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SAS-ASMR is a well-known YouTube personality. SAS-ASMR rose to fame after her ASMR videos went viral. She specializes in eating, whispering, and making ASMR content, and has gathered over 2 billion cumulative video views.

On April 6, 2016, she started a YouTube channel. ‘ASMR Sushi Dynamite Roll Mukbang,’ which she released in November, was her first video.

Early life and Childhood

SAS-ASMR was born in Thailand on July 20, 1982, under the Cancer zodiac sign.

She later moved to B.C., Canada. Her forefathers and mothers originated in Northeast Asia.

Her younger sister, Sissi, is a YouTube sensation.

She produces ASMR videos with her children, Nicholas and Emma, on her sister’s YouTube channel, ‘N.E Let’s Eat.’

The names of her parents are also unknown.

She does, however, routinely share videos and images of herself with her mother on social media.

Her mother and sister are good friends. She is of Thai-Canadian nationality.

Education Details

There is no information about her educational background.

Professional Career

She is a Canadian YouTuber that specializes in alternative music.

Her ASMR videos on YouTube went popular, attracting over one million subscribers, and she ascended to stardom.

Her primary YouTube account, on the other hand, has approximately 2 billion likes and 8.74 million subscribers.

Prior to becoming a YouTuber, she had a traditional job.

She previously worked as a bartender and in a mall as a store employee.

She used to live with her sister in a similar situation.

Despite this, YouTube’s financing mechanism provided her with an opportunity to succeed.

On April 6, 2016, she started a YouTube channel. ‘ASMR Sushi Dynamite Roll Mukbang,’ which she released in November, was her first video.

She’d jumped on the ASMR bandwagon already. Her ASMR videos grew into their own cult, spreading virally by word of mouth.

An autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an abbreviation for this.

It’s the experience that a person gets after being exposed to triggers that activate their sensory memories.

While there are a plethora of ASMR themes on the internet, SAS chose to focus on what she knew best: food.

She also excels with whispering and Mukbang techniques, which she demonstrated in her video.

She ate a lot of food and made them listen to amusing audio stories.

Because of the peculiarity of her channel, Sas became a well-known face in the ASMR community.

She, on the other hand, has risen to popularity as one of the most popular Mukbang YouTubers.

Furthermore, viewers return to her movies because of her food selection, particularly the range of cuisines she offers.

She successfully creates a tingle in the minds of her viewers, who are upset by her eating and chewing noises.

During her nearly three-year YouTube presence, she has experimented with a variety of unusual fruits, meats, recipes, and herbs.

She has also been named one of the most prominent ASMR creators by several magazines, and she continues to make these famous films to this day.

In October 2017, SAS created her second vlogging YouTube account, ‘SASVlogs.’

Her main channel concentrates completely on ASMR, whereas SASVlogs takes her viewers on a trip through her life, food habits, fitness, travel, and other activities.

She mostly utilizes this channel as a video journal through which she interacts with her followers, and she frequently does live sessions with them. Currently, the channel has approximately 822k subscribers.

SAS-ASMR’s youtube video’s thumbnail. Source: asmrhd

On her second channel, her most popular videos are ‘How to make SEAFOOD SAUCE’ and ‘How to make Candied Strawberry *Tanghulu*.’

SAS’s channel has over 1 billion views, and she is still the global top in ASMR videos. New viewers are typically drawn in by her funny quips and odd choices.

She has, however, quit posting on the channel in recent years and is now concentrating on earlier channels.

Another Instagram account displays her personal life updates, with photographs from vacations, family, and other daily life events. The account currently has 119k fans.

She has unquestionably retained her place as one of YouTube’s most popular users, and her following continues to rise month after month.

Net Worth and Salary

SAS-ASMR’s net worth is expected to be around $6 million.

SAS is a well-known ASMR YouTuber who has accumulated a substantial fortune thanks to her YouTube profession.

Her main source of revenue is her social media professionals, which has garnered her millions of fans. Her multiple YouTube channels have undoubtedly helped her accumulate substantial wealth.

Her major YouTube channel’s statistics show that she has uploaded thousands of videos with over 2 billion views. She creates 31 new videos per month on average.

Facts of SAS-ASMR

Full Name: SAS
Age: 39 years
Birthday: 20 Jul
Nationality: Thai-Canadian
Horoscope: Cancer
Marital status: Married
Net Worth: $6 million
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Profession: Youtuber
Sibling: Sissi
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Relationship Status

SAS-ASMR is a straight-laced married woman. Her husband and she are currently based in Canada.

Her husband’s name has gone unmentioned.

On her many social media sites, she featured her hubby more frequently

. The couple appears happy and comfortable in one other’s company.

Furthermore, there is no indication that they will divorce any time soon, and they are content to spend time together.

Body Measurement

SAS-ASMR has brown eyes and dark brown hair. She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall (162 cm).

Her weight and other physical characteristics are likewise unknown.

Social Media

She is active on Instagram in addition to YouTube. @sasittube and @sasvlogss are her two Instagram accounts.

Her Instagram account, @sasittube, has over 1.8 million followers, and she largely uses it to promote her YouTube videos.

Her primary YouTube account, on the other hand, has approximately 2 billion likes and 8.74 million subscribers.


SAS, a well-known social media star, has accidentally landed himself in the middle of a controversy as a result of his use of social media platforms.

In a similar vein, one of her YouTube videos has landed her in hot water.

Vegans and environmentalists were outraged when she ate raw octopus in the video below.

Because she lacked empathy for a living animal, she was dubbed “cruel and shameful” for her conduct.

Her comment section has been inundated with trolls and haters since then, but she has opted not to respond.

She made no apologies, but she did take down the octopus-eating video.

Her supporters have countered the critics by stating that eating raw animals is common in many parts of the world and should not be discouraged.

Aside from that, there has been no news regarding her being involved in any form of a problematic act in relation to her YouTube videos or personal life. Her image has remained spotless.

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  • She is a well-known YouTube personality from Canada who rose to prominence after her ASMR videos went viral on YouTube.
  • She has amassed over 2 billion total video views, specializing in eating, whispering, and making ASMR content.
  • She rose to prominence after her ASMR videos on YouTube went viral, gaining over one million subscribers.
  • Her channel has received over 1 billion views in total, and she continues to be the global leader in the ASMR videos category.