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Sergey Bubka

Sergey Bubka

Who is Sergey Bubka?

Sergey Bubka with estimated total earnings of $82 million for 2021. Sergey Bubka has moved up to the top of the list of the highest-paid athletes. He is the most popular Soviet and Ukrainian formal pole vaulter who has always noticed his work.

As a result, Current his net worth is $245 million.

For those who don’t know, Bubka is a pole vaulter who was born in Luhansk, Ukraine, on December 4, 1963.

He originally broke the 6.0-meter barrier as a former pole vaulter.

Up to its dissolution in 1991, Bubka was a member of the Soviet Union’s sports squad.

After that, in 2001, he was assigned to the International Association of Athletics Federations right away (IAAF).

He was one of 24 athletes that were first admitted into the IAAF Hall of Fame in 2012.

When he was nine years old, he started working on his pole vault technique.

In addition, he was told that due to the risk involved, he couldn’t begin until he was twelve.

Sergey Bubka

Sergei Bubka has accumulated a $245 million net worth.

In a similar vein, Bubka achieved his first taste of international glory in 1983 when he won the world championship in Helsinki, Finland.

Sergey Bubka
Sergey Bubka. Source: World Athletics

Over the years, he broke numerous world records and received recognition from everyone.

Bubka also participated in Soviet competitions up until the USSR’s dissolution in 1991.

Bubka set the men’s pole vault world record 35 times throughout the course of his career, including 17 times in the outdoor version.

In the indoor variation, it was followed an additional 18 times.

More Face about Sergey Bubka

Name Sergey Bubka
Full Name Serhiy Nazarovych Bubka
Native Name Сергій Назарович Бубка
Birthdate 4th December 1963
Birthplace Luhansk, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Age 58 years old
Zodiac sign Saggitarius
Nationality Ukrainian
Body type Athletic
Hair Color Brown
Skin Fair
Height 1.83 m (6 feet)
Weight 176 lb (80 kg)
Chest N/A
Waist 30 inches
Profession Pole Vaulter
Role Vaulter
Years active 1981–2001
Coach Vitaly Petrov
National Side Soviet Union (1981–1991)
Ukraine (1991–2001)
First Olympic Debut 1988, Seoul
Total Olympic Wins Six Olympic Win
Awards and Achievements
  • Prince of Asturias Award in Sports in the year 1991.
  • Best sportsman of the Soviet Union (1984 to 1986).
  • Designated UNESCO Champion for Sport in 2003.
  • Panathlon International Flambeau d’Or – 2005
  • Marca Leyenda award – 2005
Jersey Number #23 (both national and domestic)
Education Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Physical Culture
College Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Science, Kyiv State Institute of Physical Culture
Parents Father: Nazar Bubka
Mother: Valentyna Bubka
Siblings Vasiliy Bubka
Relationship status Married
Wife Lilia Tutunik (M. 1984)
Children 9 children
Sergey Bubka’s Net Worth $245 million
Merch Sergey Bubka (Book), Autographed Photo
Last Update July 2022

Salary and Assets for Sergey Bubka

The Ukrainian athlete reportedly has a net worth of $245 million.

His success is a result of a number of portfolios, substantial property holdings, and lucrative endorsement agreements with CoverGirl beauty products.

Sergey Bubka is the highest-paid athlete in the world, according to People With Money magazine, it was reported on Friday (May 7, 2021).

In addition, he made $82 million between April 2020 and April 2021, outpacing his closest rival by about $50 million.

His net worth is increased by his ownership of the “Fat Bubka Burger” chain of restaurants, the “Voroshilovgrad Angels” football team, his own vodka (Pure Wonderbubka – Ukraine), and the “Sergey Bubka Seduction” clothing brand.

The Business and Governance of Sergey Bubka

Sergey Bubka has never been satisfied with only participating in athletics

. Additionally, while making a fortune from his sport, he never forgot his roots or the challenges he had growing up in the Soviet Union.

“I realized I was getting close to the conclusion of my career and wanted to be ready,” he said.

I had a plan for physically reducing my level of fitness beyond that required for competition, and beyond that, I was able to retire and go forward.

In addition to serving as the Prime Minister’s advisor for youth, culture, and sports, Bubka was elected to the Ukrainian Parliament.

A year after he publicly withdrew from the elite events, he was given this chance.

He developed many enterprises that he and his family are still running after four years of service to the Ukrainian government.

The Sergey Bubka Sports Club is another one of them. It was founded in 1990 and has given instruction and support to hundreds of young people in the area, many of whom have gone on to win gold at international tournaments.

