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Terry Stotts

Terry Stotts

Terry Stotts is a former basketball player and current head coach. Terry Stotts has achieved 400 career victories and is a well-known celebrity instructor. Terry has won numerous awards. In the NBA, Terry is well-known. 

Stotts has assisted his teams in winning numerous major accolades.

With his coaching, the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title in 2011.

Additionally, Stotts has twice received the Academic All-American honor.

Parents, Childhood, and Education

Terry Stotts was born on November 25, 1957, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, in the United States.

Frank Scotts and Jayne Phelps gave birth to him.

Stotts attended elementary school and spent his formative years there. Stott’s father taught him a basketball.

Terry said that his father worked as a coach for a high school in the Midwest during an interview with the Portland Tribune.

Additionally, while Stotts was a child, Frank coached for the University of Guam after receiving a promotion.

Jayne Phelps, Terry’s mother, has loved basketball since she was a young girl.

Because her son is a coach, Jayne claimed she does not watch basketball.

Jayne, on the other hand, is a supporter of the Portland Blazers and frequently comes to watch her son teach.

Due to his father’s employment, Stotts’ family relocated frequently.

In Illinois, Guam, Wisconsin, and Indiana, he had to switch schools.

Stotts initially enrolled in the Iowa elementary school.

Following that, he enrolled in Bloomington High School North. 1976 saw Stotts graduate from there.

Stotts joined the college basketball team while still in high school.

He was a member of the Indiana High School All-Star Team in 1976.

In 1986, Stotts earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology.

At the University of Oklahoma, he earned a master’s degree in business administration in 1988.

Net Worth & Income

When his assets are included, Terry Stotts’s net worth totals $6 million.

Stotts receives a salary of $5 million annually. He is among the most expensive NBA coaches.

However, Stotts still makes money by paying a sizable sum in taxes.

Even though Terry makes a respectable amount of money each year, his wife Jan donates it to charity.

However, their riches allow them to live a nice life.

Facts of Terry Stotts

Full Name Terry Linn Stotts
Birth Date November 25, 1957
Birth Place Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States
Nick Name Terry
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Completed Masters Degree from the University of Oklahoma
Horoscope Sagittarius
Father’s Name Frank Stotts
Mother’s Name Jayne Phelps
Siblings Audrey Stotts, Arlyn Stotts, Mark Stotts
Age 64 Years Old
Height 6 feet 8 inches
Weight 100 Kilograms
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Build Athletic
Profession NBA Coach
Coach of the Year Awards 1 Time
Active Years in NBA 18 Years
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Jan Stotts
Kids Information Not Available
Net Worth $40 Million
Social Media Not Available
Merch Books, Autographed Items
Last Update June 2022

Professional Career

From his high school, Stotts entered amateur basketball leagues. But he started playing basketball when he was little. Terry used his father’s coaching techniques on him after learning them.

Terry is one of the select few kids in America to have twice been awarded the Academic All-American scholarship.

He was given the opportunity to enter the professional league with the fellowship and learn how to play basketball thanks to the grant committee.

His junior and senior years were spent playing for the University of Oklahoma. After showcasing his abilities, he received invitations to play for many teams.

But Stott’s name was also included on the list for the 1980 NBA draft.

Terry was a member of the Montana Golden Nuggets of the Continental Basketball Association (CBA). The NBA’s 1980 draft was unsuccessful. He gambled on the CBA because of this.

In the CBA, a basketball minor league, Stotts played for two years.

He made the decision to leave America after that. To compete in the top basketball league, Stotts relocated from CB Estudiantes to Spain.

Up to 1990, Terry played basketball professionally for seven different teams.

But he chose to go into coaching in 1991. In order to become an assistant coach for the Albany Patroons, he decided to resign from playing.

Career in Coaching

From the Tier-2 Continental Basketball Association level, Stotts began to coach. He agreed to a one-year contract with the Albany Patroons.

With a 50-6 record during his time as coach, the squad was successful. It was the team’s best CBA record overall. Additionally, he did a great job of leading the Platoons.

Stotts led a number of CBA teams for several years. His standing in society increased. Stotts made the decision to join the NBA for this reason.

Terry Stotts
Terry Stotts as a head coach. Source: ripcityproject

Finally, the Atlanta Hawks hired him as their head coach, and a contract was signed in 2002. Terry will never forget that moment because it was the first time he had been named head coach.

Stotts led the Hawks for three years. He was effective in helping the squad compile a 52-85 record for the course of his deal. It is the finest record Stotts has compiled while remaining a Hawk.

Ups and Downs

He made the decision to continue his career and work as an assistant coach in 2005. Stotts spent two years with the Milwaukee Bucks. He was later fired as a result of some problems.

However, Terry’s fortunes turned after a number of setbacks.

His coaching helped the Dallas Mavericks win the NBA championship in 2011. Additionally, Stotts’ coaching of the Mavericks received accolades.

Additionally, Stotts’ destiny was opened as a result of winning the championship. With him, a contract was signed by the Portland Trail Blazers. He joined the team in 2012. He is currently employed by the Blazers.

During his tenure as coach, the Trail Blazers are unsuccessful in winning an NBA championship. Stotts is still making every effort. The Blazers remained in fourth place this season.

George Karl and Terry

George Karl, as we are well aware, was the one who got Terry up on his feet and gave him more game coaching.

When they competed against one another in 2016, the pair did receive media attention.

To give an example, Karl had just published his new book, “Furious George,” and during the marketing of the book with the New York Magazine, he had something to say about Damian Lillard, the guard for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Speaking of the player from the next generation, he had suggested that Lillard was to blame for Trails’ decline.

During a different interview with Stotts, he was asked about that subject and was asked what he thought about it.

Stotts didn’t maintain his composure, and he made it abundantly apparent that no one targets his teammates out of respect for his coach.

In fact, he said in venomous terms that Karl didn’t know who Lillard was since he hadn’t coached.

He was therefore not authorized to comment. With that in mind, Stotts has set a very clear boundary regarding his close friends and family members.

Career Highlights

Even now, people still recognize Stotts as one of the NBA’s important figures.

Evidently, we can say that he is the one who astounded everyone by doing the exact opposite of what everyone anticipated when they said he would never succeed in the spotlight.

He has since added years of experience to his resume, further enhancing him.

Additionally, compared to an instinctual approach, his working method is more organized. Not to mention his excellent gaming standards.

He was an All-Big Eight player in 1980 and twice was named an Academic All-American (1979, 1980).

He has coached for 494 wins and 466 defeats overall. He has won the Western Conference Coach of the Month award seven times so far.

He has worked as an assistant coach for the entire 2011 NBA Champion team.

Marital Status

Terry Stotts is a husband. In 1988, he wed Jan Stotts. Before getting married, the pair dated for a number of years.

Stotts is a kind-hearted individual. He dislikes giving the media access to his private life.

As a result, no information about his wife or kids is readily available.

According to certain sources, Jan loves dogs and donates to charities. She routinely makes donations to local charities.

The pair is content with their relationship and their way of life.

No reports of Terry and Jan’s separation exist. So that their relationship has no flaw, we can grasp it.

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Height, and Weight

Terry Stotts stands a towering 6 feet 8 inches tall.

His height was his greatest asset as a basketball player because, in the past, playing basketball was simple for Stotts.

At the moment, Terry is roughly 100 kg.

Despite being a sexagenarian, he is in great health and doesn’t have any underlying medical issues.

Terry can be seen jumping about the court as a result.

Social Media

It’s disappointing to say that Terry hasn’t made any appearances in the tech realm.

His wife doesn’t utilize social media. There might be hidden accounts, though, that hasn’t been found yet.