years old.

At the age of three, Lil Skies was into rapping

Lil Skies
Lil Skies giving a stage performance. Source: complex

Though Lil Wayne rose to fame as a rapper around the age of 18, he began rapping at the age of three. Needless to say, he developed an interest in music primarily because of his father.

After years of pursuing his passion for music, he finally released his debut single Red Roses in 2017.

He also released two other singles that year, Lust and Nowadays. While Lust was only moderately successful, Red Roses and Nowadays catapulted him to stardom, even reaching the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The following year, in 2018, he released a number of singles, the most successful of which were I Know You, Creeping, and World Rage.

His next big hit, I, was released in 2019. The song peaked at number 39 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

He released over 7 singles in 2020, including Havin’ My Way, on which he collaborated with Lil Durk. He has released over 40 singles over the course of his career.

Albums and mixtapes

Lil has already released two albums and four mixtapes.

Shelby, his first studio album, was released on March 1, 2019. Unbothered, his second studio album, was released on January 22, 2021.

He released Good Grades Bad Habits in 2015, Good Grades Bad Habits 2 in 2016, Alone in 2017, and Life of a Dark Rose in 2018.

All of his mixtapes were critically and commercially successful.

Videos of Music

Skies have appeared in numerous music videos as a rapper. His first music video, Live 4 the Moment, was released in 2013.

Following this, he appeared in Signs of Jealousy, Red Roses, I Know You, Name In The Sand, Havin My Way, Dead Broke, and a number of other films.

Lil Skies’s Girlfriend: She Has A Son With Him

Lil, aka Kimetrius Foose, is currently in a relationship.

Jacey Fugate is his long-term girlfriend. According to reports, the couple has been together since 2018 and has a wonderful relationship.

Though Lil kept his love life mostly private, the news of his pregnant girlfriend shocked everyone. During a live session with REAL 92.3 LA, he announced the news.

On July 30, 2019, his girlfriend Jacey gave birth to their child. Kimetrius Jr. is the name given by the couple to their son.

Needless to say, they get along well with their child. Jacey frequently shares photos of her son with Lil on social media, and the two look adorable together.

On Kimetrius Jr.’s first birthday, the family shared their joy on social media. Jacey even posted several photos of her child on Instagram wishing him a happy birthday.

Is he tying the knot?

Lil has been dating his girlfriend Jacey for a while now, but he has not stated any plans to marry her.

He does not appear to be getting married anytime soon. However, we hope to see Skies’ wife, who could be his partner Jacey, in the near future.

Foose is opposed to drugs

When it comes to the rapper community, drugs are fairly common.

Or, at the very least, we see a number of rappers arrested or killed as a result of drug abuse. However, things appear to be very different in the case of Foose.

He has stated on numerous occasions that he makes every effort to avoid drugs.

He has also stated that he has seen friends who have been completely ruined as a result of these events.

Lil Skies Merchandise: He Is A Businessman

For those who are unaware, he is not only a singer but also a businessman. He even has a merchandise collection that he sells online.

He sells a variety of clothing, including t-shirts, trousers, socks, caps, and a variety of other accessories, through his online store,

Just so you know, his online business is also successful.

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What Is Lil Skies’s Net Worth?

Lil Skies is estimated to have a net worth of around $3 million. His fortune is likely to grow in the future.

As a result, he has multiple sources of income.