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Top 74 Usain Bolt Quotes

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt Quotes: Top 74

Usain St. Leo Bolt is the full name of one of Jamaica’s most famous sprinters, Usain Bolt. In an unprecedented three consecutive Olympic Games, he has won gold medals in the 100-meter and 200-meter races. He is now considered one of the cutest and greatest sprinters of all time.

At the 2002 World Junior Championships, he established himself as a track prodigy.

He was the youngest male world junior champion on any occasion at the time.

Usain Bolt has made significant contributions to sprinting history.

And the 74 Usain Bolt quotes below will inspire you to win like him.

“I’ve learned over the years that thinking about the race stresses you out a little.”

I simply try to unwind and think about video games, what I’m going to do after the race, and what I’m going to do to unwind.

Things like that can help you unwind before the race.” Usain Bolt’s

“When others see your personality shine through, they feel so happy, as if they truly understand who you are.”Usain Bolt’s

“There are better starts than me, but I finish well.”Usain Bolt’s

“Everyone has good and terrible days.”Usain Bolt’s

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“I’d like to thank all of my fans for their support.”

And to all my skeptics, thank you very much for your encouragement.” Usain Bolt’s

“I’ve worked hard throughout the years, I’ve been hurt and worked hard to overcome it, and I’ve succeeded.”Usain Bolt’s

“Repetition is more difficult than anything else.”Usain Bolt’s

“I wouldn’t call myself a phenomenon; I’m just a brilliant athlete.”Usain Bolt’s

“I recall falling once, literally the first race I ran.”Usain Bolt’s

“I’m focused on what I want to do.” “I know what it takes to be a champion, and I’m working on it.” Usain Bolt’s

“A lot of legends and people have gone before me.” But now it’s my turn.” Usain Bolt’s

“Manners are essential. As an example, when you’re growing up and walking down the street, you have to greet everyone.

Everybody. You cannot pass just one person.” Usain Bolt’s

“I don’t believe in boundaries.”Usain Bolt’s

“I believe my acceleration is excellent. That is crucial for me.” Usain Bolt’s

“It’s an incredible accomplishment for me to have smashed my world record.”Usain Bolt’s

“You can lose sight of what’s going on around you at times.”Usain Bolt’s

“I can’t live outside of Jamaica.” I can leave for a short while.” Usain Bolt’s

“Hello, my name is Lightning Bolt.”Usain Bolt’s

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“I’d like to attempt soccer after I retire since I’ve watched football for a long time and believe I might be a good contender.”Usain Bolt’s

“I know what I’m capable of doing, therefore it doesn’t worry me what other people think or have to say about the issue.”Usain Bolt’s

“If you’re the Olympic champion, they’ll have to wait four years before they can grab you again.”Usain Bolt’s

“I work hard, I do well, and I’m going to have fun.” I’m not going to let you limit my freedom.” Usain Bolt’s

“I only need to focus on transition and technique.”Usain Bolt’s

“My coach promised me that if I broke the national 200-meter mark, I could run a 100.”Usain Bolt’s

“Yeah, I’m a slacker.” That is beyond a doubt.” Usain Bolt’s

“I know what to do, and I go do it.”Usain Bolt’s

“I don’t read many novels.”Usain Bolt’s

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt Source: TIME

“I started off playing cricket, and it was my cricket coach who introduced me to track and field.”Usain Bolt’s

“I don’t think they’ve realized over the years that the more you talk, the more I want to beat you.”Usain Bolt’s

“If you worry about racing too much, you might just lose it.”Usain Bolt’s

“I tried all I could to bribe my chef, but my team was astute and hired someone who not only isn’t bribeable but chases me around the home and makes sure I eat everything he’s cooked and also sets out my vitamin tablets and supplements in front of me so I don’t ‘forget’ to take them.”Usain Bolt’s

“As long as I’m in good form, nobody can defeat me.”Usain Bolt’s

“I don’t like losing in the first place.”Usain Bolt’s

“People enjoy seeing brawls.”Usain Bolt’s

“You don’t want to marry at 22!” Girls will be throwing themselves at you, especially if you’re renowned.” Bolt Usain

“Everyone thinks I’m a legend, but I’m not. Not until I’ve successfully defended my Olympic titles.

That’s when I realized I wanted to be a legend.” Usain Bolt’s

“However, as long as I maintain my core and back strong, scoliosis doesn’t affect me.”Usain Bolt’s

“However, everybody who steps into the lane next to you is the toughest competitor because they made the finals.”Usain Bolt’s

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“There isn’t much violence where I come from.”Usain Bolt’s

“I have dedicated my life to the 200m; I adore the 200m.”Usain Bolt’s

“I enjoy music a lot.”Usain Bolt’s

“My brother is extremely sluggish.”Usain Bolt’s

“There are some things that irritate me. I try not to let it, but they do.” Usain Bolt’s

“I’m not familiar with the history of my sport.” I’m not one of those folks who claim to know everything.” Usain Bolt’s

Jim Ryun Quotes That Are Bold and Inspiring” I’ve grown a lot.”Usain Bolt’s

“I’ll run against anyone.”Usain Bolt’s

“I aim to set a good example.”Usain Bolt’s

“I like to have fun while remaining relaxed.”Usain Bolt’s

“Come on… When you’re sprinting, you’ll celebrate if you see you’re going to win.” Usain Bolt’s

“If Queen Elizabeth knighted me, I would be known as Sir Usain Bolt.” That sounds wonderful.” Usain Bolt’s

“I’m not thinking about records.”Usain Bolt’s

“I don’t put myself under any kind of strain.”Usain Bolt’s

“You can be beaten on any given day.”Usain Bolt’s

“Sometimes I don’t even want to go out onto the streets because I can’t get anything done.”

People are constantly asking for photos and autographs.” Usain Bolt’s

“I just love to dance.”Usain Bolt’s

“I don’t have a favorite meal.” “I eat everything.” Usain Bolt’s

“I have a terrific relationship with everyone in Jamaica.”Usain Bolt’s

“Being battered is usually a wake-up call.”Usain Bolt’s

“Every season is like starting from scratch for me.”Usain Bolt’s

“My hunger is constant.”Usain Bolt’s

“I clean my room once a year only because I believe I should.”Usain Bolt’s

“I’d rather lie in a bed than change a bed.”Usain Bolt’s

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“Track is not like other sports in track years.”

There are track athletes that compete until they are 35 or 36, but I believe it becomes quite difficult once you reach the age of 28.” Usain Bolt’s

“The three-peat has never been tried before, and I believe it will add to my reputation.”

“I want to be one of the greatest athletes ever to compete in any sport, so that’s what it means to me.” Usain Bolt’s

“My coach continues pushing me that I shouldn’t retire.

I should just go through the motions and see how I feel each year to see whether I truly want to do it, I want to do it, but my coach says, “Take your time, don’t rush.” Usain Bolt’s

“I know I’m going to be doing a lot more with my foundation in terms of developing children in Jamaica.”Usain Bolt’s

“When I was younger, I was always trying to impress, to do well for my nation, to make people happy, and that sometimes meant I wasn’t focusing on myself enough.”

I realized I had to prioritize myself. And that’s good because I want the same thing for myself as they do, which is to win.” Usain Bolt’s

“I’m not going to watch a Mayweather bout.” It doesn’t excite me.” Usain Bolt’s

“Part of what draws people to a race is the question, ‘What is he going to do?'”Usain Bolt’s

“The 100m is never a tense event.”Usain Bolt’s

“For some reason, I’m always a little worried when I reach to 200m.”Usain Bolt’s