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Susan Andrews: Who is Tucker Carlson’s wife?

Susan Andrews
  • Susan Andrews is best known as Tucker Carlson’s wife.
  • Her husband is a well-known conservative commentator in the United States.
  • She was born in Rhode Island, United States, in 1969.
  • Susan and Tucker have shared a matrimonial bond since 1991.

Who is Susan Andrews?

Susan Andrews is best known as Tucker Carlson’s wife. Susan Andrews’s husband is a well-known conservative commentator in the United States. The couple has been happily married for many years and has three daughters and one son.

Susan Andrews’s Childhood:

Susan Andrews was born in Rhode Island, United States, in 1969.

She is of Caucasian ethnicity and of American nationality.

Reverend George E. Andrews II is her father’s name, and his mother’s name is unknown.

She was raised in Rhode Island and completed her formal education there.

She graduated from Rhode Island’s St. Georges High School.

Susan Andrews
Susan Andrews with her husband. Source:

Her father, George, was the school’s headmaster while she was there.

Susan may or may not have graduated from high school after finishing high school.

Her husband Tucker, on the other hand, went on to study history at the prestigious Trinity College after graduating from high school.

What is Susan Andrews’ job?

Susan Andrews, unlike her husband, does not appear to have a well-known profession.

She may be working, but there isn’t much information about it.

Nonetheless, many sources claim Susan once worked for At Your Service Hospitality Management, LLC.

Furthermore, she previously worked at the Episcopal School but left to care for her children.

She literally gave up her career to support her family.

In the meantime, her husband Tucker began his career as a fact-checker for Policy Review.

He also wrote columns for Esquire, Slate, The Weekly Standard, The New Republic, and The Wall Street Journal in the late 1990s.

He joined CNN in the year 2000, where he co-hosted the show Crossfire with Robert Novak.

After leaving the network, he worked for several other networks, including PBS and MSNBC, before joining Fox News Channel.

He has been hosting Tucker Carlson Tonight since 2016.

Aside from that, he ran the right-wing website The Daily Caller.

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews have married Since 1991

Susan Andrews and Tucker have shared a matrimonial bond since 1991.

The couple is an inspiration to all couples, regardless of political affiliation.

They first met when they were 15 years old and attending St. George’s School.

Tucker Carlson, Andrews Susan and Tucker met in high school and began dating.

They felt an instant attraction to each other when they first met. Susan described her initial reaction to seeing Tucker in a People Magazine interview, saying, “There was a bounce in his walk, he was in his khaki pants and ribbon belt, and I thought, even then, he seemed so optimistic and positive.”

Tucker, too, mentioned the same thing to his wife.

“She was the cutest 10th grader in America,” he said.

However, both of them faced some difficulties in their romance.

Susan’s father was the high school’s headmaster, so it was understandably difficult for both of them.

Fortunately, her father was very understanding.

Their relationship lasted until both of them started college.

Carlson decided to propose to his girlfriend as he was about to graduate from high school.

Knowing his conservative beliefs, his proposal followed suit.

He asked her father for her hand in marriage, and they married on August 10, 1991.

Susan Andrews is the mother of four lovely children.

The couple’s long-term relationship resulted in the birth of four beautiful children, three daughters, and one son.

Lillie Carlson is the oldest daughter, followed by their one and only son, Buckley Carlson, a few years later Hopie Carlson, and finally Dorothy Carlson.

Hopie Carlson’s siblings and parents are with her family.

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All four of their children were raised in a loving home.

Despite the fact that their father frequently causes controversy due to his conservative ways, his four children are extremely proud of him.

The Carlson family is happy, and Susan is the one who holds it all together.

Susan Andrews’s net worth

We can’t estimate her net worth because her professional career isn’t public.

Her husband, on the other hand, is a millionaire. He has a net worth of $30 million.

His media career provided a significant portion of his income.

Tucker bought the lavish house in Washington D.C. for a whopping $3.895 million.