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Sandi Graham: Life Of Drake’s Mother Sandi

Sandi Graham
  • Sandi Graham (nee Sher), is a rapper and Degrassi actor.
  • Graham’s fan base has grown as a result of the Canadian pop artist’s declaration of love and appreciation for his mother.
  • Graham was born to a Jewish-Canadian family on January 28, 1960.
  • Dennis, her ex-husband, is a practicing Catholic from Memphis, Tennessee, and a Memphis-born former drummer.

Who is Sandi Graham?

Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham (nee Sher), is a rapper and Degrassi actor. Sandi Graham’s fan base has grown as a result of the Canadian pop artist’s declaration of love and appreciation for his mother.

Sandi Graham was born into an Ashkenazi Jewish family.

Sandi Graham was born to a Jewish-Canadian family on January 28, 1960.

Evelyn Sher, her mother, died on Thanksgiving Day in 2012.

Drake, Sandi’s son, was extremely close to her.

Sandi Graham
Sandi Graham with her son. Source: people

The Degrassi star has mentioned her as an inspiration in several songs, as well as how she helped raise him.

Some of his songs, such as Look What I’ve Done from 2011, include voicemails from her.

Sandi’s son named a sports and entertainment club after her, the SherClub, in his hometown of Toronto, Canada, as a tribute to her.

Sandi had lost a brother in 2011 a year before.

Kevin Mimms after appearing in a commercial with Drake

Graham worked as an English teacher for the majority of her son’s childhood.

She also worked as a florist on occasion.

According to Drake, her father, Rueben Sher, was a huge sports fan.

Sandi Graham married a Tennessee-born American drummer.

Dennis and Sandi Graham met in a bar where Dennis worked.

Dennis, her ex-husband, is a practicing Catholic from Memphis, Tennessee, and a Memphis-born former drummer.

Graham’s ex-husband comes from a musical family in Memphis and was once a drummer for artist/rock and roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis.

He moved to Toronto in the 1980s and met Sandi at Club Bluenote, a nightclub where he was once an employee.

Drake was only five years old when his parents divorced.

Drake revealed in an interview that his father’s early career was the primary reason for his divorce from Sandi.

Sandi and Dennis Graham, Drake’s parents

Drake’s parents, Sandi and Dennis Graham, at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards backstage on May 23, 2021, in Los Angeles.

Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCUniversal

Following the divorce, Ms. Graham was given sole custody of Drake.

The mother-son team stayed in Toronto while Dennis returned to Memphis.

Graham raised her son primarily on Weston Road in Toronto’s working-class west side.

Drake’s now 61-year-old mother later moved with him to Forest Hill, a wealthier part of town, when he was in sixth grade.

Drake’s parents have a mutual relationship, despite not being together.

Dennis even paid a heartfelt tribute to Sandi on her birthday in 2021.

Drake’s father wrote on his Instagram to wish his ex-wife a happy birthday:

“Happy Birthday to one of the most loving people on the planet, I hope you enjoy your special day and that it is as special as you are, SWEETHEART, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Drake’s parents were also present when their son received the Artist of the Decade award at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2021.

Drake has mentioned his mother, Sandi Graham, in several of his songs.

Drake has no qualms about dedicating lyrics, songs, and social media posts to his mother.

The Hotline Bling singer has made several references to his mother, Sandi, in his songs.

In some of his musical creations, he has expressed a lot about her and their family situation.

Drake’s personal songs include Successful, Must Hate Money, Look What You’ve Done, You & The 6, and From Time, to name a few.

In fact, in February 2013, the 34-year-old rapper presented his mother, Sandi Graham, with the Best Rap Album Grammy he had won for — Take Care.

Graham’s Cutest Bond With Her Son Drake

Drake’s love for his mother, Sandi Graham, and hers for him has been pretty obvious over the years, and she is a beautiful personification of a mother-son relationship goal.

Sandi has always put her son first, and she never forgets to wish him a happy birthday, song release, achievements, and son.

Graham lavished her rapper son with flowers and encouraging sweet notes in the lead-up to the release of his album, Certified Lover Boy, in September 2021.

Drake shared images of red rose bouquets and messages from his mother in the days leading up to the release of his new collection.

The Canadian mother continued to send her best wishes to the rapper as the album’s release date approached.

While doing so, she mentioned how being his mother had been the greatest joy of her life.

She also described their long and difficult journey together.

Her singer son, Graham, has frequently spoken about his and his mother’s difficult times.

Sandi found half of a house they could live in while Drake was away.

The top half was taken by the others, while the bottom half was taken by the mother and son.

Sandi lived on the first floor, while Drake lived in the basement.

Drake explained in one interview that it wasn’t big or luxurious, but it was all Graham could afford.

He recalled how his mother was frequently ill and how poor they were.

Sandi Graham attempted to find a partner for her son.

Graham, like any other mother, has done her best and may still be doing her best to find her handsome son an ideal life partner.

This issue, as usual, has made it into one of Drake’s songs. Sandi once told her son,

“Who the fuck wants to be 70 years old and alone?”

This was to be included in the Canadian singer’s collection in one way or another.

As a result, From Time and one of its lyrics appeared.

“My mother is 66, and her favorite remark to me is, ‘Who the fuck wants to be 70 and alone?'”

It’s a question that affects not only Graham’s life but also her son’s.

She is implying that while the Brit Award winner is young now, that youth will not last forever.

