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Steve Doocy’s Son Peter Doocy Know About His Wife And Wedding

Peter Doocy
  • Peter Doocy is a Fox News White House correspondent.
  • Peter is a FOX News Channel White House correspondent.
  • Peter’s mother, Kathy Gerrity, is a former model.
  • According to his nationality, Peter is an American of Caucasian ancestry.

Peter Doocy is a Fox News White House correspondent and one of the media’s most prominent on-air personalities. In 2009, the Villanova University graduate began his career in media as a general assignment correspondent for Fox.

He has subsequently been a network staple, covering a variety of major stories, including President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Furthermore, Peter, Steve Doocy’s son, has been living a happy married life with his wife since early 2021.

Steve, his father, was his best man at the wedding.

Everything You Need to Know About His Fox News Career

Peter is a FOX News Channel White House correspondent.

He was appointed correspondent in January 2021.

He was instrumental in covering President-elect Joe Biden’s whole campaign.

In 2009, the senior media personality began his career as a general assignment correspondent located in Fox News’ New York bureau.

Since then, Steve Doocy’s son has covered a number of important stories, including the Midwest floods in 2011, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s heart transplant procedure in 2012, and others.

Furthermore, Doocy hosted the documentary ‘The Guy Who Killed Osama bin Laden’ in 2014 and conducted an exclusive interview with Robert O’Neill, the man who claimed to be the sole Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden.

Peter Doocy
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Other notable topics Peter has covered include live coverage of the tragic Navy Yard massacre in Washington, D.C., and the Boston Marathon bombing.

He also covered the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown.

Doocy covered the 2020 Democratic presidential field before addressing the aforementioned significant moments.

In January 2020, the media personality interviewed former President Donald Trump.

What Age Is Peter Doocy? Information About His Parents

In 2021, he will be 33 years old.

He was born in Washington, D.C. on July 21, 1987, to Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy.

Peter’s father began his career as a reporter for various television stations.

As a features reporter for WRC in Washington, D.C., he won his first major assignment.

In addition, Peter’s mother, Kathy Gerrity, is a former model.

She used to have a sports show on ESPN. His parents met while working at WRC-TV.

Having two sisters

Doocy was raised with two sisters, Mary and Sally Doocy.

Mary works as an attorney for the House Oversight Committee, while Sally works as a sales planner for the Fox News Committee.

In Palm Beach, Florida, Peter performed his sister Sally’s wedding to Ali Sadri amidst COVID-19 and a hurricane.

Ethnicity And Nationality

According to his nationality, Peter is an American of Caucasian ancestry.


Peter earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Villanova University in 2009.

The aspiring journalist was a Palestra reporter for Fox News at the time.

Peter Doocy’s Height

Doocy stands 6ft 1in tall.

In terms of weight, he weighs 76kg.

Who Is Peter Doocy’s Wife? Everything About His Wedding

Peter Doocy, a Fox News White House correspondent, is married to Hillary Vaughn, a FOX Business correspondent.

In late April 2021, the couple exchanged nuptials.

The Palm Meadow Bluff Resort in South Carolina hosted their wedding ceremony.

On his wedding day, Peter Doocy’s father served as best man.

Steve also composed a poem for the couple.

On April 27th of this year, the TV personality shared a candid photo of the newlywed pair on Instagram. His caption stated,

“PETER DOOCY WEDDED!” Welcome to the Doocy clan! Hillary Vaughn, we are overjoyed for both of you.

Any parent who proudly watches their child’s wedding will understand how Kathy and I feel.

Please join the Doocys in congratulating @pdoocy and @hillary Vaughn on the start of their adventure!”

Both Peter and his wife Hillary revealed the momentous news on their Instagram accounts at the same time.

In addition, Steve revealed the big news on Fox & Friends.

When asked about the wedding, Steve stated that approximately eighteen individuals attended, including Peter’s sisters.

Peter also stated at the time that he and Hillary planned to marry in January. However, due to the coronavirus, it took months.

Do You Know Much About Peter Doocy’s Wife, Hillary Vaughn?

Hillary works as a correspondent for the Fox Business Network.

She has worked for the network at Yahoo Finance, FOX 32 in Chicago, Fox 2 in Detroit, Fox 13 in Tampa, and other locations across the country.

She has kept other aspects of her career and personal life private.

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Peter Doocy’s Net Worth And Salary

Peter Doocy’s net worth is believed to be $1 million.

He has made a lot of money throughout his journalism career.

He also earns good pay as a White House correspondent, which can vary from $89,948 to $98,695 each year.

Peter now lives in Washington, D.C.