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Tim Mackie

Tim Mackie

Who is Tim Mackie?

Tim Mackie is a well-known author, animator, pastor, university professor, educator, screenwriter, and theologian. Tim Mackie is currently the co-founder of BibleProject with Jon Collins. Tim enjoys assisting people in understanding how the overall biblical story connects and leads us to Jesus.

Early Life and Childhood

Tim Mackie was born in the American city of Portland, Oregon.

Tim, on the other hand, has not made public any of his personal information, such as his age, birth date, or even his birthday. As a result, his age is currently unavailable.

The couple were devout Christians. In the blink of an eye, additional information about Tim’s parents will be updated.

Education Details

Tim Mackie went to a nearby high school. Tim later enrolled at Western Seminary in Portland and earned a bachelor’s degree in theology.

He also attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies.

Professional Career

At the moment, Mackie also works as a podcast host. Tim is the host of the podcast Exploring My Strange Bible.

The Bible Project is in charge of its production. Furthermore, the podcast is a compilation of his classroom lectures, sermons, and lectures from the last decade.

The collection has been compiled to help you delve deeper into the Scriptures, as well as the history and language of the Bible.

He previously served as the pastor of Blackhawk Church in Madison, Wisconsin.

Tim also served as the pastor of Door of Hope Church, which is based in Portland, Oregon. In addition, he worked as a part-time professor at Western Seminary.

He and Jon Collins are co-founders of the Bible Project. This is a charitable animation studio. It helps people see the Bible as a cohesive story that leads to Jesus.

Tim, along with Jon, creates videos that walk through the Bible’s narrative arc book by book and theme by theme.

Because of the generous support they receive from many people who support them through Patreon, the education technology company produces media for free.

He has given talks about how the Bible views political power and how the church can influence society for the better. Tim referred to several Scriptures on the screen throughout the lecture, not to mention the Q&As.

He has also delivered a sermon series on Matthew. Tim delves into his multifaceted portrait of Jesus in this section.

Tim Mackie
Tim Mackie posing for a picture. Source: rocketrepublic

He goes on to say that Jesus appears as Israel’s Messiah, the king who will rule and save the world.

Jesus is portrayed as an even greater teacher than Moses. He is the one who heralds the coming of God’s kingdom. Furthermore, Jesus is declared to be God’s Son, who sacrifices his life and is raised from the dead for all of us.

Matthew has laid it all out in steps and invites us to respond to the challenging call of the Messiah’s gospel message and the resulting new way of life.

Tim has also delivered a sermon on faith. The entire sermon is available on online platforms such as YouTube.

Net Worth and Salary

Tim Mackie’s net worth is estimated to be $3,014,136 according to online sources.

Relationship Status

Tim Mackie is happily married. Tim is happily married to Jessica, a loving and caring wife.

They exchanged wedding vows as a couple in the year 2010. They are celebrating a dozen years of marriage. The couple lives in Portland, Oregon.

He is the proud father of two sons, August and Roman.

Roman was born in the year 2011. He is 11 years old at the time of writing. August, on the other hand, was born in 2013. He is currently nine years old.

Body Measurements

He is a man of average stature. Tim has a height of 5 ft 6 in ( Approx 1.68m).

Social Media

His Twitter handle is @timmackie.

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  • He has managed to maintain a low profile for someone his age.
  • Tim has not revealed his exact age or date of birth to the public.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $3,014,136 according to online sources.
  • He is a well-known American writer, animator, pastor, university professor, educator, screenwriter, and theologian who co-founded BibleProject with Jon Collins.
  • Tim is a man of average height, standing at 5 feet 6 inches (approximately 1.68m).