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Rosaline Hoss, Cute Daughter Of Stephanie Beatriz

Rosaline Hoss
  • Rosaline Hoss is the popular American actress Stephanie Beatriz’s daughter.
  • Stephanie admires Dan’s work and contributions to the queer community as a fellow member.
  • She is honest about her sexual orientation.

Who is Rosaline Hoss?

Rosaline Hoss is the popular American actress Stephanie Beatriz’s daughter. Brad Hoss, an actor, is her father’s name. Rosaline was born on August 22nd.

Ceremony for Parents’ Marriage

Stephanie married filmmaker and actor Brad Hoss in October 2018 in Los Angeles.

They got engaged in 2017.

They exchanged wedding vows in front of family and friends in a beautiful ceremony.

Organized their wedding on their own and wanted their ceremony to reflect what LA is all about.

Their wedding had a floral, natural, and tropical feel.

Flowers were used to beautify the venue.

Their marriage ceremony was unlike any other.

They did not follow all of the standard procedures.

They didn’t even cut the cake. Instead, they served their guests ice cream sandwiches.

Everything, from the cuisine to the drinks, was excellent and unique.

They danced to a tune from the 1990s.

At her wedding, they also had a famous chef who served Hot Cheetos burritos.

Guests could also use the picture booth and manicure station at the site.

Married Life of Parents

Stephanie has a wonderful spouse.

She expresses her love for her spouse on Instagram, where she says lovely things about him and thanks him for his commitment and love.

The pair simply packed their wedding attire and traveled to Japan,

where they posed in front of the Kaminarimon Gate.

Last year, the couple welcomed their first child.

Rosaline Hoss
Hoss parents on their wedding source: The Knot News


Rosaline was born on August 22nd, 2021.

This year will be her first birthday.

Monetary value

Stephanie’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

Her primary source of income is her acting career,

particularly her work on the television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and in films.

Stephanie’s Funny Story About Her Brooklyn Nine-Nine Auditions

Beatriz had a strong desire to work in the comedy genre.

Initially, she was cast in the role of Amy Santiago and went to read for it.

The casting director, Allison, and Jones requested her to return for the roles of Amy and Meghan, who turned out to be Rosa.

She also tried out for Meghan.

She had a great time auditioning for that role because she got to wear black boots and jackets.

For both roles, she was called in for a screen test.

She first tried out for the role of Amy in a screen test.

She was told she would be improvising with comic Andy Samberg.

Her screen test did not go as expected since she was scared, and Melisa Fumero was cast as Amy.

She did not receive the part.

When she learned that Melisa had been cast in the role of Amy, she was devastated and cried.

Her audition for the role of Rosa went well, and she was cast.

describing her personality

Stephanie appeared on This Morning, where she discussed her film and song.

She is seen as the lead character in the film Enchanto, and the interviewer told her that her new film Enchanto was fantastic.

Stephanie was pleased to hear such kind words from the interviewer,

and she stated that she was not the only one to take credit for the entire film,

but since she was present at the time, she didn’t mind taking it.

Stephanie stated that the film is intended to depict the various shades of family,

and she hopes that everyone who watches it does so in the same way.

She wishes to raise awareness of Latino culture and Colombian music.

Stephanie is overjoyed because her film is receiving a lot of love and appreciation from the public.

Her Disney song is also charted in no particular order, which makes her feel fantastic.

She then discussed her character Mirabel.

Stephanie then compared Mirabel’s character to herself and other people who have felt similar to them,

such as not being a part of their family, feeling like an outsider, being misunderstood for no reason, and not feeling special.

She also mentioned that the character Mirabel is very different than others, but she has her specialties.

She is brave and capable of doing anything and has great humor.

Stephanie remarked that she would take some credit for the comedy thing,

and she is appreciative of the scriptwriters who penned the fantastic screenplays.

She assured her that Enchanto would be watched again and again because it is a fantastic film.

Stephanie’s Emotional Meeting with Dan Levy

Stephanie admires Dan’s work and contributions to the queer community as a fellow member.

She was almost in tears as she spoke to him.

She kept her tears at bay and thanked him for his efforts.

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Stephanie’s Facts

She is honest about her sexual orientation.

She has astigmatism, which makes it difficult for her to see well and necessitates the usage of spectacles.

Stephanie is affiliated to a group that assists immigrants and their families in the United States.

She had minor roles in several programs prior to joining Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Her voice is heard as the main character in the Disney animated film Encanto.