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Sunisa, reveals how she got racist trolls in public with her boyfriend, Jaylin.

Sunisa Lee
  • Who is Sunisa Lee? 
  • Sunisa Lee’s relationship announcement
  • TikTok video of the couple’s love
  • Jaylin Smith is a promising person.

Who is Sunisa Lee?

Sunisa Lee is a gold medalist at the Olympics. She is dating USC football player Jaylin Smith and made their relationship Instagram official on December 26, 2021. Instead of congratulating the pair, Sunisa was hurled down with racial words.

She announced this in response to a TikTok video.

Sunisa Lee’s relationship announcement

Gymnast Sunisa Lee is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota.

She is Hmong-American with Laotian ancestors.

She is the first Hmong-American to compete in and win a gold medal in the Olympics.

She is dating Jaylin Smith, a USC football player of African origin.

It is unclear how and when they met and began dating.

However, the couple made their relationship public in December 2021.

On December 26, 2021, she shared intimate photos of herself with Jaylin on Instagram.

The couple appeared to be in love.

Instead of celebrating her and her partner, her supporters were upset that she chose a black man as her boyfriend.

They started making racist trolls and insults.

Sunisa stated that the Asian community was responsible for the majority of the hostile comments.

She mentioned it in reaction to a film commemorating the couple’s love that was posted on TikTok.

Sunisa Lee
Sunisa Lee and her boyfriend source: Showbizcorner

TikTok video of the couple’s love

TikTok @alixphom submitted a video to TikTok on December 31, 2021, and captioned it:

“I know Sunisa will be condemned by certain people in the Hmong community since her husband is Black.

” LOVE is LOVE, regardless of race or gender. Keep doing what you’re doing, QUEEN.”

Sunisa responded by revealing:

“This makes me quite delighted.”

They only support me when it is beneficial to them, never when it comes to my happiness. Thank you very much!”

Following this announcement, her followers showered her with love. One user commented:

“The hatred isn’t justified,” Another user added,

“I don’t see why people can’t allow others to love and be happy for who they want.”

Someone else wrote: “The Hmong Community should respect other people’s life choices.”

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Jaylin Smith is a promising person.

Jaylin Smith is a promising young football player.

He currently represents the 11-time national champion USC Trojans.

He has been with them since 2020.

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Jaylin attended Bishop Alemany High School in Mission Hills, Los Angeles.

As a junior cornerback, wide receiver, and running back, he saw action here.

He is extremely gifted and skilled.

He also appeared in ‘Coach Snoop,’ a Netflix documentary about Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Youth Football League.

Following that, his fame skyrocketed.

It catapulted him into national prominence.

It discussed how he overcome the death of his mother and helped his team win the trophy.

His mother had been killed in a hit-and-run. Jaylin previously told CBS Sports:

“Being exposed to that nice material was extremely beneficial to me,”

Because of his outstanding football performance, many prestigious universities wanted him to join their teams. However, he finally picked USC.