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Trey Jason Kidd

Trey Jason Kidd

Trey Jason Kidd

Trey Jason Kidd, often known as Jason Kidd, is a well-known figure who frequently appeared on television in the early 2000s. Trey Jason Kidd did not play basketball, he is widely known to those who used to watch the NBA.

Kidd is the son of Jason Kidd, a former American professional basketball player who is frequently regarded as one of the game’s most important point guards.

In recent years, star kids have generally been unpopular with the public and are not as popular as they once were.

TJ Kidd, however, grew up with a lot of love and support from the followers of his father.

Despite their affluence, the star kids are constantly under intense pressure to demonstrate that they are capable of supporting themselves without their parents.

His mother, Joumana Samaha, is a well-known journalist, actor, and television personality.

TJ Kidd, who is currently in his early 20s, is still deciding who he wants to be in the future.

He is currently working in a variety of fields, some of which are briefly discussed in the article below.

But first, let’s take a look at some short Kidd facts before we go into further detail.

More Facts About Trey Jason Kidd

Full Name Trey Jason Kidd
Known as TJ Kidd
Age 23 years old
Date of Birth October 12, 1998
Birthplace United States
Zodiac sign Cancer
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Mother’s name Joumana Marie Samaha
Father’s name Jason Kidd
Siblings Jazelle Kidd, Miah Kidd
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Wife None
Children None
Education  Bergen Catholic High School (New Jersey, United States)
Height  1.87 m (6 feet 2 inches)
Weight 200 lb (91 kg)
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Basketball coach, Student, Blogger, Podcast host
Popular as Jason Kidd’s son
Marital Status Unmarried
Ethnicity Mixed (African American)
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Jason Kidd’s Merch Signed jersey, Rookie Card, Paperback
Last Update August 2022

Trey Early Years & Family of Jason Kidd

Trey TJ Kidd, sometimes known as Jason Kidd, was born in the US on October 12, 1998.

He was Jason Kidd and Joumana Marie Samaha’s oldest child.

His twin sisters Jazelle and Miah were also born to his parents after TJ.

Trey-Jason-Kidd with family. Source: MPMUS

Despite being from Arizona State, Kidd never spent his youth living in a single town.

Due to transfers, his father was required to frequently move, and he moved with his mother.

TJ can not remember much about his time in Arizona, but he does remember that he developed a passion for basketball as a young child.

Kidd frequently went to the court to watch his mother and father watch NBA games.

He began attending an elementary school in Oradell, Bergen County after his father relocated there in 2001.

During his time in New Jersey, he gradually came to realize how much he loved basketball.

He used to frequent the games at the time and frequently appeared on television with his father at press conferences.

He also regularly followed NBA news updates at the time, and talking basketball with his schoolmates was one of his fondest childhood memories.

He still recalls the instances when senior lads selected him for the school squad despite his subpar basketball skills just because they knew he was an NBA player’s kid.

But he later excelled while playing high school basketball at Bergen Catholic High School.

Although he mostly played as a forward, he occasionally performed point guard duties.

Domestic abuse cases and divorce involving TJ’s father

Even though TJ’s father first showed his mother kindness and affection, their relationship frequently soured.

Up to the late 1990s, there were a few minor instances of assaults and altercations between them.

Joumana, however, was unable to put up with Jason’s brutality and reported him for hitting her in 2001.

As a result, Jason was detained and eventually found to have abused his wife.

Even though TJ’s father attended counseling sessions and took anger management classes, nothing changed.

However, at first, everyone thought they had made up and were content with their lives.

Nevertheless, Jason Kidd filed for divorce in 2007, citing Joumana’s alleged threat to file a fraudulent domestic abuse lawsuit as justification.

In response, Joumana also requested a divorce and accused her of various serious domestic crimes.

Naturally, TJ and his smaller sisters were affected by the regular fights.

Even today, he admits in interviews that he was severely traumatized by his parents’ arguments and that it had a significant impact on him.

TJ resided in Los Angeles, California, with his mother and sisters after their divorce was finalized.

However, Jason Kidd paid for his children’s upbringing and frequently visited them whenever he had free time.