As a result, he must find a woman with whom he wants to settle down for the long term, not just for the short term.

The mother even attempted to hook up Drake with her personal trainer.

Sandi Graham Wanted Serena Williams To Be Her Daughter-In-Law

In Aug 2014, amidst the rumors about Drake and Rihanna’s rekindled romance, a Hollywood Life report said Sandi Graham was thinking Wimbledon star Serena Williams was “the one” for him.

At the time, the tennis player had been reported to have a thing with the rapper.

A source then told Drake and his mother are really tight and like the good mensch, he is, he listens to her.

The source further added Sandi wasn’t really thinking of anyone good for Drake, but if she had to choose one woman he’s been with it would be Serena, Sandi loved her athleticism and said she’s a sweet and wholesome girl.

That, however, is a ship that has long sailed as Williams is now married to Alexis Ohanian and Drake himself is dating model Johanna Leia.

Graham’s Grandchildren

In 2017, Sandi Graham and her ex-husband, Dennis Graham became grandparents when Drake’s girlfriend, Sophie Brussaux, gave birth to her son Adonis Graham.

At first, Sandi’s son, Drake was unsure whether Adonis was his child.

However, a paternity test later proved that the child was indeed Drake’s. born through his brief romance with Sophie.

Sandi Graham Had A Hip Surgery

In an interview with Complex in November 2011, Drake revealed about his mother, Sandi’s surgery on her spine.

The highest-certified digital singles artist explained how his mom’s head was separating from her spine.

Fortunately, the doctors were able to reinforce it, and Drake later reported Graham was all healthy and “looking younger than ever, moving better than ever.”

Sandi’s famous son then sent her to Rome, a vacation, that she then hadn’t taken in 22 years.

Drake had even canceled his European tour to look after his mother.

Sandi Tried To Run Away

Back in 2009, Graham’s son explained one of the lyrics from Successful took inspiration from his family drama and uncertainty about his future in music.

Recalling the dark time, Champagne Papi said,

“When I was going through the creative process for So Far Gone, I was actually at a pretty dark place in my life.

It was a frustrating time for my family because my grandmother — who is now in her mid-to-late 90s — was just losing it.

It was hard for my mother to watch.

And it was just, it was really at a point where it was like, Is this rap thing going to work? Like, Is this my choice? Is this what I am committing to?”

Drake explained Degrassi had ended years ago, and the family was just trying to figure stuff out.

The singer added his mother was going through a rough time.

Eventually, it became too much for her and one night she broke down and tried to actually run away from the house, “tried to leave it all behind.”

Drizzy had forgotten something in his car.

He thus came outside and saw bags sitting by his mom’s car.

The mother and the son looked at each other, and Sandi just started crying right away when she saw him.

Sandi Graham Had Arguments With Her Son Regarding His Spending Habit And Her Smoke Addiction.

It is believed Sandi developed a terrible smoking habit due to her past hardships and is constantly on pain medication.

From the hard times of So Far Gone, Drake mentioned his fallout with his mom about his spending and her smoking problem in “Take Care.”

In Nothing Was the Same, Sandi’s son called out his mother for wanting to live alone in her apartment and rejected the notion that she preferred solitude because of her illness.

In 2015’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the 6-God rhymed the tables had turned and that it was his music career that kept him away from Sandi.

He explained his success had come at a cost; he had less time for personal connections.

However, despite communicating less, the More Life singer said his relationship with his mom remained the same.

The Feud Between Sandi’s Son And Her Ex-Husband Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, is still present in his son’s life.

Dennis had previously received incarceration for drug use but was let go later.

The four-time Grammy winner has rhymed about his father being absent for most of his life in several of his songs.

Dennis, however, claimed that Drake presented him as an absentee father just to “sell records.”

Sandi’s son later responded stressing that he would say anything to anyone that’s willing to listen to him.

Graham’s Say On Drake Vs Pusha T

In June 2018, Drake feuded publicly with fellow rapper Pusha T.

Although they had disliked each other for years, the disdain culminated with Pusha releasing his Daytona album, which had notable digs about the Canadian artist on it.

This prompted Drake to release two songs back to back the same day, “Duppy Freestyle” and “I’m Upset,” both targeting the G.O.O.D.

Music president, as well as subtly targeting Kanye West.

The entire beef, however, got significant media coverage after Pusha T released his scathing diss track “The Story of Adidon”, which targeted Drake’s family, music.

The song’s biggest bombshell of all was that it also teased about Drake’s child with French porn star Sophie Brusseau.

In the track, Pusha also went for Sandi, stating, “How you (Drake) a winner but she keeps comin’ in the last place?”

Graham was clearly a fan of her son being involved in such an intense feud with another rapper, especially when her family is brought into it as well.

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Eleanor Barnes, Youtube Star, dating anyone?

The five-foot-two tall rapper’s mother said her son and Pusha T were too grown up to keep up with such a thing.

Sandi Graham’s Net Worth

Unlike her son, Graham’s net worth is yet to be made public.

But considering the love and care, she’s been receiving from her wealthy son, that should hardly be of concern.

Drake most certainly wouldn’t think for a second even if he were to pour out all of his massive fortune (close to $200million) on his mother, Sandi Graham.

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Whatever the case, Drake’s fans can rest assured the fact that his and Sandi’s days of living below the means are long gone.

As of the present, Graham most possibly lives with her son in an insane Toronto mansion worth over $ 6 million.