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Top 34 Nate Diaz Quotes

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Nate Diaz Quotes: Top 34

Nate Diaz’s full name is Nathan Donald Diaz, and he is a well-known American professional mixed martial artist. He is currently competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Prior to joining the UFC, he competed in World Extreme Cagefighting, Pancrase, and Strikeforce.

According to the most recent data, he is ranked 13th in the UFC welterweight rankings.

Everyone should also read his top 34 quotes, which are given below.

“I’m trying to concentrate on what I’m doing.

I don’t want a lot of stuff going on – people calling back, texting, or whatever.

“I chill out and relax a little, and then I don’t have those problems.” Nate Diaz’s

“Money speaks. I want the biggest fight possible.

Whoever I have to face, I want the biggest show and the biggest payday.” Nate Diaz’s

“If I had started thinking about business when I was 21, I’d be a wealthy man right now.”Nate Diaz’s

“Once I got pro, I realized, ‘OK, this is no longer a game.'” This is my picture. I’ll be there, and I’m working on karma.

I’m not going to go after someone unless there’s a reason for it, so as soon as there’s a reason for me to do anything I need to do, I’ll do it.” Nate Diaz’s

“I walk around; people recognize me. I have acquaintances.

I’ll be able to make ends meet. I grew up around individuals who have always worked hard, so I believe I have a bright future ahead of me – especially if I don’t fight.

Why would I want to go out there and fight someone, getting hit and kicked in the face? That’s not my notion of fun.” Nate Diaz’s

“If you don’t make time to meditate and let all that negative energy out, and if you don’t surround yourself with positive people, this is a really terrifying profession to have if you don’t learn how to regulate your fear.”Nate Diaz’s

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz on wrestling field Source: talkSPORT

“Anyone who has lost a UFC bout and does not want to fight that person the next day should not be in the sport.”Nate Diaz’s

“For the most part, I’m the only person in this sport who isn’t on steroids.”

Now that there are new rules in place, you have men who aren’t on steroids anymore, but they used to be.

They’ve been on steroids their entire lives.” Nate Diaz’s

“There was a story that I weighed 183 pounds. I was 179 pounds when I left my room to face Conor McGregor.

That implies I was maybe 175, 174 pounds when I got inside the cage.” Nate Diaz’s

“I strive to eliminate any risk of losing the fight, and this runs through my mind all day.”

All day long, I envision myself getting smashed in the face, cut, submitted, or knocked out in a variety of ways.” Nate Diaz’s

“I’ve never taken steroids in my life.” All of the fighters I know are on steroids.” Nate Diaz’s

“It irritates me that we honor people in mixed martial arts for attempting to move away and not finish the battle.”Nate Diaz’s

13th of 34 Quotes by Nate Diaz

“People don’t understand: I’ve had 37 fights in 17 years, three to five fights every year.”

That has an effect on someone. These are the only vacations I’ve ever taken.” Nate Diaz’s

“It’s insulting for me to call out Roy Jones.”Nate Diaz’s

“You know I’m going to sell out the show when I fight.”

Everyone enjoys seeing someone get knocked out or tap out.” Nate Diaz’s

“My folks relocated to Stockton and Lodi.

I was very nervous about entering another classroom.

They were always placing me in special education.

But I was brilliant; I wasn’t like these special-ed students. However, it would make me feel a little dumb.” Nate Diaz’s

“I’m not seeing a superstar out there.” “I don’t see Georges St-Pierre returning.” Nate Diaz’s

“I was always up for a battle; I was always up for everyone.” I battled everyone.” Nate Diaz’s

“Basically, taking a trip cost me a lot of money.” It’s refreshing to take a step back and realize there’s more to life.” Nate Diaz’s

“I win through submissions and knockouts.”

There are guys ranked higher than me, but no one wants to see them fight. They’d like to see me fight.” Nate Diaz’s

“I’m not sure what the UFC’s agenda is with regard to me.” It’s their press, their spectacle.

They can switch to whatever they choose at any time. This is their property.

They are free to do whatever they choose.” Nate Diaz’s

“I want to compete against the greatest.” “I always want to battle the best opponent.” Nate Diaz’s

“I don’t enjoy fighting, and I don’t want to fight.”Nate Diaz’s

“I’m afraid of any fighter I’ve ever fought because they’re dangerous guys to be around.”

That is also where the anxiety stems.” Nate Diaz’s

“People like to talk about me a lot, about how I suffer from anxiety or social difficulties.

I admit to having anxiety, but it has nothing to do with the media, being in front of a camera, or being around people.

It has to do with dealing with the sparring I’ll be doing or the training I’ll be doing on a daily basis.” Nate Diaz’s

“I’ve lost battles where I’m landing more blows and moving away from the opponent.

So, to me, the way they evaluate things at the end does not appear to be very consistent.” Nate Diaz’s

“I can always do five, five-minute rounds on any given day, even if I was drinking or doing something else the day before.”

I’m an experienced athlete, an endurance athlete, and I’m constantly working out.” Nate Diaz’s

“I don’t come to fight for the sake of fighting. That is not something I do.

I don’t enjoy intentionally injuring others.” Nate Diaz’s

“I don’t like being unemployed.

This was all I could do, especially when I first started doing Mixed Martial Arts.” Nate Diaz’s

“I’m fighting and training hard.”

I’m still walking and stepping over people to get where I’m going, and I’d like to give back, especially to my mother, who was always there for me as a child.” Nate Diaz’s

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Nate Diaz Quote Number 32 of 34

“I face blind opponents in every bout.”

I’m not sure who it will be, who I’ll be battling, or if I’ll be fighting them at all.” Nate Diaz’s

“I’m overdue for a trip anyway.” They fight me far too often.

I’m not going to back down from these conflicts.” Nate Diaz’s