In 2011, Kidd wed Porschla Coleman, a different woman. From a later marriage, he has three more children.

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Trey Career of Jason Kidd

Trey is still a young adult who only recently transitioned out of his teens.

His most recent interviews have led us to believe that he is currently a college student in Los Angeles, California.

Surprisingly, TJ has a hectic schedule outside of school, which is unusual for someone his age.

When he first entered college, he immediately began coaching high school students.

He had previously served as the varsity team’s assistant coach at Beverly Hills High School in California.

After that, he was appointed head coach of the basketball team for the high school at the same institution.

But after working as a coach for almost two years, he quit.

He also engages in a variety of other activities, such as blogging and producing podcasts.

On, you can read what he has to say.

Similar to this, you can see him discuss NBA happenings on the 360 Degree Podcast YouTube account.

Wealthy Trey There is no information available regarding Jason Kidd’s net worth or sources of income at the moment.

Although he is still developing his career, it is clear from his manner of life that he makes enough money to lead a respectable life.

But his parents are both extremely wealthy. Jason Kidd, his father, amassed a net worth of over $70 million as a result of his lucrative NBA career.

Similar to that, some websites on the Internet claim that his mother is also quite wealthy.

Trey Joumana, Jason Kidd’s mother

Joumana, TJ’s mother, was born in Foster City, California, on September 28, 1972.

She attended high school in Foster City before relocating to San Francisco to pursue her post-secondary education.

She eventually earned a Bachelor of Communications from San Francisco State University and started working as a writer.

But a short while after, she married Jason Kidd, the man who is the father of TJ.

After having children, she stopped working but returned to the workforce, this time as a television host for the program Extra.

That was the last time she looked back.

She did a great job presiding over the Grammy and Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies.

In 2010, Joumana participated in the VH1 reality series Let’s Talk About Pep.

She did not get married after her split from Kidd, and there is no information on her current mate.

She is probably not married.

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Regarding his physical characteristics, Kidd is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 200 lbs (91 kg).

He also has black hair and dark brown eyes, which perfectly complete his appearance.

Even so, he wants to maintain his hair quite short and avoid looking completely bald.

The Life & Career of Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd, TJ’s father, was born in Alameda, California, on March 23, 1973.

His mother was Irish-American and his father was African-American, making him of mixed ancestry.

Kidd began playing basketball at a young age and went on to play for St. Joseph Notre Dame High School in Alameda in high school.

In high school, he was considered to be one of the most talented playmakers, and he maintained that status to the finish.

He enrolled at the University of California after finishing high school and played basketball there for two seasons.

He eventually made his NBA debut in 1994 as the second pick of that year, and at first, he played for the Dallas Mavericks.

Throughout his nineteen-year career, Jason won the NBA title once, in 2011, while playing for the Dallas Mavericks.

Even though he only had one championship ring, Steve Nash could not match the number of individual awards he received.

TJ, his son, claims that he is unable to determine whether Nash and his father were the greatest, but feels that Jason should have won more championship trophies than he did.

He started his coaching career in 2013 when he retired.

He now serves as the Dallas Mavericks head coach in the NBA.

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Trey Relationship Between Jason Kidd and His Father

In the early 2000s, the media used to be very enthusiastic about the chemistry that existed between TJ Kidd and his father.

When TJ was younger, he frequently appeared in widely read sports journals and newspapers.

However, the media attention he first cherished also became rare as he grew older and started seeing his father infrequently.

Nevertheless, he kept in touch with his father regularly, and TJ always identified himself as Jason’s son while appearing in interviews.

TJ revealed something about his father in 2021, though, that shocked everyone.

In that post, he conveyed all the negative feelings he had against his father.

In addition to saying that his father was a terrible person, TJ also said that his father was a “hell of a point guard,” which was opposite to what he usually said.

He also claimed that Jason was a narcissist who was self-obsessed and enjoyed hearing praise for himself despite his poor social skills.

He also disclosed that when he divorced his mother in 2008, his relationship with Jason was already gone.

People had been waiting to see Jason Kidd’s response to TJ’s social media posts, but his father made no comments.

TJ eventually removed the post.

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