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Supercar Blondie: Who Is Blondie?

Supercar Blondie
  • Alexandra Mary Hirschi is one of the most successful social media influencers today (known as Supercar Blondie).
  • Alexandra’s first car was a Mitsubishi Lancer.
  • She worked in radio for several years before departing to devote her full attention to the automobile sector.
  • Supercar had no aspirations to begin her career as a social media star.

Who is Supercar Blondie?

In recent years, a number of young celebrities and others have made a career out of the expanding social media world. Alexandra Mary Hirschi (Supercar Blondie) is one of the most successful social media influencers today. He is well-known as Supercar Blondie.

Supercar Blondie has always been fascinated by automobiles.

Supercar Blondie was born in Brisbane, Australia on September 21, 1985.

Her interest in automobiles began at a young age.

She stated that her parents used to do long-distance road journeys, which was the first element that inspired her in the vehicle sector.

Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie posing for a photo. Source: lifestyleasia

She said, I’m not sure why [the desire for vehicles], but I believe it stems from two factors: growing up in a driving culture and having parents who enjoy driving.

Alexandra and her family traveled across the country on multiple 12-hour car journeys.

She has a sister named Kate as well.

Furthermore, when it comes to her nationality, Blondie is Australian and of white heritage.

Supercar Blondie’s first car was a Mitsubishi Lancer

Supercar Blondie’s first car was a Mitsubishi Lancer.

Prior to being introduced to supercars, the blondie beauty enjoyed riding in a Lancer on the streets of Queensland.

It also aided her in honing her skills in the automotive industry.

Supercar Blondie used to be a radio show host in Dubai

Supercar Blondie attended the Queensland University of Technology and majored in Journalism and Business.

Hirschi moved to Dubai after college and began working as a newsreader and presenter on Dubai Eye 103.8, a radio talk show.

Meanwhile, Supercar co-hosted a drive-time talk show for several years, learning how to entertain and inform her audience.

She worked in radio for several years before departing in 2017 to devote her full attention to the automobile sector.

Blondie conducted interviews with some well-known celebrities, including John Travolta and Jake Gyllenhaal, during her stint on the Radio.

Supercar Blondie used to own a BMW i8.

Supercar Blondie purchased her first supercar, a BMW i8, after moving to Dubai.

She shared a number of short films and photographs with her ever-growing audience of riding in the car through the streets of Dubai.

She later sold it and upgraded to a Lamborghini Huracan.

HotCars has listed her Lamborghini for sale.

Too Alex Hirschi left BMW to investigate the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4.

She later dubbed the supercar Lucy, which was also colored differently.

Blondie featured it in numerous YouTube videos and photographs posted on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Nonetheless, Supercar announced her retirement from the car on Facebook in February 2020.

Her appearance with The Stig on Top Gear

Blondie performed on the iconic British auto show Top Gear in 2019 alongside The Stig, the show’s enigmatic expert driver.

She was given the opportunity to appear on Top Gear while the production crew was in Dubai filming its one episode.

Blondie, the supercar, featured on Top Gear alongside The Stig.

Blondie, a supercar, was featured on Top Gear.

Instagram’s Facebook Followers Have Skyrocketed

Supercar had no aspirations to begin her career as a social media star.

However, when Bentley invited the car enthusiast to come and report on a drive event for their new Continental GT in January 2015, they also offered her the opportunity to drive the Flying Spur W12 for a week.

Blondie later posted about her encounter on social media.

At the time, the blonde beauty had less than 500 Instagram followers.

Blondie chose to pursue her old passion after receiving a great response and a big fan following on social media.

Blondie’s Facebook page was also voted the fastest-growing auto page of the year in 2018.

As of 2020, she had over 22.6 million followers on her Instagram account.

Alexandra Mary Hirschi has millions of Instagram and YouTube followers.

Following her abrupt transition into the world of autos, the social media icon has amassed a big fan base in a short period of time on social media.

She has nearly 9.1 million Instagram followers.

Similarly, Supercar Blondie, a blonde beauty from Queensland, has a YouTube channel.

As of 2021, it had over 6.64 million customers.

Blondie’s channel has brief films in which she offers her personal driving experiences and reviews of the latest autos.

She posted the video “Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars 2019” on December 30, 2019, and it has received over 33 million views to date.

Blondie was named one of the top 30 most influential women in the Arab world.

Alexandra was named one of Arabian Business’s 50 Most Influential Women in the Arab World in 2018.

A social media sensation was also named one of the Top 30 most influential women in the Arab world a year later.

Supercar was named an Influencer of the Year in 2018 by the prominent American men’s publication Esquire Magazine Middle East.

She also contributes to the publication’s motoring column.

Alexandra Mary Hirschi’s Net Worth:

Supercar Blondie’s net worth is estimated to be $7 million.

Her social media profession has provided her with the majority of her wealth.

Blondie earns $2 million per year, according to sources.

Furthermore, the social media star can earn $45,175 for each sponsored post on Instagram.

She used to work on the radio and was paid roughly $70,000 per year.

Blondie’s husband, Nik Hirschi, surprised her with a $470,000 Ferrari 488 Spider for Valentine’s Day in 2018.

The truck was enhanced with the addition of red, white, and pink roses, as well as pink and red balloons.

Nik Hirschi, the husband of supercar Blondie, surprised his wife with a $470,000 Ferrari 488 Spider on Valentine’s Day.

Blondie also uploaded a video to her channel titled “Insane Valentine’s Surprise – a Ferrari with 1000 Roses.”

Additionally, the Instagram icon routinely uploads images with supercars such as the Flying Spur ($390,000), Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge ($608,000), and McLaren 720 ($499,000).

Her husband is a supercar blonde who works as her manager.

Alex has been married to Nik Hirschi for quite some time.

Nik, her husband, is currently a managing partner at Supercar Blondie.

He also has a strong interest in automobiles.

The man previously worked in the business for nearly a decade and a half.

In 2001, he began his career as a bank apprentice at Valiant Bank AG in Switzerland.

In June 2005, he quit the company.

Nik then started his summer internship at Standard Chartered Bank (Jul 2007-Sep 2007).

Hirschi then worked at Barclays Wealth as a graduate analyst (2008-10).

Nik joined Bloomberg as a senior account manager in August 2011 and stayed for more than three years, until October 2014.

Meanwhile, the banker was appointed as the head of sales and executive board director of SGDA and worked for the business for one month.

Hirschias also worked as a business development manager for Misys and as a business director for Thomson Reuters before joining forces with his wife.

How long have they been married? Do they have any kids?

Blondie and her husband Nik have been married for numerous years, although the couple has never stated when they married.

They were both students at The University of Queensland. According to their social media posts, they started dating before they started college.

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Blondie has shared many anniversary photos with her hubby on Instagram, commemorating their years of marriage.

On the occasion of their 16th anniversary, the social media star posted a selfie with Nik on January 25, 2019. She wrote in the caption,

“It’s our wedding anniversary!” Crazy as ever 16 years later. @nikcars, I adore you.”

They’ve been together for years, and their relationship is still quite romantic.

The duo is frequently seen traveling to many lovely locations across the world.

Supercar was spotted with her husband on a quad bike ride in Dubai in June 2019.

Despite their years of waiting, they have yet to conceive children.

The couple now lives in Dubai with their puppies, Mugi and Pepito.