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Sonia Sae

Sonia Sae

Who is Sonia Sae?

Sonia Sae is a YouTuber and animal rights activist from Spain. Sonia Sae is a vegetarian YouTuber that represents every living creature’s right to common sense and also uploads various farces and puts clips to her channel.

Early life and Childhood

Sonia Sae was born in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Her birthdate, father, and mother, however, are unknown.

Her nationality is Spanish, and she belongs to the European ethnic group.

When it comes to her early years, there is no information available on her academic history.

Education Details

In terms of Sonia Sae’s education, there is no information available on her academic history.

Professional Career

Sae started her YouTube account with the goal of promoting two of her greatest hobbies. 

The first is her animal rights activist, and the second is her veganism position since she follows a vegan diet.

Veganism is defined as the practice of avoiding the consumption of animal products.

While this usually refers to diet, some vegans completely oppose the exploitation of animals as a commodity.

As a result, there are several types of vegans, and she is known as an ethical vegan, who practices veganism in many aspects of her life.

She creates vlog-style videos with an emphasis on these two features.

This has helped her achieve some traction, with over 7,000 subscribers as a result.

She makes movies about vegan items, food, and eco-friendly things, as well as a few songs because she enjoys singing.

Sonie Sae
Sonia Sae taking Selfie. Sources; Daily Mail

She also provides make-up lessons and fashion videos, with an emphasis on vegan items.

She’s also done other types of videos, such as vlogs showing her going to different places.

Her views generalizing humanity, the pet industry, and the beauty industry have sparked a lot of debate.

Net Worth and Salary

She is a YouTuber and animal rights activist who makes a respectable living from her work. Sonia Sae’s net worth is estimated to be in the $100,000 range.

Relationship Status

Sonia Sae is an unmarried Spanish YouTuber and animal rights activist.

There is currently no information available about her romantic life. She has also never been involved in any extramarital encounters.

Her personal life has been kept so private that no one knows about it. When it comes to her previous partnerships, there isn’t any information available.

Sonia is currently unmarried and living happily, according to sources.

Body measurement

In terms of her physical characteristics, Sonia Sae has brown eyes and brown hair. Aside from that, no information on her height, weight, or other bodily measurements is available.

Social Media

Sonia uses social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. She currently has around 19.4k Instagram followers and over 3k Facebook followers.

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  • Sonia’s birthdate is unknown, but she was born in Barcelona, Spain, and is a YouTube personality, best known for her channel on which she promotes veganism and animal rights activism.
  • She made headlines and got a lot of attention in 2018 after many internet denizens began filing complaints about her force-feeding a pet fox a vegan diet while ignoring the negative effects it has been causing her pet.
  • She attracted a lot of media attention when she made a statement about switching her fox’s diet to a totally vegan one, insisting that what works with her should also work with her pets.
  • She then posted a video explaining that she had switched her pet’s diet after tests and recommendations by veterinarians, as her pet had suffered various diseases due to being denied a mostly carnivorous diet.·       
  •  Sae has over 20,000 followers on Instagram, and Facebook, on which she has over 4,600 followers, and on which she continues to make radical statements about veganism, actually on all of her online accounts.