He desired to establish a sports club during the Soviet era.

Opening a start club was a dream come true for Bubka.

In addition, he co-owns a bakery with his brother and has dabbled in a number of grocery businesses, gas stations, and real estate investment companies.

It’s not unexpected that the majority of the team consists of teammates from his early days as an athlete given how highly this man values loyalty.

Sergey Bubka: Travel and Way of Life

As a professional athlete, Sergey had the chance to take numerous trips both domestically and abroad.

According to Sergey Bubka’s estimated net worth, he will be well off enough to travel in style.

Bubka occasionally withholds his travelogue.

Thus, it appears that the majority of his travel throughout his life has been for sporting events.

Sergey’s Book: The Flying Bubka

Sergey Bubka’s autobiography, Flying Bubka, spans his entire life, from his early years to the present.

According to Bubka, the book is one of the most eagerly anticipated things he has ever wanted to share with the world and his admirers.

Similar to that, it tells the tale of a boy who achieved his childhood dream and grew up to be a man, an athlete, a person, and a patriot of his country.

It’s a common belief that champions are created, not born, but my experience shows that this is not the case.

Success and triumphs in sports and in life come from assertiveness, self-organization, total dedication, discipline, diligence, absolute commitment to a goal, abilities of constant learning, and excellence.

Sergey Bubka’s life slogan is “You win yourself, you win the others,” and it has always aided him in progress.

We never realize how many skills each of us possesses.

The fundamental goal, in Bubka’s opinion, is to improve oneself by overcoming one’s flaws.

Sergey Bubka: Appropriations

Sergey has been a well-known face for some well-known sports brands.

Sergey began his career as a Nike endorser in the year 1993.

Similarly, Bubka appeared in one of the three Nike advertisements for the European market in 1993, “the magic sneaker.”

Both the celebrity Sergey and the company Nike received a lot of buzz from this advertising.

It made a significant contribution to Bubka’s wealth because of the buzz.

Contribution of Bubka following the retirement

On July 23, 2005, Bubka was invested with high and honorable confidence in the university’s auditorium, where he acquired his education.

The Ukrainian National Olympic Committee’s new president is Bubka.

The NOC is frequently connected to the Olympic Games.

According to Bubka, competing in the Olympic Games is the pinnacle that millions of athletes strive to reach beginning at a very young age.

Athletes from Ukraine proudly represent their nation at these sporting events.

However, it’s not their first priority.

They place a lot of emphasis on promoting sports, a healthy lifestyle, and getting kids, teens, and the rest of society involved in sporting activities.

Additionally, Sergey Bubka devotes a significant amount of his time to creating and implementing educational and cultural initiatives that aid the next generation in developing their greatest human traits.

In addition, it teaches children about local, national, and international cultures as well as the Olympic values and its illustrious past.

They place a high priority on moral principles and the “fair play” philosophy in their actions.

They look after retired athletes and assist ex-athletes in reintegrating into society.

The NOC of Ukraine was acknowledged as one of the world leaders for its promotion of sports and Olympic values, demonstrating how highly the international community regards our accomplishments.

The career of Sergey Bubka

When Bubka was nine years old, he began pole vaulting. The athlete, who was 15 years old, traveled to Donetsk, Ukraine, with Vitaly Petrov, his coach.

Similarly, Bubka won the pole vault in the 1983 World Track and Field Championships in Helsinki, Finland, with a height of 5.7 meters (18 feet 8.25 inches).

Additionally, the former pole vaulter changed the way pole vaulting looked in the years followed by shattering multiple world records.

In 1991 in San Sebastián, Spain, Bubka set a record for the highest pole-vault jump of 6.1 meters, but he struggled to get in the top three in the competition at the Olympic Games in Barcelona the following year.

Similar to this, the athlete broke his own world record in 1994 at Sestriere, Italy, with a leap of 6.14 meters. (20.0175 inches).

Bubka now serves as a representative on the International Olympic Committee.

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3 Sergey Bubka-related facts

Bubka gained an Olympic gold medal and won six consecutive IAAF World Championships.

He also holds 35 men’s pole vault world records.

Thus, Sergey has now surpassed his own record a total of 14 times.

Together with his brother, Sergey Bubka runs a bakery.

Bubka has a wide range of different business ventures.

As a result, he has respect for his elder friends and other athletes who did not experience the same success.

All of them were also given jobs as team players for his club.

Lilia Tutunik, a gymnast, and Sergey Bubka were married in 1984.

Together, they have two boys. The younger is a professional tennis player, while the older has followed a career in management.