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Top 63 Caster Semenya Quotes

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The Best 63 Caster Semenya Quotes

Caster Semenya is a well-known South African middle-distance runner who also won an Olympic gold medal in 2016. During the 2009 World Championships, she won gold in the women’s 800 meters.

She also won the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2017 World Championships, which increased her popularity.

In terms of her childhood, she was born a female, reared a female, and identifies as a female.

Because of an intersex disorder, she was born with XY chromosomes and extremely high testosterone levels.

She won the World Championships in 2009, and shortly after that, she was subjected to sex tests.

She was restricted from competing in 400m, 800m, and 1500m races in 2019 due to new IAAF rules that prohibit women like her from taking testosterone-lowering medicine.

“I am not a forger. I’m a natural. Caster is just being Caster. I do not wish to be someone I am not.

I don’t want to be someone that others expect me to be. I simply want to be myself. I was born like this.

I’m not interested in making any adjustments.” Semenya Caster

“Times don’t matter but medals matter.”Semenya Caster

“When I race, I think about my own race.” I’m not thinking of anyone.” Semenya Caster

“I’m not the type of person who seeks out more negativity. I’m an optimistic person who sees things in a positive light.” Semenya Caster

“I’m a daydreamer.” And my ambition is to become an Olympic champion, a world champion, and a world record holder.” Semenya Caster

“I don’t care what people say about me. “I enjoy myself just the way I am, and who cares what other people think?” Semenya Caster

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“It’s all about hard effort and understanding your own talents and shortcomings.”

You focus on what you know you’re good at. “I’m quick.” Semenya Caster

“Education is essential.” Nothing can beat an educated person.” Semenya Caster

“I want to challenge myself in different ways.” “I want to improve.” Semenya Caster

“God created me exactly as I am, and I accept myself.” “I am proud of myself because I am who I am.” Semenya Caster

“With each passing year, I am more at ease.” I now know what to pay attention to and what to disregard.

That comes only with age.” Semenya Caster

“I could never give up sports.” Running is something I will always do.

Even if the authorities could have banned me from running in 2009, they couldn’t stop me from working in the fields.

Caster Semenya
Caster Semenya distance runner Source: Olympics

It doesn’t matter; I would have continued running. When I run, I feel liberated; my mind is liberated.” Semenya Caster

“I am confident that there is no barrier to my participation in athletic competitions.”Semenya Caster

“My family’s support system is incredible.”Semenya Caster

“I will dedicate my gold medal to Nelson Mandela if I win.”

In South Africa, he is a hero, and everything I do is for him.” Semenya Caster

“I don’t enjoy fame; I’d rather have no profile.” But this is not an option for me.

This is what I do, so I just need to find a way to feel at ease with it.” Semenya Caster

“We will assist young talented athletes in becoming global champions.”Semenya Caster

“The most intimate and private elements of my existence have been subjected to unjustified and invasive scrutiny.”Semenya Caster

“I don’t enjoy fame; I wish to have no profile. But this is not an option for me.” Semenya Caster

“Whenever I’m in that lane and I hear ‘Caster Semenya from South Africa,’ I know I’m doing it for my people.”

They adore and support me, and I will always make them proud; I will always prioritize them. I am nothing without them.” Semenya Caster

“I’m not sure what you mean when you say I have an edge because I’m a woman.”Semenya Caster

“How you were born is how you were born.” Nothing can make things better. I have a deep voice.

I know. What are you going to do if I appear tough? Do you believe you can make a difference? No.” Semenya Caster

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“I believe I made a difference.” I have meant a great deal to my people. I did quite well.

They are pleased with me. That was the primary focus. I was doing it for my people, for those who believe in me.” Semenya Caster

“When you leave your apartment, you think about performing, not about how your opponent looks.”

So I believe my recommendation to everyone is to just go out there and have fun.” Semenya Caster

“With the 800m, I’m more concerned about injuries.”

That’s why I don’t usually run in groups: I prefer to be at the front in case someone pushes me with their spikes.

That kind of thing bothers me.” Semenya Caster

“Everywhere I go, people beg for pictures and ask me to sign autographs.

It used to irritate me, but I’ve learned to deal with it now.

