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Smash Ultimate Pro Elegant is accused of sexual assault.

Matt Fitzpatrick
  • Matt Fitzpatrick, better known as Elegant on Twitter.
  • He has been accused of sexual assault, molestation, and sexual misconduct.
  • Several witnesses have also uploaded screenshots of chats from the night before and the day after, in which Elegant’s behavior is described.

Who is Matt Fitzpatrick?

Matt Fitzpatrick, better known as Elegant on Twitter, has been accused of sexual assault, molestation, and sexual misconduct. Shannon made the charges after posting about her encounter with the gamer on September 6, 2022. She claimed that the interaction made her feel uneasy and that Elegant was inebriated at the time.

Several witnesses have also uploaded screenshots of chats from the night before and the day after, in which Elegant’s behavior is described.

Elegant in her youtube video source: YouTube

Twitch streamer Sailor Magatron revealed interactions between herself,

Genesis, and LTC in which they all accuse Elegant of being abusive and obnoxious.

Sailor Magatron stated in one of her texts that he had overstepped his bounds in front of everyone.

Others have stated that Elegant was nearly booted out of Port 6

on the same night for being too intoxicated and harassing a youngster.

While others have questioned why this has all been made public,

those involved say they tried to resolve the problem privately but nothing came of it.

Allegations of sexual assault, molestation, and sexual misconduct

in a TwitLonger aired on September 6, 2022, Shannon exposed Elegant and

detailed a sexual experience she had with him when blackout inebriated.

She claimed that the interaction was excruciatingly uncomfortable for her because she didn’t understand what was going on.

It “disgusted” her to the point where she didn’t want to have anything to do

with Elegant since he’s “not someone [she] is interested in that kind of way,” as she described it.

She claimed that she tried to smooth things out with Elegant, put up a strong front, and pull herself together.

Elegant, on the other hand, apparently became touchy with her right away when they first met.

She remembered having sexual relations with him but had no idea what had transpired.

Similarly, she was uneasy with his presence throughout Collision 2022.

Following the allegations against Elegant’s behavior revealed over the weekend,

Twitch broadcaster and fellow Smash Ultimate player KayJetshadow made additional public accusations,

claiming that Elegant harassed her and made unwanted sexual approaches a year ago.

They reconnected at SmashCon, and she finally spoke with him.

Elegant, on the other hand, made her feel uneasy and repulsed.

As a result, she made the decision to speak up about the incident and expose it Elegantly.

KayJetshadow revealed Elegant in a TwitLonger about her meeting with him on September 7, 2022.

According to her, the two had been conversing online and developing a bond, prompting Elegant to go to Texas to see her.

She doesn’t remember much, but she claims she helped him choose and pay for an Airbnb.

She was excited to see him but had no idea what to expect.

However, she thought that the energy between the two was odd.

KayJetshadow then talked about their first four days together when Elegant came to visit.

She accompanied him everywhere and shared the Airbnb with him.

But nothing transpired between them, and they never crossed any lines.

KayJetshadow had other plans for the day, so she asked Elegant to stay

around with her pals while she was away. Elegant, on the other hand,

apparently became so inebriated while out with her friends that KayJetshadow had to drive him back to her friend’s house.

She stated that after picking him up, she drove him back to her parent’s house

when he was inebriated beyond recognition.

She awoke later that night to find Elegant in bed with her, his genitalia exposed and peeing on her.

KayJetShadow claimed that because he was drunk at the time,

she had to physically push him away from her.

Elegant was dropped off at the airport a day early and given KayJetshadow

$600 after seeing that her bedding had been ruined, according to the TwitLonger.

KayJetshadow closed her TwitLonger by saying she was beyond the drama

and that Elegant deserved to be humiliated. She reminded the audience that alcoholism was not a joke.

Elegant may have been a binge-drinking alcoholic, she said. If such were the case, he would require assistance.

Shannon’s charges were addressed by Elegant.

Elegant addressed the matter between himself and Shannon in a TwitLonger tweet,

claiming that the two had been intimate.

He subsequently admitted that he didn’t remember certain sections

of the night but agreed to drink alcohol during the weekend.

He remembered Shannon crying the next day but didn’t know why.

So he consoled her, and the two went to the event the next day as usual.

He texted her after the event to tell her about what transpired the night before.

Elegant claimed that the couple handled the situation maturely and spoke about it like adults.

He took note of her statement, “It was fine, and friends should be able to talk about these types of situations.”

As a result, the gamer thought everything was normal between the two.

He claimed to be surprised after she unfriended him and stopped talking

since he believed they had sorted things out between them.

Following that, the pair met again at SmashCon, and Shannon talked with him properly.

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They reconnected, and Elegant was happy about it.

But things were not good because Shannon had faced sexual assault

and sexual misconduct by his hands when he was drunk.

Elegant noted that he needed to be held more responsible for his conduct while drinking.

He promised that he wouldn’t drink again at a Smash event after this.

At the end of his Twitlonger, Elegant apologized to Shannon and promised to take accountability.

He said, “I apologize for my behavior and I still care about you and still cherish our friendship.

Whether or not we can mend our friendship, I would still like to work this out privately if possible, but if not I understand.”

Elegant is yet to respond to allegations of sexual assault, molestation, and sexual misconduct on Twitter by other women.