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Top 26 Carlo Ancelotti Quotes

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Top 26 Quotes by Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti is an Italian professional football manager and former player who currently leads Everton in the Premier League. He is one of three managers who have won the UEFA Champions League three times. In terms of accomplishments, he has also won the FIFA Club World Cup twice, making him one of the best and most successful managers of all time.

Carlo Ancelotti, an international midfielder, began his professional career with the Italian club Parma.

He has also managed Reggiana Parma, Chelsea, Juventus Milan, PSG, Napoli, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Everton.

I’ve compiled a collection of Carlo Ancelotti’s top 26 phrases to help and encourage you to win.

“The person in charge of the club is the owner or president.” It is the coach’s responsibility to keep him happy.

However, your relationship with the players is the key to your success as a manager.

When the climate is right, important clubs and important players thrive.

The players must love their profession and be able to express themselves freely.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in football, like Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Kaka, and Zidane, but the best is the easiest to deal with because they are so professional.”

Their winning attitude and professionalism benefit the manager.

Of course, I get angry at times, but my relationship with the players is usually peaceful.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“I enjoy being amusing. I can’t stay focused, disciplined, and in control all of the time.

Such behavior is unthinkable. If the players are overly tense before a game, I must relax and soothe them.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“I believe it is more difficult to visit a club where everything is going well and everyone is happy.

It’s easier to take over from someone who has been fired because things aren’t going well.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“As a manager, you are judged on results, not on the work you do or the performance of your staff.”

Imagine paying a guy a lot of money and then judging him on things he can’t control, not things he can.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“I have considerable power. I can train at six o’clock in the morning! Training at 11:00 p.m. But it is not my style to impose.

I’d like to persuade gamers of their actions. This takes longer.” Ancelotti, Carlo

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“Football is the most important of the world’s less important things.”Ancelotti, Carlo

“Beating the press is a straightforward formula; the difficult part is executing it.”

You get through it if you have the ability to do so.

If you don’t, you simply boot it over the top.

Then it’s a race to see who can get the most second balls.'” Ancelotti, Carlo

“I adore my job.” It’s not stressful for me, and I only took a break because I couldn’t find another club after Real.

It was not something I required due to stress, because stress is not a problem for me. I’m not under any duress.

I enjoy my job and understand how it works. “I have prior experience.” Ancelotti, Carlo

Carlo Ancelotti
Carlo Ancelotti Source: MARCA

“I started this profession in 1995, and I felt the same amount of pressure on my first day with my first team, Reggiana, in the Second Division, as I do now.”

Nothing has changed, but the amount of games, particularly for top teams, has increased.

As a result, the work is under strain. However, only this.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“Typically, a Brazilian does not want to work hard in training or stay concentrated.

I worked with a number of Brazilian players. I had an issue with Ronaldo in Milan.

It was difficult to get him to fit! Ronaldo weighed 100 kilograms but was the fastest in the 10-meter dash!” Ancelotti, Carlo

“I’ve never seen such a talent as Ronaldo.” He consistently scores, scores, scores.

I told him before his debut game for Milan, against Sienna, that I couldn’t put him on the field. You weigh 100kg.’

‘Don’t worry, Mr., I’ll score,’ he added. He scored twice after I put him in.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“Football is just too important in Italy.” Coaches, teams, and directors are under increased scrutiny. It is not a favorable time for football in Italy right now.

The stadiums are not completely full. There are issues with violence, and dealing with the ultras is especially challenging.

People do not come to the stadium to watch 90 minutes of football.

People to the stadium to battle and win.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“I worked with Berlusconi for eight years and still have an excellent relationship with him.”Ancelotti, Carlo

“Just because these owners fired me doesn’t imply our connection is over.”

I still get along well with Florentino, and while I haven’t spoken with Abramovich much since leaving Chelsea, I have no issues with him.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“Firmino is the most important player because he plays between the lines and creates space for his teammates.”Ancelotti, Carlo

“When I arrived as manager at Juventus in 1999, Antonio Conte was the club captain, an Italy international, and a player with a lot of authority in the dressing room – and when I required a leader in the team, he was the obvious choice.”Ancelotti, Carlo

“At the start of my two years at Juventus, I had enormous hopes for the club, but it turned out that the only medal in my desk drawer when they ultimately told me to pack my things was the Intertoto Cup.”

We had a great start to the season, and Conte was crucial to my success.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“That’s what a good manager does: you study, think about it, and come up with a game plan.”Ancelotti, Carlo

“You tell them that your expertise has taught you that this is the greatest method to defeat this particular opponent.”

You persuade them, train them, and tell them so many times that they can hear you while they sleep.

Then, on game day, you stand on the sidelines and pray to God that it works.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“At Chelsea, there is already a strong organization, but at Milan, it was about prevention rather than therapy.”

We want to bring part of what we had in Milan here.

Some people are startled to learn that we fixed David Beckham’s back problem by correcting his teeth, for example, but we will consider everything.” Ancelotti, Carlo

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Carlo Ancelotti Quotes #23 of 26

“Abramovich, in my opinion, adores football, his club, and his players.

He is really interested in everything that is going on and is very passionate about it.

Berlusconi, too, enjoys his club, but he was a people’s guy who lived his life in public.” Ancelotti, Carlo

“The Premier League is full of quality in my opinion, and the clubs competing at the top are the same clubs who compete at the top of Europe every year.”Ancelotti, Carlo

“I support innovation as long as the game does not suffer as a result of it.”Ancelotti, Carlo