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The Truth About Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone’s Dating Rumors



  • Susinna’s Marcello ‘Nacho’ Matos and Michele Morrone’s Massimo Torricelli share an intimate scene in the third chapter of Netflix’s 365 Days.
  • Simone’s LGBT allegations have resurfaced.
  • People are revisiting Susinna and Morrone’s gay relationship allegations.

Simone Susinna’s LGBT allegations have resurfaced following the August 19, 2022 publication of The Next 365 Days on Netflix. Susinna’s Marcello ‘Nacho’ Matos and Michele Morrone’s Massimo Torricelli share an intimate scene in the third chapter of Netflix’s 365 Days, in which the two characters kiss after sharing the bed.

As a result of this scene, people are revisiting Susinna and Morrone’s gay relationship allegations, which first surfaced over a year ago, in June 2021.

Morrone took to Instagram on June 1, 2021,

to publish a shirtless photo of himself with a shirtless Susinna wrapping his hands around Morrone’s neck.

He captioned the sizzling photo, “I’m a liar.”

The photo went viral moments after it was published on the platform,

with thousands of people searching “Is Michele Morrone gay?”

on Google, with some speculating whether it was Morrone’s way of coming out,

and others asking if Susinna and Morrone were dating.

And it was understandable given that the post was made on the opening day of Pride month.

So, was there any truth to the speculations? No, it does not.

And the actor explained the facts the next day after his crew contacted him about the rumor.

Morrone posted on Instagram, “This morning, I woke up with my team phoning me and saying, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of articles…'”

‘You came out,’ I said, because of the photo I shot with Simone.

He became a close buddy of mine, and we’ve become like brothers.”

“We’re making a film together.” It was just a picture, guys.

Nothing else. By the way, I’m a huge supporter of the LGBT community.

But we’re just talking about a regular image here. I didn’t show up.”

He answered the caption of his tweet after stating that he and Susinna are like brothers.

“An actor is a type of liar,” he stated. That is why I wrote it.

Someone who is not acting. I didn’t show up. So, I apologize for any confusion.”

“As I previously stated, I am a strong supporter of the LGBT community.”

There are many young men and women… They’d like to come out, but they can’t because of their family.

Guys, you should know that happiness is priceless. “Peace and love, I adore you,” he said.

That concludes the gay and romance speculations involving Susinna and Morrone.

Their on-screen intimacy in The Next 365 Days is purely a plot device devised by the film’s authors,

and the co-stars share nothing off-screen except brotherly love.

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 Susinna’s dating history is investigated.

susinna simone
Simone with his rumored boyfriend Morrone source: Twitter

Susinna has yet to marry a woman as of this writing.

It also appears that he is unmarried and does not have a partner, which contributed to the LGBT allegations.

However, the actor’s previous dating history demonstrates that he is not gay.

According to sources, Susinna was seeing his now ex-girlfriend Mariana Rodriguez.

They dated for a year, from 2016 to 2017.

While dating, the two frequently flaunted photos of themselves together and were open about their relationship.

But it appears that their bond was not destined to continue forever,

as they called it quits in 2017 for undisclosed reasons.

Susinna was a rising star at the time, and their breakup received little public attention.

Susinna was linked to Liza Makhu, an Italian model and actress after they parted.

Their romance speculations began in 2020 after they collaborated on a fashion firm project.

Those rumors, however, were never confirmed or rejected.