I can’t escape until I shut myself in my room and never leave.” Semenya Caster

“Yes, I studied history in school; I am well-versed in apartheid.”

My father, for example, purchased literature on the subject. But I just go about my business.

It’s very different for me.” Semenya Caster

“I believe sports are supposed to bring people together.”Semenya Caster

“I’ve always preferred to be alone since I was a child.”

A calm environment appeals to me. It aids my concentration.” Semenya Caster

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“I’d like to dress up more and wear dresses more regularly, but I never have the opportunity.”

I also want to learn how to do my own makeup.” Semenya Caster

“I’ve never bought my own clothes; my mother does.”Semenya Caster

“I don’t have time for frivolity.”Semenya Caster

“I believe I make a difference.” I am very important to my folks.

I did quite well. They are pleased with me.” Semenya Caster

“How the hell do you change gender in the countryside?” I am a lady.

We don’t have good doctors, and we don’t have the money to pay for such surgeries.” Semenya Caster

“I’m not sure what you mean when you say I’m a man or have a deep voice.

I know I’m a female, therefore there’s no need to ask.” Semenya Caster

“I’ve always felt a little off. I feel at ease when I’m with boys.

When I’m with girls, I pick up on their emotions. I have no control over it.” Semenya Caster

“I know how I appear. I’m aware of how I sound. I’m aware of how I walk.

I’m just going to be myself. “I do myself, and you do yourself.” Semenya Caster

“The field is tremendous; there are great runners in there, so the best you can do is stay in control, pace yourself effectively, and then use it when you can do better.”Semenya Caster

“We all know that we Africans only win medals in the middle and long distances, and treading in their footsteps makes me proud, you know?”Semenya Caster

“It’s always nice to perform and make the podium, and gold, silver, and bronze will also inspire other nations, Asia, and America to do better.”Semenya Caster

“I was a world champion, but I never got to celebrate.” It was a joke for me.” Semenya Caster

“I’m meant to be famous, but I’m not sure I enjoy it.”Semenya Caster

“What does it matter if I change? It would be horrible if I became someone else.

They would be upset if I behaved differently from my friends. It’s critical that I remain consistent.” Semenya Caster

“When I’m at my best, I feel like I have to win gold all the time.”Semenya Caster

“My friends usually tell me that I’m a strong person and the best.”

But I need to empty my mind before I run so that nothing bothers me.” Semenya Caster

“I was an excellent listener and a strong lady from an early age.” Maybe it helped that I was never intimidated by anyone.

I was always strong in school. “I had faith in myself and my abilities.” Semenya Caster

“Running is nothing to me. To be honest, it’s nothing.” Semenya Caster

“Athletics is what it is. You are gambling when you participate in sports.

You run, you win, and then you lose. It makes no difference whether you are competing or not.” Semenya Caster

“I don’t think sport is something I can do for the rest of my life.” I’m still in school and studying.” Semenya Caster

“I am an athlete first and foremost, and measuring my performance against other athletes is critical for my competitiveness, well-being, and preparations for events during the European summer.”Semenya Caster

“Some of the events preceding and immediately following the Berlin World Championships violated not only my rights as an athlete but also my fundamental and human rights, particularly my rights to dignity and privacy.”Semenya Caster

“Life wasn’t going well, but I couldn’t abandon something I loved.”

I had a terrible life to deal with, but I had to attempt to keep going with the aid of my family, friends, training partners, and management.” Semenya Caster

“I retired from soccer.” But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit running.” Semenya Caster

“Would you blame him if she was born the way she was born, or would you blame God?” Who is to blame for this? Nobody’s.” Semenya Caster

“I have no rights.” Let me put it this way: I have no rights in athletics.” Semenya Caster

“I felt upset at times and delighted at others.” It’s just on and off. I always felt welcomed.

It’s just that, you know, as a human being, you can’t always be joyful. People talk when you do good or terrible things.” Semenya Caster

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“It’s nice to be well-known.” Everywhere I go, I see the same thing: autographs and photos.” Semenya Caster

“Running a quick time is better than winning.” You can win even if your time is slow. It has no significance to me.

I like running fast races over leisurely races.” Semenya Caster

“To me, running is just a game.”Semenya Caster