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Shahs Of Sunset’s Shervin Roohparvar:

Shervin Roohparvar
  • Shervin Roohparvar is a Silicon Valley-based American entrepreneur.
  • Roohparvar excelled in school when he was younger.
  • Shervin, as previously said, is a successful television personality most recognized.
  • Shervin obviously makes a lot of money as an entrepreneur.

Shervin Roohparvar is a Silicon Valley-based American entrepreneur who dominates the tech, hospitality, and technology industries. However, he has recently acquired significant recognition in the entertainment business for his role in Bravo’s smash reality show Shahs of Sunset.

He has also appeared in a number of other TV shows.

Shervin Roohparvar Biography, Childhood, and Education

A well-known television personality On August 21, 1980, Shervin Roohparvar was born.

He was born to Iranian parents who moved to and established in the United States.

Well, he is quite close to his mother and frequently creates beautiful Instagram photos with her mother.

He shared a lovely video of himself kissing his mother on Instagram in 2018.

Roohparvar excelled in school when he was younger.

According to stories, he even studied medicine and earned a degree in plastic surgery.

However, he eventually left to pursue entrepreneurship, establishing his own IT firm.


He has an older brother and a younger sister.

And, like any sibling, they have a wonderful bond.

On Siblings Day in 2017, he even uploaded a nice photo of them together on Instagram.

Roohparvar, Shervin His Brother, and Sister

Shervin Roohparvar’s Age and Height with His Brother and Sister

He is 41 years old and stands 6 feet tall as of 2021.

Shervin Roohparvar is well-known for his Shahs of Sunset

Shervin, as previously said, is a successful television personality most recognized for his work in Shahs of Sunset.

The Bravo TV American reality show depicts the lives of Persian Americans in Beverly Hills and how they reconcile their families and customs.

He originally appeared in the series in 2015 and remained a regular cast member until the 2021 season.

the actors include Ryan Seacrest, Vim Shanmugam, and Lisa Silver, among others.

Shervin Roohparvar
Shervin Roohparvar Source: Bravo Tv

Aside from that, he has appeared on a few more TV shows such as The Shahs Come Clean with Nadine and Watch What Happens: Live.

In addition, he had a cameo appearance in the 2017 series Hooked on Fashion Tour: Live from Hollywood.

Shervin Roohparvar Is A Hugely Successful Entrepreneur As Well

While Shervin has earned enormous notoriety on television, he has also been a successful businessman.

He has achieved success not only in the software and hospitality industries but also in the nightlife and retail industries.

He is based in Silicon Valley.

Furthermore, he has been a member of a number of companies, one of which being his initiative as a Partner for Munition, a high-end headphone line.

Similarly, he has invested in the hospitality firm Aston Manor/Maison Tavern.

He has just entered the fashion market and has opened a few trendy stores.

He also started a clothing company and a restaurant around 2016.

Aside from these ventures, he is also involved in philanthropy and has provided significant support to groups such as PARS Equality and the Aryana Health Care Foundation.

Who is the girlfriend of Shervin Roohparvar?

Almost every celebrity’s love life piques public interest, and Shervin is no exception.

According to sources, they had been dating for almost 6 years.

Annalise even left Australia and relocated to Los Angeles to be with him after they started dating.

However, as with other partnerships, the couple was plagued by controversies.

He was even accused of defrauding Annalise.

In addition, he has been related to Shahs of Sunset co-star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi.

However, they have never dated and are simply good friends.

Is He a Married Man?

Shervin, on the other hand, has not yet married.

Or, at the very least, he hasn’t acknowledged it in case he secretly has a wife.

Furthermore, he does not appear to be planning a wedding anytime soon.

Having said that, we’d love to see him marry a perfect match.

Reza Farahan Labeled Shervin Roohparvar A Fraud And A Con Artist

Reza, one of Shervin’s Shahs of Sunset co-stars, dubbed him a scam artist during an interview with Andy Cohen.

He even accused him of attempting to have sex with Golnesa’s sister Leila.

He filed an extortion suit against a woman

According to TMZ, Shervin filed a lawsuit against a lady for attempting to extort thousands of dollars.

The woman allegedly accused him of attempting to slip her a date rape medication.

According to the court filings, Roohparvar and the woman originally met in Las Vegas after connecting on social media.

They eventually met in a hotel room and even had drinks together.

However, when he stated that he had to go to a business meeting, the woman, according to him, began hurling obscenities.

Furthermore, she alleged that Shervin had drugged her, yet the cops on the scene took no action.

It didn’t end there, according to Shervin, because the lady threatened him with a monthly letter indicating she would rat him out to production companies if he didn’t pay her $350,000.

How much money does Shervin Roohparvar have?

Shervin obviously makes a lot of money as an entrepreneur.

In truth, he is a tech titan who also owns multiple retail stores and eateries.

But how much money does he have?

According to sources, he is worth approximately $6 million as of 2021.

Furthermore, his new employment in the television sector has added significantly to his already enormous riches.

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He is present on social media

Shervin, like most celebs, enjoys social media.

He is active on all major social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where he goes by the handle Alphasherv.

As of 2021, he has over 15k followers on Instagram.

Not to mention that his posts reveal a lot about his personal and professional life.