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Top 26 Vernon Law Quotes

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The Best 26 Vernon Law Quotes

Vernon is a well-known retired American baseball pitcher. He played sixteen seasons for the Pittsburgh Pirates in Major League Baseball (MLB). He batted and threw right-handed during the game. His height and weight were both stated as 6 feet 2 inches and 195 pounds.

Furthermore, Vernon Law signed as an amateur free agent with the Pirates in 1948 and later played for three of their minor league clubs through 1950.

He was promoted to the major leagues the same year.

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“Experience is a difficult teacher because she first provides the test and then the lesson.”Vernon’s Law

“I believe most players want to be recognized as a good competitor.” I’m not the type of man who makes excuses.

A lot of guys create excuses for why they’re not going to win before the game. And those people are losers.” Vernon’s Law

“We had a wide range of characters.” The straw boss was Hoak. He just wouldn’t give up.” Vernon’s Law

“We basically had a lot of guys who got along, and we worked well together and sacrificed to win games.”

It was a really collaborative effort.” Vernon’s Law

“Some people are so preoccupied with learning the tactics of the trade that they fail to learn the trade.”Vernon’s Law

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“I gained the term ‘Deacon’ because I didn’t curse, didn’t drink, went to church, and spoke a lot in other churches, youth organizations, and so on.”Vernon’s Law

“I played against a lot of guys, a lot of good players, and those guys stick with me.”

They’ve become buddies. They weren’t back then. You desired to defeat them.” Vernon’s Law

“I never ran about with the opponents or became too familiar with them because I didn’t want to hesitate when the time came in the game that I had to pitch inside.”Vernon’s Law

“Sometimes you’ll be pushed into a corner, and even if it goes against your ideals and the way you want to play the game, you’ll have to protect your own players.”Vernon’s Law

“Nice people in the Pittsburgh area.”Vernon’s Law

“They couldn’t sign me until after I graduated, but shortly after graduation, I had nine different organizations come up to me and sign me.”Vernon’s Law

“Our entire family was into sports. My father had played a lot of semipros but never got a chance to do anything with it.

He needed to make a livelihood back then.” Vernon’s Law

“You sign a deal and follow through on it. And every now and again, my turn would come around on Sunday.

“I didn’t want to play baseball on Sunday, but it was my job.” Vernon’s Law

“It was a weird series back in 1960. The Yankees were expected to beat us four in a row.

On paper, we couldn’t compete with them since they had superior players.

Vernon Law
Vernon Law playing baseball Source: QuotsGram

But we also had twenty-five guys who were determined to win, and we did all in our power to do so.” Vernon’s Law

“We spent the entire summer playing on a sandlot. There was no such thing as Little League back then.” Vernon’s Law

“I liked Jackie as a person. I was upset at how he was treated. He’s a considerably better man than I am.” Vernon’s Law

“I have nothing but the highest regard for Jackie Robinson.”Vernon’s Law

“I couldn’t take what he took, sliding into second base and having a person spit on you and call you every name in the book.”

You can’t say enough positive things about Jackie for him not to respond, dismissing it, or retaliate.” Vernon’s Law

“At 87, I have to keep moving because you never know what can happen if I sit down.”Vernon’s Law

“I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s.” I played during baseball’s golden age when it was a game and a lot of fun.” Vernon’s Law

“I needed to go out there and give my team a shot.” I didn’t want to be known as the person who blew the World Series.” Vernon’s Law

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“I wanted to be successful enough that I could talk about the church.” I wanted people to pay attention whenever I said it.” Vernon’s Law

“You hit today.

“You get a million and a half, and you believe you’re underpaid.”Vernon’s Law

“I don’t have the sense not to pitch.”Vernon’s Law