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Rick Lagina

Rick Lagina

Rick Lagina is an American reality TV star and a retired mailman. Rick Lagina became well-known after he was in the History Channel reality show The Curse of Oak Island. Before he was in the TV show, he worked as a mailman in the United States.

Since he was 11 years old and read about the Oak Island mystery in the January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest, he has wanted to solve it.

Early life and Childhood

Rick Lagina was born in Kingsford Dickinson County, Michigan, on January 25, 1952, under the sign of Aquarius.

George Jacob Lagina was his father, and Ann Lagina-Cavalieri was his mother. Enrico and Theresa Cavalieri were his grandfather and grandmother on his mother’s side.

Lagina has two sisters and a brother named Marty Lagina (teachers). Rick was 11 years old when he read about the mystery of Oak Island.

Most of his early life was spent with his family in Kingsford Dickinson County, where he grew up. Rick is an American, and his race is White.

The January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest told him about this. Since then, Lagina’s dream was to figure out what was going on.

Education Details

Rick’s academic qualifications are unknown.

Professional Career

Lagina first worked in the United States as a mailman. Then, he and his brother Marty Lagina were on a reality TV show called “The Curse of Oak Island.”

The show aired on the History Network on January 5, 2014.

In the Reader’s Digest for January 1965, Lagina read about the mystery of Oak Island. Now, Rick is making a name for himself in the business world thanks to the History channel’s reality show.

The show is about getting to the bottom of the Oak Island mystery with the help of experts from around the world and high-tech tools.

Oak Island is an island off the coast of Nova Scotia that Lagina is more interested in.

After he found out that the island had a hidden treasure, he wanted to figure out what it was. His brother strongly backs him and is making the island a place where people want to go.

Rick Lagina
Rick Lagina in an interview. Source: celebritynetworth

Also, in 2015, Lagina was on a comedy talk show called The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Jim Hoskinson was in charge of that show.

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, and Tom Hanks all had roles in the show. After he was on the show, he got a huge number of fans.

He was in the TV show The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down with Craig Tester and Matty Blake the following year.

Net Worth and Salary

At the moment, Rick Lagina’s net worth is thought to be $10 million. Together, the three Lagina brothers have worked on a number of well-known TV shows.

He is now making a living out of his lifelong dream of solving the 200-year-old mystery. Lagina’s first job was at the post office, where she made more than $51k.

The show The Curse of Oak Island brings in a good amount of money for Lagina. With that much money, he has a very nice life.

Oak Island Tours, Inc. is owned by Lagina, Marty Lagina, Dan Blankenship, and Craig Tester. Together, they own 78 percent of the island.

Marty did very well in business and made a lot of money. The smart businessman got close to $60 million when he sold his Terra Energy company.

Sources said that Marty, his brother, makes about $100,000 a year.

So, Rick’s pay is also in the same range. Marty also makes some nice money from the wine business he runs. At the beginning of the 2000s, he opened Row 7′′, an acre winery.

Relationship Status

Since he was on a reality TV show, Rick Lagina has been making friends with the public, but he hasn’t said much about his personal life.

Rick is said to be very humble and passionate. He is from Michigan.

Lagina works hard and wants to get ahead, which could be why he puts his work first instead of getting into a serious relationship.

He is neither married nor officially dating anyone. Even though he is well-known, the reality TV star has kept everything about his love life and wife from the public.

Lagina doesn’t like it when his personal life gets in the way of his work. There were a lot of rumors that Rick was gay, but there is no evidence to back up those rumors.

On the other hand, because he isn’t very active on social media, it’s much harder to find out more about his personal life.

Body Measurement

Rick Lagina is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a good personality.

Social Media

Lagina has no doubt a lot of fans and people who follow him.

Even though many well-wishers and fans try to connect with him on social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, he doesn’t seem to be active or available on those sites.

Rick doesn’t use social media at all.

He doesn’t have any of these social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at the moment.

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  • American reality TV personality and a retired postal, Lagina rose to fame after appearing in the History Channel reality series The Curse of Oak Island.
  • He appeared in the TV series, The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down with Craig Tester and Matty Blake.
  • He is earning a decent amount from the show, The Curse of Oak Island.
  • He has a net worth of $100 million as per celebrity net worth.
  • Lagina is not active on social media.